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Heading back into the Aurora in Subnautica to see if there's any secrets we missed!
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Ladies my name is jacksepticeye and . welcome back to the deep down dark deep . down of sub nauseous . last episode we built our infinity space . r infinity base at r infinity space what . am i talking about and now we have well . is either it's either a pretzel or it's . an infinity symbol or it's an 8 or it's . a pair of balls or it's pair of boobs . it's whatever you want . it's basically we call this base . rorschach and that rorschach like it's . normally spell but rorschach as in sh . ack. like it's a shack like a space you live . in so now it has a bunch of different . meanings because the rorschach test is . something where you like see whatever . your brain sees and then it says i don't . know whatever we're we're gonna keep . this based out here we're gonna explore . a small bit more but not yet because . there are some things that i want to do . is that i've been shot i've wanted to do . for ages which is trying to find the . extra suits i want to find the the . reinforced diving suit and i also want. to find the still suit so i need to go . to some of the wrecks and one of the . wrecks i haven't been to a lot of her an . area have meant a lot to a lot of can't . fucking speak is the bulb zone back near . where i grew up and where i was born i'm . also gonna take apart these for a sec . because somebody put together . kamille v-point oh put together a very . big comprehensive list of things that . people wrote in the comments which was . very very nice of them to do and it was . a bunch of suggestions for p or for . things that i could do in the game and . it was a lot of stuff like where it's . still sue and all that those kinds of . things were but another one that . somebody wrote down was to put a . foundation somewhere . and then we would allow me to put down . my thermal generators a bit easier so . then i don't have to dick around with . them . exterior modules because now they just . sit on this perfectly yes i know i'm . dying i'm very well aware of my health . thank you very much we're gonna get this . done that actually looks kind of cool . nice all right i got very close to dying . they're a lot closer than my body would . have liked man i need some batteries in . this frickin station somebody call a . paul elon musk there and tell him to . send me over some power walls because . once the power drains out of it then the . place goes empty instead of it holding . on to the 500 using up the 500 and then . replenishing it silly stupid store i . don't like right so there's not a whole . lot going on down here i might have to . make a trip back home back to my . original base because i have to go to . the i was named gonna place the ball . zone that's where i'm going it's gonna . take me forever to get back i might . leave maria down here i don't think i . need her technically to get around could . just bring pepper and that would be . faster i know also they sent me this and . that cool . it's obsessive not regarded but it's . like a thermos so right now i just have . like a few lemon slices chopped up and . some water inside that but it keeps it . icy fresh all the time and i've been . trying to drink this whole entire thing . each day because i don't drink enough . water when i'm sitting here playing . games so it's good so thank you super . nautica developers i appreciate it you . keeping me healthy keep me young keep me . hip with the kids righty . some stuff on you i might keep you just . in case when i get back i need you i . also need to okay this is going to take . me a while i also need to start getting . healthy i don't have enough of that . going around right now yeah yeah baby . that's the pepper i know and love that's . the effort ie i like maximum effort you . guys take care of my camera now okay . it's a small baby and i love it very . much. it's my child okay good . what's up for that guy he's all infected . who's running them over there that's . infected stay away from and that guy . tore at him sneeze onion bulb zone and . there's a wreck right here have i . checked this wreck today chickadee . checked this wreck before i wrecked this . check i can't remember oh oh . scanner room fragment i thought you were . a thing that was full of a thing jeepers . buddies don't won't be doing that to me . it scared me boy being scared . whoa okay we're a lot closer to some . things than i didn't even know we're. there all right i might i don't think i . have been here can i dig into this bad . boy anywhere is there any place for for . jack to enter. initial assessments would be no must be. something i can do with this place it's . a giant wreck it has to have something . in it what's going on here . i have to be able to get in there and . electricity on all on in the inside it's . just very hard to see what's going on . because it's very very dark ha ha i have . found the whole modification station . fragment i don't