DON’T Push the Wrong MYSTERY BOX into the ICY POOL!! (you choose)

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So today we decided to play a game where we get into a mystery box, and YOU decide which one we push into the ice cold pool..

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If you read this far down the description I love you
5,000 pounds of ice that is currently . melting a bunch of mystery boxes and we . are just waiting for my cousin chanel to . get here to start this video but anyways. what is up guys how's everybody doing . today welcome back to a brand new video . i hope you're all having a fantastic day . as always and as you can see by the . title the thumbnail and all the . materials we have for this video it is . about to be another one of those mystery . videos i've done a couple of mystery . videos in the past and you guys seem to . love them so much so i'm gonna explain . what we're doing with this one so we got . the first two boxes set up right here . this one has a one on it this one has it . too and when my cousin chanel gets here . one of us is going to be going into one . of these boxes while the other person's . inside not looking of course and then . the other person is gonna come outside . and they're gonna choose one box to push . into the pool so i actually got this . idea from a youtuber named rebecca is . amol oh i think i said that right i hope . i did but i do watch your videos and you . are killing it with the mystery box . video so keep it up so i want to give a . shout out to her i thought it was pretty . cool and i wanted to do it with one of . my cousins and the twist to this video i . don't want to just fall into the pool i . want to dump 5,000 pounds of ice in the . pool to make the pool very very icy and . there's also another twist to this video . i'm not going to be choosing the box i'm . pushing in you guys are so on instagram. i posted three pools one of them being . one or two another being left or right . and then another one being a or b as you . can see the other boxes have left or . right and then a or b and i posted this . poll about two hours ago so i'm gonna . check the results right now and . whichever box my cousin chanel goes into . i have to push the one that you guys . told me to so this is basically you guys . playing this game so right now we're . gonna wait first you know the gate here . we're gonna dump the 5,000 pounds of ice . into our swimming pool to turn it icy . and we're gonna get the game started and . we have to do it fast because when the . ice is in the pool it's probably gonna . melt within like 15 minutes so i'm sure . we could pull it off guys i hope you do . enjoy this video let's see how many . likes we could get on this video make . sure to hit that subscribe button if you . are new because you guys are killing it . with support join the rugrat army we are . getting closer and closer to 10 million . we're at 9. 2 like that's insane i just . hit 9 million one week ago and we're . already at 9. 2 so hey thanks so much for . all the support and i'll pick up the . vlog oh my ah holy crap i just got the . worst heart attack chanel . oh it's just the mystery boxes we're . gonna be sitting in - don't worry i . didn't put any like traps in there. anything i should have the worst part . about this video is that i got five . thousand pounds of ice in the garage we . have to go get it okay guys chanel just . got here you gave me the biggest heart . attack. pickup i tried to scare him well i don't . know you did i want to rewatch it to see . how scared i got i'm pretty sure i . jumped up it's literally leaking we have . to hurry but look guys they're still . like it's still good remember when you. jumped into like 5,000 pounds of ice and . it was during the wintertime . oh that's dedication right there guys . we're gonna move all the ice outside . dump them in the water and get this game . started okay guys we got all the bags of . ice surrounding the pool this is 5,000 . pounds and we're about to dump them in . at the same time and then we have to . just get going because the ice is gonna . melt but how cold was it last time you . jumped in there like guys this is gonna. be freezing there has to be a punishment . when we go in the pool like it can't . just be a regular nice pool we have to . do something and you know since it's my . channel chanel i get to choose like who . goes first and stuff and i think you . have to be in the box first like it's . only fair right this is why my cousin's . don't like making videos with me but . it's all fun and games very chanel . [music]. [music]. look at the ice on top of the owl . oh my god looks so good my feet are . getting frostbite this water feels like . an actual icicle feels so cold it's so . cold i'm gonna check the temperature . really quick oh it's right there whoa i . don't you want to get in to check it or . put my hand in the hole my fans are. telling me which box to push so you're . gonna go outside right now and get into . a box but i'm gonna be like all the way . here i can't see so go get into a box so . me to ping okay let's hope she goes . fishing out no no go down let me see . go down okay so hold on let me get the . other one as same as so he'll think he . doesn't know which one . don't don't answer anything because he . might hear your voice from the box i'll . call him now brian she's ready okay . right now i literally cannot see look at . this i have no idea which box she's in . but you guys told me to go with number . one so i'm gonna be pushing pucks number . one into the freezing cold water . are you good. go help her go did you guys snuck in the . box . i got the first one baby actually with . you guys which box should we choose one . or two. yep get in the box like so don't even . ask me we're ready for you now . theda and dannan so i feel like you . tricking me i know i saw you guys . struggling seriously i thought i was . gonna dress guys . this is too cold you know please don't . pick me anymore okay guys we're moving . on to round number two we both got each . other now we're going to left or right . let's go inside chanel chanel pick here . by out looking okay remember i'm not . choosing which box the fans are. i'm not on my hair didn't get wet . although it slept alright the next one . you guys chose it right . 63% of you chose right you guys are . telling me to go it right so i'm gonna . do that so long cocky okay chanel you . chose your box oh how cute . okay go down and then we're ready for . you right in told me to go with a . surprise i shouldn't show someone who . knows how to swim but hey chanel you. can't get mad at me i had my fans pick . this i almost told her when she went . through the ride and you told me what i . did i felt bad because i know how hard . no sorry . get him breathing i feel like i'm . drowning like being in the books you . don't know if you're gonna drown her oh . get his ass right or left you wanna do . this since that's what i was thinking . about he doesn't wonder the same hold on . you stay there call you when we're ready . your mystery box is waiting for you . danny danon okay so what did he choose . [music]. [music]. because he didn't know she was about a . freeze ray that when she said left and i. came and i saw you go and then left i . going oh i so much water in my ear it's . freezing cold but we're gonna go to the . last round . amb i'm laughing because the way when . you fall you're shaking like a chicken . oh fuck i'm gonna do right i really . gonna do right and then i'm like no no . i'm gonna try okay he chose his box . where are you going oh you go numb boy . okay you get ready and we'll call okay . move it oh mr. brian we're ready for you . okay. [applause]. damn it okay last turn all right guys . for the last one we're gonna put three . just to make it more challenging so it's . gonna beat this b or a you can choose . your box we were going inside we'll see . what she's gonna change okay yeah did . you guess a how many that was okay so he . didn't get any say they're a b and the . mystery i don't think it's gonna go to . the mystery because he's gonna think . we're gonna pick them you gonna buy me . so up to you i'm scared there's a left . and right or a and b no way yeah don't . tell nobody don't you guys this one yeah . it's a surprise . it's so cool okay guys we're gonna end . the video there i hope you all did enjoy . you guys did good you guys got you know . go all of them you didn't you didn't get . saved . i know oh my god so basically should . know what this match that like what if . you guys want to see more challenges . like this the mystery boxes and where . you guys are involved please subscribe . if you are new comment down below what. next mystery video you want to see i . want to give off the summer vibes why am . i in the pool beautiful it's cold it's . cold please be sure to check out . chanelle's instagram give her a full . length guys thank you guys i'll learn . that's been drug now and we're out . [music]. [music]. [music]. .
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