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[music]. trying to get him out bush new shoe net . timmy the trihard you're gonna know that . ain't called a double pump here we go . princess there's one pump you ready for . the second one okay that's a warning . shot now we finish him get out of my . face it's now or never i think we're . finished playing with that food who do . you think you are sir who do you think . you are bob the builder . yo what is going on guys today's video . we step into the minds of the noobs to . try hards the trolls as we go through . into the fortnight stereotypes in the . description below is every single . stereotype with the timestamp so if you . don't like one character skip to the . next also in the comment section below . you have to choose the one that suits . you the most which stereotype are you . anyway i hope you guys enjoy hi guys my . name is frank the tank and i like to . call myself a bush wookie pro i am the . greatest bush wookie in the game i do . get bullied at school because they think . bush camping's for losers but really . they just don't know anyway the way of . the bush camp but i even gonna do see . outfit here with the helmet on just to . blend into my bush a little bit better . they'll never see me here ever quick . we're gonna get into the circle we're . gonna find a good bush inside this . circle but nobody will ever suspect you . got to be quick scary out there i hear . shooting quickly quickly. we made a boys well this is a crap bush . this is not a good bush crap . hopefully this one's a little bit better . i'm scared guys oh sick yeah this is a . good bush this is a good one we're about . to find out with our win the game or not . it's a circle and somewhere else we're . properly screwed come on circle baby the . bush camper oh my god . it looks like we're winning this game . guys this is the one well there's two. people there they're about to fight it . out you better not come into my bush you . better not. we're game running out of here we go bob . building right there okay the guy in the . house and that guy i've got to fight it . out we never get part of the action let . them do all the dirty work and we just . wait until the end . yeah he's building a big old base there. what a freaking noob when here it goes . there might be a fire coming here the . guy jumped out of his house oh my . daughter that's floyd lance near me . oh my door that's way too close for . comfort leave me out of it . come on circle no oh crap guys oh crap . but just out of the circle this is this . is this is out of control . what is going on there's poisons . everywhere getting scared . he's trying to get him a bush what is . coming my boys but sounds so friggin . wrong but why did he have to come in by . bush seven twice guys . god damn it if only he could find his . own frickin bush what a noob . hey guys my name is veronica balloon i'm . at chilton towers every single game now . what i'm doing is what's the lady i . tried my best to buy the truck and i can . trap people with weapons another . priority as long as we part of trap we . might actually get to kill this game i'm . gonna pee so i have no try to use it i . got it. i drive right now would be phenomenal . try yeah once you going to trap fully . set up and ready to rock and roll . you see it cool it and wait probably . with a shotgun but unfortunately i . couldn't find one so i'm staying here . and waiting for the enemy to get the bat . or more actually get my first kill and . bolt on . i think somebody . you're not guys to despair with a start . to salt yeah that's me somebody yeah we . don't use bold actions are some others . because they're a bit very difficult we . like to spare factor rhodium semi i . would go down there and get all his loot . but that would involve leaving or . building and we don't do that unless the . storm comes the circles come to me now . so what were actually gonna do is um . it's we're gonna go up top here and . we're going to set up to we're gonna go . the best camping cannot be done and the . friggin thing you're ready oh funny all . right . um this button right here . well let's go the ultimate site . sorter running low on materials he . filled up he all right you get a lot of . roof over your head just so you know . flies or like launch parties come in and . what you don't want to do is you don't . want a couple of windows to look through . this is the ultimate base i know you . can't see very much rope here should . probably go on iron um but as it says . i'm pretty happy with myself ii will put . another window in they want full windows. this is like the ultimate base but don't . let anyone kill you otherwise you want . to set up shop here and for no this is . the way to do it uh this guy got funny . oh a boat action now infer the stance . notches up good so i'm going to pick . that up . oh he's got a scar boy let's take that . no time explosive that's every noobs . favorite weapon i can't wait to use. these rockets for