need those i need stuff . that has that it has like the chips in. them so i could just pull they that like . the carrot reader thing out no god i'm . so confused as to where i am what did i . just open oh . i mean where i just opened okay good . that's what i wanted anyway you guys . fighting amongst ourselves i'll be in . here sipping tea cyclops sonar upgrade i . had that oh po i got a pda doh . the chartered okay that's cool . you're just modification station pieces. i have these as well ah phooey . that means there's nothing really new in . here cuz they're those are the things . i'm looking for those cards that i pull . out because that means it's something . new each time well supposed to mean it's . something new don't know i have to like . scan for always is a bad idea . oh it's about a just go in a circle no . this is new grow beds waters cool i . won't be thirsty oh shit i need to get . out of here . oh god okay get out get out okay now i'm . kind of panicking even though i have a . lot of oxygen left i'm still kind of . panicking i don't like to be away from . the exits oh god where am i i don't know . what's going on are they coming . oh it's making me feel all nervous . i forget how i got into this whole place . yes okay man this fucking seat i can i . just infinitely turn off that thing the . little reader that shows me the map it's . the most useless thing okay well that . didn't have anything in it i was hoping . it would at least have one of their suit . fragments in it or one of the suit . pieces and then i could build it dear . sir pointer okay i look around this area . a bit more i mean i did get a lot of . water and food . be able to keep myself busy that's good . at least i'm not gonna tell you that . hey revie's oh this is what i've done. ooh neat oh oh please be something cool . please be something cool . fingers crossed fetus cross oh oh alien . containment why why do you give me the . things i have where you give me all. things that i already have i think . there's only one per wreck as well name . one cool stuff even though i don't know . why i want i want the still suit more. than i want the the reinforced suit cuz . let's face it i'm not exactly in the . heated zone as much anymore stores . things are empty that's a piece of . stasis rifle pretty sure i have those . just haven't made one is that it is that . everything in here oh never mind never . mind. oh people also said haven't seen the . little modification icon here this thing. people said that the scanner room stuff . is stackable wow that's a whole water . filtration machine right there the whole . vending machine ooh i don't have use . chic plant pot . and a basic plant pot at least you might . be able to get cosmetics that's good for . my vases well nothing lasts long nothing . here i don't have for you scan a room . have that i have to it ends i have to do . doze well it's a big waste of our time i . think those are the only wrecks that are . in the bulb zone starting any other. reason to be in here whoa look at all . you guys just for them for them we all . do it at such an enclosed space it's a. concert oh oh wait i got you . that's awesome i also need to start . building that stuff for my e let's it . back to henry let's it back to the moon. pool i need i can also build stuff for . my my pron suit god i can't fucking . think. i can build stuff for my pron suit as . well like what do they call it a thermal . generator or something like that i can . feel that i heat power source for myself . only bake everybody hey so how's it . going see that nailed it . flawless but before i do anything i need . to say hello to my buddies marenick . kevin where's carly where's your sister . kevin you tell me where your sister is . right now i won't be having any of this . kev oh there's yes oh thank god you guys . are still here just hanging around oh . it's a weight off my chest . those guys are the cutest i love them . all right is it here that i make that . thermal reactor okay you need a wiring . kit poly alanine and kyanite think i. have those things laying around so now i . should be able to just build this whoo . what can i build for you a perimeter . defense system oh nah advanced wary . kitten and i'm a glass though i might be . able to get put it first i want to i . want to build this i want to put this . into you wait i can't even access your. upgrades actually without you see why . why why you can do this with sally no . problem when sally's ducked you can . access her modules you can access . upgrades and the other side you can . access storage but oh wait while i'm . here now that i remember. and . oh nice but here i all i can do is enter . christ all you can do is enter i can't . actually access upgrades until pepper is . out why is that. thanks . i'm not staying long though i just have . a thing to insert oh doesn't he do . anything right now for me but but wait . what else can i build i could build like . could have built a perimeter system wait . what was it that i needed for tha
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