A STORY’S END | Slime Rancher #19

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We've come to the end of the story in Slime Rancher!
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My name is jackson tonight welcome back . to might slay me babe wait i was going . to say back to my side me babies but i . hear a bastard where is he i heard him i . heard him show him to me okay we might . be safe oh i heard a tire and i was kept . i was getting ready to smack oh thank . you play more tea oil righty so i need . to head back to my toner room my little . ranch oh hi guys . how is everyone doing i'll be back in a . second daddy just has a little bit of . work to do oh first he's gonna suck up . all these big old mid mangoes that look . like little green boots um i did get . some messages from people in the . comments on the last video telling me . how i finished the game yeah see you . can't actually see that that's a big . slime face from here i don't think . because i don't think that that was the . thing that i was missing all the time . when he goes at the other place you can . actually see it but not here . oh no wrong but after playing 20 . episodes slime rancher i've got what . wouldn't push nothing i'm gonna put them . in here so i don't think hunter pores . actually make anything in there at least . not anything that i can see unless i'm . trying to make something invisible i . need to somebody to give me like a big . long comment i have it open here so i . can take note of it they left me some . tips for us to finish the game because . apparently you don't just get to that . thing and walk into and then you finish . the game that's not how it works there's . a i think i have to read all of casey's . star males which i read one last time i . believe a lot of ports in here okay as . long as you're not above 50 that's good . when you get above 50 i can't put them . in my gun anymore. but the reason i'm looking into . finishing the game because people also . said when you finish the game it's not . actually the end there's some other. stuff after that i think you might . actually be able to come back to your . ranch and just mess around a little bit . which i'm excited about because they . don't that was one of the reasons they . didn't want to finish the game because . it was afraid that i'll get rid of all . my slimy babies oh funny i got 20 grand . i think if i get 20 grand i can get the . next part of the the 7zi clubs thing you . guys have more than 50 i came to these . guys one time and they had like 200 in . them he was fucking nuts . well it doesn't show that you have 200 . because he can't go above a hundred but . i took out the hundred and then he . sucked them all up again i had like. another hundred . he was bananas yes you can't see that . that's a big joint slime face a big . giant slime rock which i thought was . pretty cool because the world in slam . rancher is really mysterious . you don't know if everything is as it . seems because it might look like a cute . little game about slimes and getting . their poop and everything and sure . they're bizarre creatures but some of . them are literally dealing with time. travel which is very strange no i can't . do that here let me go in here and buy . this yeah 20 grand purchase wow no i . need 25 grand over a growth upgrade oh . [music]. don't have any star mail so last one . from casey we read is that accurate huh . well first one i missed you too when i . was in la oh they're parasol firmly . sagat's institutionally good for you . casey. who i sleep on till morning oh the . little slime plush ah crap i put my . slime push on the shelf i don't have it . anymore. any more mail any more mail from the . case dog no okay . did i read all casey's mails. i'm not going through them right now i . know that i probably should and there's . probably about a story in there and . everything . casey sounds boring i might read them in . my own time and then give you guys a . synopsis of what the story actually is . instead of sitting here and reading the . whole thing even though a lot of you . would probably like that you know what . maybe you will do it in a second i don't . know i don't know how to react to things . i want to own a i take care of my slaves . first so the thing that this person over . here said is jack to access the end of . the game as in the actual credits you . need to sleep and answer the final star . mail from casey that's weird that . happened right as i said it is this . gonna be the last one i don't know i be . the year we both came home do you think . it ever could have worked i mean being . with you again every day instead of the . long-distance thing was what that was . great . i remember feeling really happy but . something was missing we both knew we . were giving up something up for it all i . think about it all the time that if we . had been less honest about it all how . you might still be running that little . green that little garden shop and i'd . still be trying to write music out of a . basement doesn't matter i should have . told