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apparently i can call dantdm using this simple app..
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Look what you made me do look what you. made me to uh me my hat you will know . where i got it from i got it from the . incredible dantdm shop. com where they've . just released some brand-new christmas . products including this hat right here . with the bubble and the dantdm logo and . my personal favorite product that i have . ever released the dantdm advent calendar . with 24 little chakras to count your way . down to the big day check all of these . out plus a brand-new christmas shirt in . the description below i must say though . there's only a thousand of these . available so get them quick in time for . the 1st of december if not you have more . than one to eat on the first day you get . it i mean that's pretty cool yeah check . those out in the description below right . today's video it's gonna be interesting . because i've heard of this guy. dantdm and i'm a big fan of him on . youtube you might not have heard of him . but i've heard there are some really . crazy apps out there that allow you to . cool dantdm so i thought we would test . them out today and see if they actually . work so if you saw its dantdm a cool on . the google play store there's apps like. this one that allow you to get a . professional and beautiful fake call . from dantdm in the android market 10,000 . people have downloaded this let's give . it a go shall we let's see if we can . call him make cool here we go it's . loading it must be doing all the who is . that ok cooler name . wait is that me let me put in down tdm . and see what happens call it number . let's just make something up completely. random use proximity sensor that's a . little bit freaky with a photo in there . as well. let's save the call oh haha it's . actually working um i'm gonna answer it . hello hello dance edm is that you i've . heard that i can get through to you on . this app hello oh just even working this . new speaker cool ended fantastic what a . quality app oh he's ringing again let's . see if we can do it here we go press . green i can't hear anything hello hello . nope nothing what if i click keypads the . cool just ends okay well this one does . not. fake what other ones do we have all . actually this one says fake call from. dantdm i'm an idiot . this next one though says real cool from . dantdm so let's check it out again . 10,000 downloads . why have they put that image of me why . they've made my hair like bright green . but a fake cap on me and fake glasses on . both pictures that's it's really odd . again with the fake glasses and stuff oh . my goodness look at this start cool are . you ready guys we're gonna cool down td . i'm here we go hello is it working . oh i need to press the button here we go . guys i'm excited oh hello . he's not picking up yet dantdm oh wait . is he calling me let me see oh yeah oh . yeah dad tdm is that you you for them . okay no i can't hear anything i think . he's gone that was uh that was something . special uh let's try it one more time to . see what happens. oh yeah oh yeah no i'm hanging up on you . you're weird well that's definitely not . me is it said real cool from dantdm as . well what are the comments the ratings . are horrible it doesn't even remotely. sound close to his voice and the dude . just says oh yeah three times in a row . hates it i don't know dan sound see my . fans got my back this one has a really . good rating and has a hundred downloads . let's see what this one's about it looks. pretty cool let's see hold on a second . dantdm songs and the damn tdm button. weeds check these out guys this is . getting a bit out of control isn't it oh . here we go fate call from dan tdm prek . wader seconds that looks exactly the . same as before how's a good rating low . so let's see what happens when we click . starts okay cool a name dan t don't give . a damn tdm for both i don't know what . time means but let's uh it's cool now oh . it's like it's literally counting down . the seconds okay this better this better . sound like me i mean it's better be the . right person because i still haven't . managed to get . through tim which is a little bit . disappointing oh it's samurai that's . answer it hello anyone there . no dantdm i really want to talk to you i . love your videos if you're there say yes . he's not there guys is he what if i tap . a speaker mute keypad ad cool none of . these buttons work. this whole thing's fake i've got no . voice i mean that's the best-looking one . that we've had so far but it has so many . good reviews what's going on oh it has . two good reviews that's it . so the rest of the apps just don't speak . to you apart from that creepy guys . saying oh yeah so i want to find out . what the the dantdm button is because. it's a little bit weird ad she has good . ratings 105 ratings at 4. 3 stars and it . says dantdm sings to you which worries . me a little bit but hey it's got some . good who's got some good reviews let's . see what the dantdm button is and then. we'll check out dantdm songs because why . not there it is the rant edm button it . kind of looks like a cake don't you . think let's see what happens when we . press it. [music]. stop stop stop. oh stop can i stop this i need to stop . right now just a button it's done so . weird i was literally listening to that. song earlier that is another new remix . by end ago to remember the guy we . reacted to before. that's his brand new song it's just a . button that literally plays that song . that is insane what about this one oh . this is made by the same people so i . wonder if it's the same thing just with . a different skin okay it's presented us . with a very different and much smaller . button to press so let's see what. happens it has like all of them why . there's so many snow glows white on the . mountain tonight not a experience for . you see oh no let go let it go can't . hold it back anymore let go so weird so . basically they've just taken everything. on youtube oh hey he wants to say hi . it's basically they've taken every like . remix on youtube and just put it in an . app i mean inspired whoa guys okay so . this leads on to what i'm gonna talk . about in this video as well so check . this out i've just found another prank . and cooling app but look at what it . needs access to your contacts your . messaging your photos camera microphone . and cool information that is insane so . one of the messages i wanted to give you . in this video is to just be so so so . careful with what you download online . because even if it's got my name on it . doesn't necessarily mean that i've made . it there's only i think maybe two apps . that i've actually got online actually i . think only one yeah there's only one now . which is the dantdm ar app which is this . this is the only real one by bbc . worldwide and it's combined with my dvd . to make the ar cars look super cool like . this yeah that's the only app that i . have the other ones just be so careful i . will never ever ever put my phone number . or call anyone or just give you the . ability to contact me through an app . that's weird its dodgy and pull . please don't trust those apps just be . super careful they're also riddled with . like a ridiculous amount of ads which . you can accidentally click on it will. lead you to weird websites and just be . careful with anything that's fake . concerning my name's unfortunately . there's a lot of things out there that . even stretches to merchandise as well i . see loads of fake merchandise out there . which is just poor quality and i don't . want stuff out there that makes my logo . and images and all that stuff does look . terrible but unfortunately people are . out there that do that so there's only . one official dantdm app out there at the . moment which is the dantdm ar app on . both android and ios as well and the . only place to get official merchandise . by me is in the description below at . dantdm shop calm all the rest apart from . two heroes are fake please don't buy . them oh wait a second dantdm is calling . me duh see you might have to move a . little bit hold on hold on why are you . mad at me i wasn't trying to call you i . was just really come on you okay i was . trying to call you you know what he hung . up. turns out dantdm is mad at me great guys . i hope you enjoyed this silly video i . don't know how it's gonna come out but i . hope you enjoyed it and please again . just be super careful with all these . fake apps out there i don't want you . guys to get in some weird situations . because of people that just want to use . my name for apps and downloads and sales . and stuff like that so um yeah please be . careful apart from that if you do want . to pick up some official merchandise . darcie likes it especially the brand new . advent calendar because it's coming up . to the 1st of december already then . please do go in the description below if . you enjoyed this video please leave a . thumbs up that'd be greatly appreciated . and if this happens to be the first . video you seemed i mean please do . consider subscribing to join same ddm . today apart from that guys i'm gonna go . and snuggle and then edit this video but . i will see you guys very soon i love you . very much and good bye . [music]. .
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