Silicon Valley Season 5 Official Teaser (2018) | HBO

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The Pied Piper crew is back and getting reckless in a brand new season of Silicon Valley. Coming Soon.
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So many people this exam i thought you . might to give some opening remarks . ladies and gentlemen the ceo of pied . piper richard hendricks um uh i should . probably more to say in a minute . i septic oh wonderful one second in my . office don't smell anyone okay. your secret's safe with me send me that. richard . gavin hello hey how's that little bunny . internet going new internet new we're . talking about a staff of 50 it seems . reckless. we'll be here long into the future key . doesn't work garrett is gone you can't . just kick us out junior this is my . incubator know what richard you are ugly . you. .
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