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BANNED from Club Penguin Island…WTF???
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The time has come to become the penguin, hit some fresh dabs, and verbally horrify penguins on a server!
I achieved all of my goals as a penguin in Club Penguin Island, but unfortunately I got banned for using language that could melt the face of a baby...
Oh well, getting banned is one of the only things you can do for free LMAO
So, should I try to get a Club Penguin Island ban again? Should I check out some other random games as well? LEMME KNOW by leaving a comment! ^-^
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Erik - M3RKMUS1C
Yo yo yo what's going on guys enjoy it . is your boy collects here flex here got. stop doing that intro is addicting in . the last club penguin island video i. briefly talked about the potential of. getting banned on club penguin island if. i do get back on here i'll probably try . to get banned so yeah that's what we're . gonna be trying to do today i've got my . netflix only ipad here which is really . all i use it for okay why anyone would . think i do other stuff on this ipad well . i want this video to be more than just . like saying one curse where than getting. banned forever off of club penguin. island i want to try to do something a . little bit more interesting i haven't. looked this up yet but i just have a . hunch that for some reason someone has. compiled a list of words that you can . use on club penguin island that won't. get you banned but they're still kind of. fucked up words that won't get you. banned on clothes it's a suggested. search i mean the 24 easiest ways to get . banned from club penguin things buzzfeed. wikihow is going to show us 13 steps on . how to avoid getting banned this might . be some bs don't use bad language of . swear words i'll make adult references . don't use hate words don't be violent to. never cheat or hack okay now got this is . what i was looking for say bad words . without getting banned let's see you. must spell the bad word one word at a. time what there's a youtube video on how . to do this oh god it's a fucking bandee . cam video really like a text tutorial oh. you just type it with spaces i see i'm. pretty sure by now they'd have a filter. to stop stuff like that too but we're. just going to wing it club penguin . island here we come a good jackhammer. can solve a lot of problems so does. buying a membership apparently use. 10,000 heart emojis to show the world . what we love claim my name still doesn't. show up in games now come on dude why . i'm supposed to be girl gamer xd . anything in warfare and we can subscribe . to youtube. com slash merc music this is . how you grow your channel boys unless. you well if you put the wrong url you . won't it won't work but let's see let's. see if they recognize this oh dear um he. keeps saying hi he just once fine there . you go christ dude indefinitely saying . it's time today i'm going to say grind . me like a skateboard can i use regular . emojis oh perfect you can't use regular. emojis on this my only form of. communication has been disabled sub when. blub blub find the party submarine while . diving i want to be able to do some. stuff before i get ban anyone feeling . moist tonight oh god oh oh that's. disgusting please please please no no. stop it i like this guy though hold on. let's get closer to what's hit a fresh. dab for everyone there we go subscribe. to youtube. com slash merc music watch me . get banned for spamming they want to . dance oh my god the dance floor just. closed down thank you again for saving a . migrator shut up toward your now i know . why people don't like this game i think . you actually have to have a membership . to be able to do these adventures oh boy . oh boy that is not ideal to the sword . can i have a source oh i might as well. just go get banned you can't do anything . else um um how the fuck are you doing . that walls mm-hmm throw cares me saying . we i guess you can if you space stuff . out i don't think it's as bad what the . and then we'll space out he'll like this. let's see if that sort maybe that's okay . no one seems to care yet haven't been . banned let's go for something a little . bit more abrasive no way does that. really work you just spaced out the. letters ah i feel bad now i would have . actually felt better if i got banned . because like there's little kids on here. they don't deserve to see some of the . shit i'm about to tell you oh god. warning please chat nicely no root or. inappropriate language there it is ok . nevermind looks like i could be getting . banned soon let's keep it nice let's . just order some food i'm not allowed to. buy food i can't even i'm gonna starve . to death if i don't get a membership . this game hurts subscribe to youtube. com. slash merc