Dead By Daylight – SAW DLC!!! (New Killer, New Survivor!)

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[music]. she's in she's probably coming towards . that right now she was in the shoes in . the she's in the field all right i'm . gonna look this way you look that way. all right . you have to put your hands inside these . things that could cut your hands off . yeah don't put your penis in it cartoon . oh my god i don't want to worry but this . is when the pit this is the peak . apocalypse over there what shit pigs the . pigs are back in town hang on she's oh . she's on the way she's not here she's . near the house. oh my gosh do not worry you like my . sensual touch like she went to my left . she went to my left i see you i see you . hold on why did we open exit door i want . you to run directly out and just escape . all right no frills in the cornfield go . go run today jenner we work together . all right she's doubling back come here . she's coming for lunch a teen do this . machine hang on hang on i'm waiting. she's behind you let me hear from me . behind she behind me okay she's a really . creamy if you lead her to me i won't . okay okay though right now we're opening . the house the back of the house or back . of the house is ridiculous and i'm . saying give me like the location to look . for something . open the door cartoons cartoons i'm over. to the door near the house everybody . knows we got two doors open weird we're . a double trouble like the gum we do . we're ru socks got a toolbox doesn't the . door he say he saw you own what he did . he said lunchbox okay where you at i . think he's a loosen me i'm about to go . out the door oh he met lunch why's he so . delirious oh we have to we have to heal . you. [applause]. [music]. [laughter]. the quest to find cartoons i found the . hatch alright guys we are now in the new . movie saw 25 3 d 3 3 not 44 ds out now . you can smell or you can put your penis . in the hole and actually feel sensation . amazing you can feel the salinas hose or . you can stick it in jigsaw boxes if you . get a trap on your head you have to put . your hands in the holes i hope your . hands don't get cut off in order to get . the g that's in there now in the movies . they would do that they would they would . put like needles or sharp things that . are that your arms have to straight . through i was always like you guys think . am somebody that we watch a different . movie that way the porno version of saw . that was wrong you have to find the key . one of these holes no lube just raw but . your mouth is open though why don't we . go in this direction so does that mean . two dicks that the pig is our mother . since this is her dwelling dwelling and . the pig the female pig is here she's our . mother now that's how it works . the hunters got fired all right this . might be the repayment look at jake . sauces oh you scared to share they're . almost all running for 10 years i . haven't seen anybody i slammed her i'm a . bit whoa whoa that's your mom whoa slam . your mom listen where's virginia around . the world. [music]. bullying very bad losses in the hot zone . oh she left you to lear she's on me now . i don't know home broker right betty jo . oh i've just happened windows windows . behind a penis bush in the rock you were . you worked in a hospital before you came . detective. right yeah yes in that house got a . roleplay to share this gorilla ten years . one day today we're trying to put you on. the mountain put you in a mountain you . can probably go to this dude's gonna be . fine. i believe . she put like a radio system on my head . man they call me my name is lockjaw . what's your power what can you do with . your joy i can't open it . all right i can fight through meadow . with these big metal pieces so if i have . all metal drawers they're no longer safe . and yet i did time's a charm . cartoons find that damn cape man y'all . don't want to see heads exploding if . it's not i'm coming over and i'm . crawling up your ass oh why we're not . playing roll anymore okay yeah the wrong . shoot is over oh my god where she it's . the last one really for everybody ben . remember we'll try that one first though . come on yeah right now i got the hill . okay okay no she's on top of me this . timer started her breathe. she's still chasing she didn't give a . fuck about me after after me cuz i . fucked my knob back at me oh honey heals . heroes guys 98 you sent your finishing . first i gotta leave we done right shit . i'm getting one of the doors right now . he will after me to the other locks . there's no way oh get a look out for the . hatch readily i'm sorry cool oh my god . we can't we can't this is definitely my . second time on on the thing i'll get to . lear he keeps focusing me i don't . understand it give him that work i'm not . see if you run out should i run out . should we - oh yeah you said i do that . shit he'll i can't right there oh yes . you gotta go upstairs it's the one . upstairs i know it was for you but for . me it might be i don't know i mean