me too . how wonderful double oh man double . rockets i think i'm gonna do this out to . be honest. alrighty nerd stuff is here double . rockets alright what a bit not secure . yet we need to put a roof over our heads . just in case so what we're gonna do is . it is that none on a row one row one . we're gonna watch that sort of roof just . rot in there we go . there's somebody down there on the . rocket that might actually kill somebody . i'm a friggin 9 thank you more rockets a . legacy guys never know oh my god say . that's the only way off let's get killed . is it the rpgs i don't know why that guy . didn't move like i'm a nerdy bow i would . have moved over yo guys my name is timmy . lee reinhard i like the plate for. tonight i like to absolutely sweat my . dad sack off every single game we go . harder we go home hold up i need to . reorganize my mentoring here and then. we're gonna go out there and murder . oh we got some mini shields me to use . these mini shields we're going out there . we are murder and everybody we are going . hard like you've never seen before . oh we got somebody camping here see you . later alligator you are a freaking noob . get out of my face but the action has . not stopped yet we are getting this . victory royale here today double pump . shotgun oh hell yeah every try hogs wet . dream are you shooting at me . you shooting at timmy the trihard you're . gonna know it ain't called a double pump . here we go princess there's one pump you . ready for the second one okay that was a . warning shot now we finish him get out . of my face . probably got splode here all he'll be . here we're gonna blow some holes up you . guys ready for this oh wait quick put it . down double pump out there's one and . there's two. good night to you there's one pump and . there's a second one wait what that. means that was a warning shot timmy the . try-hard never misses yep that's . definitely shooting straight ahead where . you our little girl . where you at oh i hear shooting i see . you target i could shoot it in with my . soul rifle but i like my double palm. better so you get your also over here . look at this guy doesn't wanna be . trihard lean over there has a double . pump combination look at him try bills . you try to build against timmy the trier . who do you think you are i'm the real . try out here look at you with a copycat . outfit on get the hell out of here what . do you got for me a bolt-action sniper . and my favorite weapon in the world the . skull let's go baby oh i see you out . there you try to snipe you try to battle . timmy the try-hard who do you think you . are bro who do you think you are you're . going against the biggest reihard in the . united states of america come on man. oh crap someone try to sneak up on me . get out of here okay where's this pussy . is he gonna show his head or am i gonna . blow him the hell up okay this buzzi . does not want to show his head you know . why the try-hard does when they don't . show their head they go boom baby you're . ready to blow up you ready to battle. timmy the trihard you better come to war . cuz i'm gonna blow you to kingdom come . little jimmy you started the wrong fight . with the wrong person it's all over for . you now beating god dammit man i lose my . mind every time i die look at this pussy . coming up behind me thinking is good at . the game you triggered trash what is . going on guys my name is bob five times . minecraft heavyweight champion of the . world i am the best builder in for that . if you - threw me in the back i'll . create a city quicker than you could say . pop right now there is 30 people . remaining but that does not stop me from . building a base we build everywhere we . are minecraft ian's we have no care we . build here we build there all right i . can't see any plebs walking along the . ground i think it's time we build out it . is time to hunt down our enemies we . always come from the heavens though us . bob the builder's come from above do not . expect us to be walking around on the . ground . and i just want to target we are going . to that us he's building he's a fellow . builder we're gonna out build him though . he thinks it's nice building a little . tower there who does he think he is . going up against bob the builder yeah . you're gonna shoot at me you gotta shoot . at me yeah nice try buddy i'm gonna . wreck you okay baby oh whoa whoa whoa . i'm gonna have to ask you to calm down . i'm gonna build a goddamn better base . than you and i'm gonna come for that us . are you prepared are you ready . i'll look at you look at you you try to . build yourself in nice try little guy . nice try just got better have freaking . materials for me oh it's got a little . bit we're running low though every . minecraft ian's . biggest fear not enough materials i. think we're gonna have to turn this gave . me the farming simulator at this point . cuz we're gonna need our farm some wood . cuz i am not goin
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