BENDY & the Ink Krabby Patty Machine @ KRUSTY KRAB w/ Spongebob! Hello Neighbor gets Secret Formula?

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FGTEEV Chase and Mike wanted a bedtime story one night so FGTEEV Duddy made one up with Hello Neighbor, Bendy & The Ink Machine & your favorite pals from Spongebob Squarepants!
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Caption: Oh um page 1 of your daddy can we . intercept bedtime story. yeah hey anyone can read me a bike oh a . bedtime story. three sports please . your story let me just finish my . meditation so once a prior time there . was a story about a guy named mark who . lived on tinybuild street what a long. day i still must go take a nap i hear . the county calling mundane . aah beeping quiet . now moore had an annoying neighbor and . to roll him crazy let's see what march . up to okay let's open your door open up . can you knock that off . trying to take a nap here don't be such . a grump it's a party out here man are . you still feeling tired come on mark . don't be like this you're always like . this come on marv just come on i don't . like you and i never will so just leave . me alone and get out of my life . so that's when mark decided to ask . someone for help who who do we do now . okay . come well that's it he's left me no . choice . hey it's me martin. remember we were talking one time you . told me you can tell me get rid of . people it was cranked in oh spongebob . what how about you meet me at the chum . bucket tomorrow the wizard so the next . one. mark traveled to bikini bottom . [music]. so you want to get rid of your neighbor . do you yes yes yes i'll do anything. still me the krabby patty secret formula . and your neighbors done cool thank you . consider it done so mark but can you . just stop interrupting the story i want . to be the narrator just let the story . play yeah fine yeah take my camera now . where is that krabby patty formula all . right going in . [music]. look at that customer is that great . fendi . welcome to krusty krab how can i take. your order hold on one second square . face are all right so i'm here and he's . asking me what i want to order would you . like to try a krabby patty with our new . signature crest so i should just ask him . for the krabby patty formula okay oh i'm . sorry sir i didn't notice you're on the . phone and you think he'll just give it . to me spongebob . he doesn't even have a phone in his hand . oh yes i do it's just really small oh . well that's a pretty neat fun you got . there . okay i'm done talking on the phone now . i'd like to order the krabby patty . secret formula you know you can't give . them the secret formula right spongebob . i know that benny i can't give you the . formula haven't done the secret. handshake with them to make sure it's . not this - krabs in the sky i don't have . time for any secret handshakes just give . me the secret formula now we're not . going to give you the formula oh oh i . know why don't we just particular krabby . patty. thanks to bendy he gave us the inky . batty 3000 machine could you want to try . one no gross listen just give me the . formula i'm trying to be nice now you're . getting me mad how about me make you a . teacher see you secure 20 calls . well he's funnier than you oh does it . you took son can you take this then all . you've got big guy all right you asked . for it. [music]. are you okay yeah what's the matter . bendy get up that's it mister you want a . piece of this huh let me at him let me . at him i'll rip them apart andy we can't . stoop down to his level . huh you're right but now you've made me . so mad you're definitely not getting the . secret formula now uh-oh there's someone . here trying to beat up anyone who might . know where the formula is i better get . our poop on a krabby patty on the floor . okay let's just see if i can sneak out . of here without being seen . tell me where the formula is right now . wow it's the neighbour i told you we're . never gonna tell you where it is well. you leave me no choice . tell me where is it i'm not joking . around till they mother-of-pearl what's . going on out there - man no bitterness . be after me secret formula it's like . easier to give me away spongebob don't . you think now would be a good time to . use that secret trapdoor you mean the . one that drops you in the dead run . challenge you have to try not to die . getting from start to finish so what's . in store fish so nobody said starfish . okay what's on the scroll bar except on . my foot okay. where's the krabby patty formula is it . in the floor decided in the floor well . it's gotta be around here somewhere . where is this formula ok we'll tell you . where the formula is if you put the gun . down i'll put the gun away if you tell . me where it is promise it's over there . in mr. krabs office like always see was . that so hard . so it's over there right here are you . sure it's in this store right here . where's the formula please don't take me . formula just show me where it is ok it's . right behind me in this state i'll get . out of your way this better not be a . trick all right so so it shit just right . in here from this safe just don't . peeking give me money cuz i like much . hey where's the secret formula now . spongebob me boy mr. button okie dokie . mr. krab oh oh rainy secret formula . please again howdy jorge secret formula . next time krabs yeah oh where am i what . it what is this place whoa what goodness . get back college what just stealing all . your things bullet nicked it no no no . please please don't know . we live in a more yeah did he die . no he didn't die is at the end of the . story so he can't be you're correct it . is to be continued but that's gonna be . next time on that gtv he's doing at it i . think you got him i think he's been dude . that freddie's alive won't climb i wanna . feel. .

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