you . gotta try it you gotta try first hope . for the best. oh shit we all get the fuck away from . the house man or get her a thank you for . the hat she's on the house curse right . now i hear her here oh it's here so you . see the door come on i'm jigsaw watch . all you move watch em all . shit . all right go for the small opening the . doorway if you want right across fuck i. don't remember me best effective i want. to statue money no i can't breathe . i saw it off underground in the railroad . i don't like it oh shit . think things right away from me it might . have been me we won't you got a case i'm . on a generator will join you after we're. done with our a come on come on come on . she might say you to the basement. she trap you want to go to a basement . cartoons i don't take you to that . special a really important that we get . these ones keep . the basement is three grunta what love . is. on one pseudopods me cuz you got you you . were the one that wasn't on the shit . they couldn't be you are the chosen one . cartoons the chosen one . yes chosen amongst all the others shit . thereby she's she's camping me camping . all right let's get these generators are . you hanging out a little bit season . whoever's creeping up species right . beside you oh my god i'm gonna be . landfill car dad . shit okay just fucking do that to me now . see why if you want to chase me and do . nothing i did not continue piglet . cartoon don't panic it alright you're so . fun i'm good cats mother's whore fight . you oh you fucking serious . didn't you always started no it didn't. start. oh my god you stayed in this quarter . well i mean ii leave cartoons recover . hold left click yeah it works. yeah damn it alright i'm will be able to . generate until like we can figure out . what works for you . i'm going i'm going down in a i'm going . in the house okay okay i need any hioki . network cartoons is right now i popped . egeria hopeful she's camping me she's . being a little camping she's at the . house she's camping like crazy she's . just rescue you and take a hit she . walked away okay i'm gonna keep her busy. [music]. let's heal everybody then i'm off in the . boonies i'm off in the boo officer . mooney all right all right she's behind . the giant logs in front of me she's . crouched walking cartoons you're almost . half oh she's over there in gorillaz . area yeah . taking forever what the hell not neither . toebox we means matt oh you are yeah the . hell nana so can i get a say that was . madison that's the status . [music]. [applause]. okay sorry tell me what she does . camp are you shit oh my god . how much did you camping alright well . hopefully when i get this jeni she'll . back off where you at girl she's still . on me all right and so are you so just . try right in front . okay jenny done all right nice . good action i'm going to look for the . last minute i'm dead i'm down down i'm . down witness your first up you're fine . you're fine you're fine yeah got away . come come here you got do this jenny . come here get away . who's gonna treat me oh my god you're . near left my left huh . yo beth she didn't work for me oh my god . can we come in here this is last jenny . cartoon gorilla no i'm with you turn . away to your time brother . yes you are i'm tommy he's in that . direction i just saw crouches i have to . leave immediately camping that thing on . the hook twice okay we're almost i was . here just saw your timer's not gonna . started anymore no didn't work until i'm . out of the chase then i'm average ethros . he's after me other door in the second . door. [music]. i'm at one exit okay let me get the . fucking box here because the hatches . here first there do you see where we are . no see where you are do you . this is where the right outside that you . want to save me you guys run out and i . get the hatch yes yes like you don't . have to worry about that damn mass oh i . get it at the souvenir if i make it out . yes put it on on one of you guys so . we're not get out of here round the . rocks . whoever's further back she's creeping. around the rocks by me bow to you you. fucking just look at her what have you . come save me are you over here yeah it's . not chasing you she's not chasing you . all. the ranch she lost home she lost oh . she's looking right at me . boots about the other pals whose paw . paw's right now me oh you just come save . me i'm gonna take a hit for you run . straight this way this way over this way . where's that goddamn right behind her . cartoons head towards the door come here . where's the light behind her to someone . here we got to get out the door some . more thousand layers where the trap is . okay okay delirious it's to my rights in . my behind cartoons. ouch i'm leaving alright yeah i'm gonna . drag her i'm gonna get her attention . i'm hop it out i'm going out ready . please please really was a she fails and . everyone that was awesome oh that was . close we did it guys we did it . [music]. [music]. [music]. .
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