you then what i never did i should . have said it a hundred times casey okay . do you love me casey is that what it is . i think there's more to it i don't . that's i don't think i got to the final . stair mail yet so i might have to read a . bunch more for us to get the actual . ending cuz i am curious about the ending . and if it's not gonna trigger like the . very end of the game and then everything . is screwed up forever if we have to . start over again i don't know what's . gonna happen but i'm excited i feel like . most of the stuff in the game now is . kind of just adding it's not actually . anything new really anymore i think . we've we've seen most of the slimes . actually you've seen all the slimes . right in our slama pda yeah no one's . missing now so we actually got all the . slimes and things like that so it might . be worth getting to the end of the game . and then if there's anything left over. after that we can just stick around let . me just let me just take care of my . little babies here i also figured out . somebody told me to get phase lemons . is that if i have a bunch of fruit your . fruit you might do i think i planted a . phase lemon tree right out over where. the dervish flames are let me get rid of . these for a sec i also missed a gold . slime in the last episode and people . were freaking out at me saying that i . had missed it but it was in one of the . crates that i opened and i just walked . by and mr. cole sam and everyone was . saying that i had missed it but i think . if i had seen it i wouldn't have done . anything with it anyway . i know it's not like i'm short on money . look at you cute babies cute little . beams dueรฑa . i do have a port collector click those . ports please thank you yes out this way. somebody said if i have a face lemon . tree and it has grown lemons on it it . won't come in oh i don't have a face . lemon tree of a prick a pear tree. i forgot i got red in the face diamonds . cuz they didn't know how it worked ashi . that sucks well i have a lot of fruit on . me which i'm gonna need anyway because . this person also told me where the . quantum gordo is and they say that i'm . missing three gordo's the three more . gordo's that i don't have so thank you . the legendary bill cipher hopefully . you're just a username and not actually. the legendary bill cipher because he . might attack me and kill me and keep me . in a weird dimension that i don't want . and i don't have a dipper and mabel to . help me out so okay how many do i have . 50 hey 50 fruit now i think that's . actually exactly how many i needed oh . they said 50 fruit total if you don't . have phase lemons because their quantum . slimes love phase lemons and if you give . them phase lemons i think they count as . like 2 or something not sure i need here . enough puddle ports . and i need to i need to put carrot . somewhere i should have just put carrots . back in here with the pink babies cuz . they eat everything because they're nice . babies then when i get thunder this part . of the series it's a little weird . because everything is kind of just . figuring out the secrets now figuring. out what's left whereas before sparkle . babies before i want to see if they hurt . me before it was all about like just . progressing forward and finding new . things whereas now it's kind of like. i've seen basically everything so i have . to uncover the last bits piece by piece . so we've go to the ancient ruins and . this is recorders each of which has a . slime key they're needed for postgame . reasons see the quantum gordo is across . the broken bridge in the ancient ruins . broken bridge ah this broken bridge yeah . cuz no gold no gold slimes in here this . time is there no see i checked this time . oh god you're freaking this is the . broken bridge you were close to it but . you went up instead of down. go to the door on the right side face it . turn right and down oh you were right . here all this time . well quanta baby okay 50 fruit should do . it hopefully good you're a fat one last . one haha . perfect look at all those quantum babies . you guys are so fucking cute um no i . wanted to bring that fruit with me i . wanted to see if the phase lemon thing . work barely if you shoot a fruit at a . phase lemon tree it gives you all the . phase lemons that are on it and it takes . the fruit or something like that i can't . remember what somebody actually said . alright no go away i don't need you oh . god my baby he's fine he's okay he . bounces on the edge whoa . he says as he's actually worried he fell . off the edge and entered the water but i . saw him bouncing. i'm just gonna find you need slime. gadgets and decorations for the. higher-level pod cracking oh okay 35 for . blue a hundred for black and purple you . know when you hit the marks when you get . the achievements i'm going to warn you . now if you're going after the black and . purple pods look them up on the wiki . they're in places you would not think to . look okay and then they said that . there's addit
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