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You know you should smoke at that hospital especially if you're pregnant do you know how inconsiderate it is to smoke when you're pregnant god dammit have some thought for your baby technology oh yeah what'd you get what that can't be good that can't be good not looking back don't look back oh god oh god a poor thing i just want to put it out of its misery you know about how busy is sneeze hardest knees without making weird faces now what are you doing too much stop stop at yeah yeah yeah haha hey power and control that's a lot of a hedge his bets map it created mad cow disease we should be that all you got and bring and bring it right now oh kinky nice ass bob i don't know if i've ever complimented you on that i like big the top down again stop true believer and i'm not afraid to show it mmm yeah yeah mmm just write a cat i've been watching you from a distance and i want to tear your ass hole depart the head these are my man breasts notice me senpai plz notice me senpai plz notice me that let's find out how gravity works oh god my girlfriend right there don't do it fits ha ha ha ha ha jaan ok they can dance we can dance maybe i'm just run don't look back don't look back don't like back back don't look back okay well shit when i understand we're not going anywhere haha say to know yeah find some kids to play with that's fucking good that's fine what the fuck oh oh it's over i was enjoying night how do i get over yes nail that how do i get in oh mail that toe how do i go inside i know i'm a little fat but that has never stopped anyone but god damn ok i'm oh no oh no i'm sorry back damn that i'm fine i'm fine i am not fine i'm never fine i thank god i made it out alive either be a man hard to be mad and get pregnant that's easy paul heard my man i believe up and 05 been fire checkpoints and discard i'm gonna die alone do the gangnam style no no ok come up look at me you want a catchy right i love you can thank you what just happened out of it with the friends maybe if i don't look buy it i don't i got all the remnants just happened that's what i'm talking about girl now she continues for me girl aw come on my part but never never oh now shake your tities to the left what my but whatever but not check your mother right girl what what what what are you on the back no track no try to get off haha hi i don't want anything i'm not a 12 year old girl ok haha hello you're looking for the one with the name of peace treaty with some here this is scary as cheating is cheating that's totally cheering nice ass by the way to sleep bob spending power i'm jack haha you're so funny fuck oh my god we have to find the time i could wear that's how i want to six and my mother fucking something which must think i mother fucking dummy because i just won the bridge think i'm broke which i one world charm and a lot of money but the gym knives and calm day nothing really special going on how many youtube subscribers do you think pewdiepie has covered no i would say not that was our dog's leg oh my god i have to get out of here i don't like you best go and play that i don't have it well i when i said i'd i'm gonna do and anything i didn't mean anything guys i have got to do i don't think i do added that hey guys hired a yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah good step aside i want my bench baby nah okay just just just fucking get it in please please for the love of god just put it in i can't wait any longer i want it i want to fuck the egg it's like it's your first time doing this i swear to guide ok and now let go of my ass not that ass come on what from the head how are you even there we go holy shit you had my ass that felt really good yeah well that guy so good right now i'll go out go out go out go out go i'm a go go go go go go i'm gonna go look go get it get it get it get it get it go go you're good look good got to go got balls ya get ya get ya got that battles get get get get get get got my mouth and got no got balls man i'm flying like a howl girl ain't nobody stopping when goldie goldie is poppin nobody can always popping girl how's it going bros one hope you enjoyed this video if you did please go ahead and we were like brothers it helps me out a lot and shit shows yards apart as bro that was way too many moments to pick from this time around so i just picked my personal favorites let me know which one you want to see them there don't make out with nice light feel free to share this video around facebook twitter whatever the cool kids are using let's be honest neither but i wanted them it's crazy how we're at 25 million subscribers now and i just want to thank you all from beings subscribe to be showing your support my channel i love showing these last weekend with you i love sharing this moment with you heroes are the based and here's the brokers for you love your bros stay awesome i know you will
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