8 Insane World Records You CANNOT Beat in Fortnite: Battle Royale

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8 Insane World Records You CANNOT Beat in Fortnite: Battle Royale
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Hey what's up guys and welcome to best . trends today we're gonna be going over a . to the craziest world record you cannot . be in fortnight battle royale do you . want some free v bucks hmm . well we're gonna be giving away $25 . worth of v bucks to 50 different people . all you have to do is leave a like on . the video subscribe if you're new and . turn on notifications and once you've . done all that go down below in the . comment section and comment free v bucks . there are some pretty crazy records that . are held in for tonight we have the most . kills in each game mode the world's . fastest game and many many more so be . sure to stay tuned because these world . records are unbreakable number eight the . world's fastest game so we got a game. that is so fast you wonder if it's even . real and this game is with typicalgamer . avery no j four five six and vic star . all super good for night players and . while they end up taking a w and . fortnight at a speed that seems . unbelievable i'm not sure what the time . for an average for tywin is but it's . probably roughly around 20 minutes and . these four manage to end up getting a . win in 12 minutes in 57 seconds an . absolutely insane time clearly i can't . just show the entire 12 minutes here but . let's go and take a look at a little . snippet of one they end up taking the w . i'm dropping a medkit i'm dropping a . medkit right there it's right outside . all right i got a break out of here wait . does anyone have ammo kill the last guy . for that yeah oh thirty-eight kill . squads game boys 3700 i'll . be tied no seven the most kills in a . squads match here we got them world . record for the most kills in a squad . match and boy let me tell you this is . pretty crazy and not just that but they . have done this once before but they have . also gotten the most kills prior to this . game with the same group but it was 54 . kills and they didn't end up winning and . so everyone in their comment sections . were blasting them saying it doesn't . count because they didn't win etc etc so . you know what they did was they went and . just proved their comments section wrong . and went on to get a 55 kill when in . fort . squads imagine you and your team getting . fifty five kills killing over fifty . percent of all the users in the game is . absolutely insane and this is pretty . crazy to even see could you guys imagine . getting fifty five kills and winning . well you're about to see a dream come . true. check this out let's go 38 plus 17 . there's your 55 would win number six the . world's longest sniper shot this is . mental ever since you've been adding the . meters and after you kill someone with . the sniper everyone has been trying to . go for silly insane shots and i don't . blame them you guys this shot is gonna . be coming in at 313 meters and well let . me tell you what guys this is insane the . hang time of the bolt before hitting the . opponent it probably is in the air for . over a second and not to make it even . crazier that the shot itself was insane. as well not just was it 313 meters but . to make it even crazier the other user . was actually just done jump padding and . he was soaring through the air on his . glider while he got hit and this world . record is being held by grz a the god i . probably didn't say that right it's . probably gura or something but this guy . just hits an absolute insane banger . enough talking let's go and check out . this shot. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. number five the most kills in a solo . match here we got the most kills that . ever happen in a solo match and this is . coming from the almighty mr. grimm's . definitely one of the most popular . twitch streamers for fortnight and this . is pretty insane what he does he ends up . getting 29 kills in a solo match most . people can't even up getting 29 kills. between the four of them and a squads . and this guy can go do this in a solo . game by himself this is too crazy let's . go and see how he does end up taking the . w . let's fucking go baby twenty nine kills . holy shit oh my god i just wanna win . from that big 30 oh number for the most . kills running solo in squads game-mode . so we now we're gonna be doing a solo . things with no fill so this is pretty . intense because if you've ever get into . a battle it's gonna be you versus for . others most likely it'll never just be . you versus another person like a 1v1 . would be and someone by the name of net . j who was a part of the doom clan i'm . pretty sure you end up getting a 36 . kills while he was playing squads with . no fill so he was soloing in a squads . game i keep emphasizing that because . it's pretty hard to win the solo squads . and on top of that he end up getting 36 . kills which is just absolutely mad . hey oh my god babe hey my god dude . number three the most kills in duo here . we got another world record coming in . from nick mere cs and this guy has two . world records on the list so far for the . most kills in a squad and now he's. coming in for the most kills and duo's . he got 55 kills in squads and now he . ends up getting 46 kills him and his . dual partner both ended up getting 23 . kills each so equaling 46 total kills in . a dual match this is insane amount of . kills and this definitely will not be . beat for quite some time. could you imagine getting 23 kills and . then your partner getting 23 as well . they almost eliminated 50% of everyone . in the entire game i see him . let's go dude 23 23 46 duo what's our . baby number 2 the tallest fortnight base . here we got the tallest fortnight base . to ever be done coming from the youtuber . moose elk well it was him and a few . other youtubers you created it but it . was uploaded to his youtube channel and . this base is insanely high there's. actually a kaplan of how high you can . build . but most people usually just build sky . up there and they don't actually build . around and tire way so this is a tallest . true fortnight base and then they end up . destroying it and i'm gonna tell you . guys sit here and see how big it truly . was and then also watch them just to . moralize it as it crashes to the ground . so let's go and check this out together . okay i'm coming oh it's a small side of . the circle which is good god the tower . actually got so tall i couldn't fit it . on my screen yeah that's better most . best best case scenario boys well i've . only we had that mean pad buggies 42 . seconds less actually something run run . lucky run all my beautiful baby now . number one the world's biggest for. finally these last two are coming . through moo's elk just like the last one . was and this is pretty insane he does . the biggest bass in fortnight i'm not . quite sure if this is true the biggest . one in general but this is definitely . absolutely insane and this is not no . ordinary bass either so we can maybe say . this is the biggest fortnight pyramid . because i've really seen any males build . a pyramid like this before and this is . definitely the biggest one by far and . it's absolutely massive you guys like . insane and super cool how they came up . with this idea and unfortunate they . didn't get a finish the entire term it'd . do to a house and the zone coming in but . it is definitely still insanely cool to . see and this thing is absolutely massive . so here i challenge you guys to check . this out are you just oh this thing . looks great guys we finally got to get . to the other side. what is it oh the mean pad we had a meat . pad the whole time it's the only way i'm . going to escape the situation . surely not though . actually right now i'm not ready to . leave yeah like a pyramid too much it's . such a good pyramid get us a good thumb . ease shot from the sky that can i mean . they jump up get us a good dummy oh . how's that for a thumb yeah well there . you have it guys what did you think of . all these world records pretty much all . of them are never gonna be broken or if . they do those people are absolute . legends i feel like the people who break . them will be the people who set them . just because they're already on that . another level then everyone else is . could you imagine getting 55 kills in a . fortnight match between you and your. partner or getting 29 kills by yourself . all this stuff just seems too insane to . be real but guys i challenge you to try . to go and break some of these world . records grind for and try even though . they're pretty much unbeatable i guess . every game you play you're trying to get. the most kills possible but yeah you . guys if you guys did enjoy the video be . sure to go slap a like on it and . subscribe if you're new with post . notifications on that what you guys . don't miss anymore best trends video . thank you guys so much and i'll see you . in the next video peace out . .
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