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After 20 years of creating shows like Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom, TUFF Puppy, and Bunsen is a Beast... it's time to go.
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[music]. [music]. i am leaving nickelodeon this is not . clickbait this is not a joke this is . completely 100% serious i have reached a . decision and it's just time to go these . things happen in careers in hollywood . sometimes and i'm certainly not the . first person to ever leave a studio and . what certainly won't be the last but . it's the first time for me i've never . had a job this long at one place a lot . of you are probably very young you're . probably not even 20 years old yet and . just to even imagine being at one job . for 20 years is probably a little hard . to imagine but when you get to be my age . and you've had a career as long as i . have it can be pretty interesting to be . at a job at one studio for so long and i . must tell you i have had the time of my . life at nickelodeon i have never been . disappointed i've never been let down . i've been treated extremely well by . everybody there this is not a video to . dis on the collodion or to to trash them . or anything because they've just been . fantastic and i've had i've had a career . in animation that is pretty epic i mean . a lot of people have told me they envied . my career i wish i had your career this . sort of thing it um it really did come . as a blessing from god into my life it's . it's been an amazing time you know i . definitely there is hard work we have to . do our part for sure you know there's a . scripture in the bible that says faith . without works is dead meaning you can . have all the faith in the world and all . the belief in the world that you want to . do something but unless you put work. behind it and put that effort into it . it's not going to come to pass so you've . got to do your part as well so i know . god plays a big role in my life i really . believe there's a lot of amazing. circumstances that have happened in my . career that a lot of other people . haven't experienced and i'm truly. grateful i'm grateful to to god i'm . grateful to nickelodeon for giving me. all the opportunities they've given me . i'm grateful to all of you out there . that are fans of mine they ve been fans . over the years for so long and it's just . i can't thank you enough everybody out . there all of some of my older fans . and new fans are discovering the youtube . channel for the first time i'm just so . grateful those of you who are new to the . channel well let me just give you a . little brief history of how i started at . nickelodeon and we'll kind of go from . there and i'll tell you what the . circumstances were that led up to me . leaving and there's really nothing . terrible you could skip to the end of . the video if you want you think this is . nothing terrible it's just a series of . you know this the way things sort of . played out i started a nickelodeon in . december of 97 that's a long time ago . and i know that because my daughter . sophia was born in december of 97 and . the reason i got to nickelodeon is . because i had sold a short cartoon. called. the fairly oddparents to fred seibert. who was doing a show called the oh yeah . cartoon show and i don't remember the . old oh yeah cartoon show if you watched . oh yeah cartoons you would see three . original cartoons made by three . different people and he had one slot . left and i was fortunate enough to pitch . him fairly oddparents he loved it i'd . met fred over at hanna-barbera and i . came over to nickelodeon in 97 so i . fairly oddparents was the last show in -. oh yeah cartoons and i was able to do . that one short cartoon and then my . daughter sophia was born at the end of . this december 97 so my daughter sophia. is exactly the same age as the fairly. oddparents so but i've been there since . then and i my last day at nickelodeon . was february 2nd 2018 so that is 20 . years and a couple a month or so yeah so . amazing that that much time has gone by . and just imagine the amount of things . i've been able to accomplish there has . been astounding every dream i've ever. had in animation every every thing i . could have ever possibly wanted to do . came true and nickelodeon so anyway i. sold fairly oddparents i made for short . cartoons and they were received very . well maybe many of you have seen them . they're all done on traditional cells . and they look way different than the . cartoons of later years of fairly . oddparents that was the awesome thing . about getting to do a show like that is . i got to develop the characters over so . many years i got to i got to refine . their designs and find a look at the . show and refined the comedy it was just . so cool . anyway they focused tested my short . cartoons and then it was picked up as a . tv series . i was given 6 1/2 hours they called it a . six-pack at the time and i remember they . picked up six hours of fairly oddparents . and they picked up six half hours of . invader zim and so i was making my show . at the same time they were making . invader zim and we both actually . released our shows the same night they. premiered zim and fairly oddparents the. same night and what was exciting about . that was i was very fortunate the . ratings from fairly oddparents were just . really great and so they ended up giving . us more they said you're gonna get a. full-blown series now and what's funny . is at first they only picked up six half . hours and those six half hours did so . good but no one expected it to do good . not as good as it did so for a year they . reran those six half hours over and over . while i could make while i was busy. making new episodes and we even did some . crimson chin online flash cartoons i. don't know if you ever seen those we did . those at the time and uh those were. great cuz we had all these different . crimson chin villains in those if you . can find those anywhere on the web let . me know because i'd love to see those . again i haven't seen him in so long . but uh we were really trying to do . anything with fairly oddparents because . we didn't have any episodes other than . those six and so i even took the . original oh yeah cartoons and redubbed . them in the voice of tara strong cuz. tara strong wasn't the original voice of . timmy turner it was a lady named mary . kay bergman who did timmy turner mary . kay sadly passed away so tara took over . and we had to retell all of those . original oh yes with tara's voice so it . all stay consistent because the show is . really taking off and as a result of . that i was able to make danny phantom i . was able to make tough puppy and then. most recently bunsen is a beast and it's . just been so joyful and amazing and i've . learned a lot about not just animation . itself you know because i was a . cartoonist in an animator and i was a . bit of a writer when we started i love . to write comedy but um when you're in a . production schedule like the one they . were i was given and the one anybody's . given when they get a show you are under . the gun you have to work really fast and . you really have to bring your a-game . every single day so i really learned how . to bring my a-game every single day and . i tried to inspire other people to bring . their a-game every single day as well . and you know it's just so joyful to . watch your show which is kind of like . your child and grow and be accepted by . other people you know because you've . been working on something for so long . you want it to be special and you want . to just keep it fresh and just make it a . blast i mean working on danny phantom . was just a joy beyond belief in danny . phantom only ran for three seasons and i . just it has become such a cultural. touchstone i mean people love that show . and it's got such a cult following and i . am thrilled about it um we never made . any more at nickelodeon you know . networks make decisions that they feel . strong about and they they just wanted . to move on to new things i suppose but i . i promise you i'll keep giving you as . much new danny phantom stuff as i'm . legally allowed to give you on this . channel but um you know nickelodeon owns . the rights that's what happened you sell . the show and they own the rights so i . can't really do anything new with it . fully but you never know keep writing . nickelodeon keep telling them that you . want to see more maybe they'll just do . some more you never know i would be i'd . be the first one on board if they did i . promise and i was doing that at the same . time as fairly oddparents so i'm running . two shows now i've got two writing . sessions everyday i've got two . storyboarding meetings every day with . storyboard artists i've got two . recording sessions every week two final . mixes every week it was really hectic. and i just want to tell you guys if . you're thinking that you want to get . into this industry it's awesome but it . is very difficult and you need to . understand that you have to really step . up when given that chance there's . another scripture in the bible that says . to whom much is given much is required . it's when you're given a lot it's gonna . require a lot out of you and i know a . lot of you out there have it inside of . you to do what it is you want to do you . guys can do anything you want to do . anything and maybe we have maybe it'll . have a career like me someday and i i . hope you do i hope you get to do . everything you want to do in art and . animation and storytelling i mean we're . all storytellers is what we do animation . is storytelling just with funny drawings. that move around if i could say one . thing about my time and nickelodeon is . that i got to laugh every single day i . encourage all of you to find a job or a . career or something that you do that . allows you to laugh every single day and . i'm still gonna laugh there's a lot of . cool things coming up but let's keep . going so so then after. a phantom we got to work with jerry . trainor on tough puppy my amazing . writers the amazing voice cast of that .
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