music oh we got a reaction oh . nevermind they just wanted to answer . just one of dad who wants to dab with me . he doesn't know he doesn't want that too . bad yet no scope could be a trick shot . look at that for snowball that's jumping. what a minute mr. krabs what we do it. y'all following him oh crap thank you . for being a part of our community oh i . could do one of her adventures but the . other or chapter 20 coming soon gimmick . where else can we go there's gotta be. something like you've got to be able to . do something on this game i go on the . water slide how is this what how is just . a water slide is the best water slide. i've ever been on in my life i don't see . anything wrong with the physics here. look what yeah what can i do hmm i'm . actually allowed to sit what's up playa. subscribe to youtube. com slash mark. music how are you doing i'm doing dandy. thanks for asking do you like pickles . and now we wait what i don't understand . this game i want to know what they like . pickles he says hi i'm tired ah looks. like club penguin island has caused my. ipad 3 star it's it's an intense game . loading all of the activities that you. have to pay for otherwise you can't do. anything does take up a lot of cpu this . games disappoints me does anyone here . like supply drops you put a smiley face. yeah he said he says he does i missed. the computer well every time i get on . this game everyone is talking about how. they miss club penguin apparently. someone created this game called club. penguin we were rewritten i can't say. but apparently someone came out with his. game called club penguin rewritten they. did it re written it's club penguin . rewritten i can't i can't why can i say. riri anyway i'm pretty sure it just. allows you to play the old club penguin . or something like that tina sent me a . link she sent me a clip on twitch oh god . what are we watching i can't do shit oh . my god you should have like a fucking. like almost a five in one line up what. the fuck tina she doesn't even know what . i'm doing fifty thousand oh they all . disappear oh ok i checked twitter for a . fucking minute oh and i'm an inducer. yeah subscribe to youtube. com slash mark. music this guy's asking about supply . drops kick my balls take my balls if. kicked my balls get me van i'm gonna be. so upset i could say much more fucked up. shit but what if we just say really . inappropriate phrases but we don't. finish them all the way stick a tooth. brush in my closet it's kind of messed . up but not really shove that long stick. in my glass i don't feel as bad about. this i'm not being like overly for a. faint it just sounds back wang bang bong . chung i wonder if that'll get me banned. the way god omarv and often come humbly . what if you swear in a different . language i wonder if it detects it and . look at that foot oh gentle baba camp it . gaming another warning oh god i feel. like it's three strikes and you're out. so i got to be very careful get this. gentle obama correctly there we go . gentle whoa baa baa oh god did he really . put like a pew kimochi you put a poop . emoji i think it's time to get banned . okay i don't even say it itself it look . know if that doesn't get me banned i. don't know it will how might maybe my. messages aren't going through i don't. know if this is actually gonna be seen . i'm nervous i mean like i should clearly. be banned by now there it is oh god oh . no oh no . account banned please contact customer. support help disney. com for details i . will i'm gonna do that right now what . happens if i click play connection error. sorry there was a problem there's no . connection to area you did all i have to . sign in the ah you get an email saying . you got banned why is my penguin ban. respect to others no bullying or being. mean to others i wasn't being mean i . wasn't bullying chat nicely no reason no . ruder inappropriate language well kind. of fucked that one up stay safe online . no sharing personal information i mean i. was shouting out my youtube channel a . lot i don't know play fair no cheating . ok so i only broke one rule another . penguin can't place a ban on your. account that's good to know find out why. your account was banned use your email. ok you have to email their support so . when essence guys gamer girl xd has gone. forever there's absolutely no fucking. way i'm getting that account back so. suspended / band account i actually . might just be suspended i don't think . i'm permanently banned oh yeah thank you . guys very much for watching i hope you . guys enjoyed this video if you guys. didn't you like seem to get bands on . club penguin island again for some. reason or if you want to see me play . some other random game to make sure to . drop a like i'll see you guys later . bye. [music]. [music]. .
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