Stole Mom’s Credit Card to Buy N64 (ft. SomethingElseYT)

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So one time when I was a kid, I stole my mom's credit card to buy an N64 and Pokemon Snap.
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The game grumps played a couple episodes . of pokemon snap while i was making my . last video and that jostle the memory . from my childhood i played video games . when i was a kid ha you in like 83 . million millennials i didn't ask for . your input adam and this is about to age . me dramatically because my first game . console was the sega genesis mmm . granny tell us the story of classic . sonic. you know the good sonic adam i swear to . god as i was saying my first console was . the sega genesis and yes that meant i . didn't grow up on mario i grew up on . sonic my childhood in gaming was popping . a game cartridge in and hearing that . iconic well the other kids on the street. were like wait a minute i'm getting . ahead of myself . nintendo didn't take over my life until . middle school my siblings and i grew up . on sega we even had that notoriously . difficult lion king sega game we didn't . beat it when we were kids but in . adulthood my sister and i dusted off the. cartridge one night and finally finished. the game without that famous cheat code . thank you very much get a ladder kids . you ain't even close to our level aw . snap pokemon snap speaking of that in . the sixth grade i got really into . pokemon for my birthday my parents got . me a game boy color and pokemon red and . blue. i remember being so obsessed with that . game that i would put it away before bed . go to sleep and dream that i woke up in . the middle of the night and continued . playing it and when i actually woke up . and started playing it i would wonder . why i wasn't further along where the . hell is my dragon knight so yeah pokemon . was a really big deal for me . and when nintendo announced that they. were releasing the first pokemon game . for the n64 pokemon snap you know this . little weed was all over that i went to . my mom and very casually asked if she . could order me pokemon snap i also . didn't have an in 64 so i was gonna need . one of those too and mama being the kind . and doting mother that she is said all . right fine i was ecstatic there was . however a slight problem and some of you . may even be too young to know what i'm . talking about but back in my day we had . this thing called dial-up to put it . bluntly dial-up internet was slow with. the capitalist websites would randomly . stop working you couldn't use your . landline phone while someone was online . and this ah sweet sounds of childhood so . my mom got on our family computer and . went to toys r us calm our ip jeffrey . she tried ordering the n64 in pokemon . snap but because the internet was . terrible back then the web site wasn't . working and she couldn't get through and . back then there wasn't much you could do . about that except try again later so she . put away her credit card in the desk . drawer and said that she would try again . tomorrow but my little child brain was . having none of that none the universe . was out of order until i had my pokemon . snap and n64 in hand wrongs must be . righted about an hour later i went back . to the computer when no one was around i . got online and found pokemon snap in the . n64 actually this is the first time i . ever ordered anything off the internet . by myself so good job me for figuring it . out i was about to check out when i . realized i'd forgotten a minor . technicality things cost money ah right . economics where am i gonna get money and . then i remembered something special had . been left in the desk drawer mom's . credit card you would think that a child . would be more hesitant about using their . parent's credit card without their . permission. you know maybe give it a second thought . or work up a sweat at least but nope i . was so laser focused on pokemon that i. didn't think twice about it it's for the . greater guide what a jolly little thief . i was wait you stole your mom's credit . card to buy something she was already . gonna buy for you yeah could you even . really call that stealing listen i was a . good kid by this age i followed the. rules i listened to my parents so i was . operating under this same logic it's not . stealing if she was gonna buy it anyways . to me it felt more like problem-solving . but no go figure using someone's credit . card without their permission under any . circumstances still considered stealing. and not to mention when i scroll down to . select a shipping option . overnight delivery i can have this . tomorrow sign me up . the internet is awesome i want to live . there and i went to bed satisfied that i . would soon be playing the greatest game . ever created on the greatest console . ever created the next morning i got up . for school and mom met me in the kitchen . she told me that she would try again to . get pokemon snap later that day and me . being as naive as i was said haha don't . worry mother. i got you covered i already ordered it . you did what . ordered it was really no problem no need . to thank me how did you pay for it mmm . you left your credit card in the desk . you ever get one of those looks from. your parents where you instantly know . you messed up . uh never touch my credit card again yes . ma'am. the cherry on top of my transgression . later that same day when my mom picked . me up from school you had it overnighted . i had to wait two weeks before i could . play my new game i ended up waiting . longer to play it than if i had just . been patient from the get-go just goes . to show stealing is wrong and i've never . stolen anything since well except maybe . a few hearts. hey explainers an entertainers editor . becca here i forgot to record an outro . bit special thanks to adam of something . else whitey for his amazing voice work . in this he sent me his beatboxing and . said keep in mind i'm not a professional . beatbox i make fun of me but as you can . hear it was perfect so shush adam i also . wanted to let you know that i am working . on the vidcon recap video as fast as i . possibly can and it's probably gonna be . a little different this year because so . much crazy stuff happened that i'm . having to cram a lot into one video so i . must ask your patience on this one i . promise it will be fun anyways that's it . thank you so much for tuning in but now . i got a tune out. okay i'd go for this one don't forget to . like that smash button drink more . liquids and stay hydrated. .
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