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In this video, we will be looking at all the new Dance Emotes in fortnite season 3.These Fortnight moves consist of Reanimated, Take the L, Best Mates, The Robot, Saltbae, Flapper (Charleston Dance), Gun Show, Dab, Slow Clap, Fresh ( Carlton dance), Electro Shuffle, The Worm, Floss, Scrubs - Turk Dance and much more!!
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Yo what is going on guys i'll be back . here so today we gonna be looking at all . the real life fortnight dances and as . you guys know the season 3 just came out . so all the new dances are involved in . this video so make sure you watch this. video till the end . there are also some exclusive gifts in . this video so make sure what's till the . end you might go in one of those and . with that being said now let's get. straight into it alright so let's start . out with one of my favorite dances right . now and it's take the l it's been taken . from this a weird clip of a joker . dancing it's it's kind of creepy but . it's fun to watch so let's have a look . [music]. alright well that was a little weird but . now i'm gonna show you guys something . really really awesome and it's this one . girl who really nailed the electro . shuffle like really like i haven't seen . anybody do the electro shuffle much . better than disco it's almost like it's . it's on a hundred person sink or . something it's freaking amazing guys you . need to check this one out . [music]. well that right there was pure . awesomeness now we're gonna look at a . new dance that has recently been added . to the game and it's called a break-in . it's kind of really hard to do to be . honest because like i don't think i can . do that dance but some people pull it . off really really nicely and one of . those people is this guy right here . [music]. alrighty guys now let's move on to the . next dance and this dance is from season . 3 and a lot of you might not know this . dance has a lot of history behind it . it's the flapper dance and this dance is . also known as the charleston dance now . let me give you guys a little background . on this. the charleston dance was named for the . harbor city of charleston in south . california and this song really really . got popular in 1923 that was a long long . time ago and it was one of the biggest . hit of that decade so that's really . really big history behind this dance so . now you guys know it i bet not a lot of. youtuber tell you about the background . story of your dances so make sure you . subscribe to lv for more of that but . with that being said now let's have a . look at this dance. [music]. well that was pretty damn cool now let's . have a look at the kissing mode and this . comes from a youtuber named loser fruit . means she's kind of cute looking and i . would i mean i would love if a girl did. that to me when i'm walking on the . street but you know how that sad life . goes guys like what the hell why am i . talking about this let's just look at . this alright . here's some art well that was really . sweet now let's have a look at the true . lover mode and this one comes from the . same youtuber this youtuber has over . three hundred thousand subscribers on . youtube so you should definitely check . her out check her channel out i mean um . but with that being said now let's have . a look at this true love . [music]. all righty now let's have a look at the . next one and this one was also added in . the season three and the guy who made . this thing is a living meme anna you all . know about him here's the salt bay let's . check this out all right well that was . really nice now let's have a look at the . brand-new dance of the season three and . it's a robot i mean it's one of those . dances that it's kind of cool but i . don't really want them in my backpack to . be honest with you and the reason being . that is it has no meaning behind it i . like to use the stuff that you know . makes some meaning or it's like it is. fun to do for a while in the . battleground like take the el is you . know one of those really really fun . dances that you can do after killing . someone or you know just blowing the . kiss emoticon it's like those are the . ones that i would much rather have and . they're really really cool but . regardless let's have a look at the . robot dance right here it's really cool . and i think it's really really tough to . do dance like that because because i . mean i haven't seen much people who do . that kind of dance though obviously well . let's have a look . [music]. all right well that was cool now let's . have a look at the new thing that was . added to the season three in fortnight . and it's the best mates dance it's kind . of cool and this one comes from a guy . named marlon webb if i'm saying his name . right this guy also made the whole . watermelon on your head mean thingy i . don't know if you guys have watched it . if you haven't here it is and stan . bumpkin hands he struggles to lift the . weight he struggles to get the ladies . but dating tabriz and marijuana malone . mercedes almost won him alone to keep me . floating she showers with panky well . these memes can be a little bit cringy . sometimes but regardless this guy made . his dance to the fort night game and . here it is let's check this out . [music]. alright now let's give this one simple . and straight it's the gun shell let's. check this out gun so food . all right so now we're gonna check out . something that is really close to my . heart the all-time classic the backpack . kid doing his floss all righty now let's . have a look at the wery very very very . very popular dance from the gangnam . style. it's ride the pony check this out . [music]. okay guys now it's time for the . legendary dance the dance of all dance . the father of all dance this is one of . my favorite dances in the game i just . love love love this dance so here it is . [music]. alright guys now let's have a look at . one of the classics once again and it's . the fresh dance also known as the . carlton dance this dance also got really . really popular back in the days i have . already explained the history behind . this in another video i'll link that and . the car up there so make sure you watch. it with that being said now let's have a . look at this dance alrighty guys now . it's time to look at that . weirdest dance of all the dances in . forehead and it's the worm dance check . this out alrighty guys now let's really . quickly have a look at all the silly . ones you know the clap the gun-shooting . thingy and all that really quickly check . this out. all righty guys and the last dance this . one is the sort of a honorable mention . it's the reanimated fortnight dance in . real life it doesn't really look like . quite a lot similar but it's kind of . similar so i just added this one in for . you guys check this out and that is a . wrap i hope you guys enjoyed this video . today make sure you check out these . videos especially pick them up for you i . hope you'll enjoy them and i'll see in . the next one bye . .
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