I Hate Fireworks. I’m Sorry.

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Please don't hate me but I don't like fireworks.
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You know when i was a kid i thought the . word ostracized meant something bad that . an ostrich did to you well as it turns . out ostracized has nothing to do with . ostriches let me read you the definition . ostracized to be excluded from a group . or society see this has nothing to do . with you guys so you can just leave you . are not welcome here until you stop . throwing rocks at children i was there . have been times in my life where i felt . ostracized including something that's . maybe a little silly but i've been . afraid to tell you and it's finally time . to face my fear i'm gonna tell the . entire world all at once is this on i . alex clark do not like fireworks . i know it's bad it's bad yeah it's bad . really you don't like them nope . are you susceptible to seizures nope did . a firework ever give you an unwanted hug . as a child. look dude there's no secret here they're. just boring like the first ten seconds . are cool but then they go on for hours . like screensaver who stares at a . screensaver for an hour. oh talking to you . oh god yeah now before you go hating on . me for not liking fireworks you should . know it's not my fault so here's the . story. i started out loving them i remember the . first time my dad was supposed to take . rainbow colors and fire it's gonna be. awesome. it's like the perfect movie sun free and . the entire sky is the screen get there . no we are there son any closer and we'd . have to pay for parking um sorry dude . it's actually still $5 here watch since . when. america i used to be free if i had to . rate fireworks with my family i'd call. it completely boring and so i promised . myself never to go to fireworks unless i . could shoot him off myself finally a few . years later there was this new kid on my . soccer team and i'd stick up for him a . lot and i remember one of our first . conversations went a little like this . hey sorry about them well why you come . over my house did you fireworks thank . you jesus for blessing me with this . opportunity it was worth the wait for . the first time in my 13 years on this. planet i was gonna shoot off real deal . humongous fireworks and you know what . happened sparklers we are gonna be best . friends forever to be fair to the . fireworks dude if he is watching he was . nice i don't know why so many people . picked on him but he thought he had . fireworks he did not so i would rape my . second fireworks experience as . completely superly . i grew up in massachusetts and . unfortunately purchasing fireworks in . massachusetts is illegal and so it . wasn't until high school that one of my . friends convinced me we would get. real-deal fireworks by driving to the. most dangerous state in the country the . closest state where fireworks were legal . to purchase new hampshire super cool new . hampshire and so with attempt number . three i set out to shoot off finally a . real firework boys at state mandates . that you at least 21 years of age to . purchase one of these fireworks i drove . three hours i would waiting for this my . whole life . just sell me something i just noticed . that it's one o'clock in the morning and . i think my neighbors are getting mad . that i'm still recording so i'm gonna . finish this tomorrow and so i don't like . fireworks you know what i do like toast . because when it pops up into the sky i . get to eat it there's always people that . tell me maybe you just don't like him . because you never got to shoot them off . well actually i did shoot him off once . and i almost died never died eating . toast but if you want to hear about that . insane 4th of july i can tell you all . about it in another video now for fans . of michelle cara she voiced the funerals . in this video and my last she just . released a video about it over on her . channel so check that out . have a link down below and to her update . our first fargo show sold out thank you . fargo we're working on adding a second . show so sign up for that waitlist more . tour dates coming soon i am its alex . clark and i will see you some way . [music]. .
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