HELLO NEIGHBOR IN REAL LIFE! Cry Baby in ALPHA 3 Basement His Name Revealed? (FGTEEV Part 8 IRL)

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FGTEEV Duddy Gets Robbed @ Gun Point by the HELLO NEIGHBOR Guy which we learn his first name is MART!!! Then he [plays Alpha 3 and Beats it 100% this time thanks to all of your suggestions! :) Thumbs up for the Neighbor Choking Doofy Duddy & Hello Neighbor Makeup Cosplay! Sorry Tiny Build, Duddy does like your game! :)
Thanks to all of you guys pushing to do another vid, you made this vid happen! Also, thanks to the Neighbor for choking me so hard to make me come to my senses. Here s what we do, we get the Magnet Gun to get the key (WAY EASIER, THANK YOU), then we have to do a CRAZY HARD PARKOUR jump from the strange outside door to a ledge with an apple picture frame where the silver/blue key was behind except it wasn't behind the frame!!! Nooooo!!! Well, anyways we go back on the roof and try to get into the hole in the roof we tried to in the Part 7 video, you have to CROUCH to get in!!!! Anyways, we also get the Keycard and go into the basement and see a Cry Baby, a Shadow of a boy or something and a QR CODE? WHATT??!??!?! Crazy stuff happens and we hope you enjoy all of it! :)
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Beba Ba Leep Bop Beleeda Bop Pllllhhh!
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Caption: What's up james it started back in today . i'm taking some recommendations on what . you want me to play so let's see what we . got here i'm on instagram oh they want . me to play. hello neighbor alpha-3 now let's keep . looking. uh hello neighbor the third part no no . no all this one here is sound like a new . game foot race day alpha all that . spanish route 43 no we're not playing no . more lol neighbor . hello neighbor hello neighbor alpha 3 . out of the playoff 3-play part 8 oh my . goodness it's just hello neighbor . everything three . please don't hurt me take care i wanna . click on my money take all my money . ok i got money . [music]. oh i'm not shoot you if you're not gonna . hurt me then what are you doing in my . game room i heard you were talking about . my game your game your him what your . chest hair what'd your eyebrows in your . mustache what have ice cream squirrel on . your chin because i like i screw well . anyways i don't like this game and this . version is better so that's why i said . what i said it's just the backing maybe . you're just a bad player i am not bad . player no alpha 3 is a bad version alpha . 2 is better and i don't care what you . say give it another tribe play again . i don't think so i'm not playing it . again i'm not i'm sorry i'm sorry that i . said you're don't little cain is playing . and playing yeah are you gonna play . again. okay maybe we'll take some of the money . and cell phone too haha my basement need . to remodel it's really a little bit . tired of gt vez i'm gonna try this again . became a crazy old neighbor he's . convinced me i got email you know oh he . sent me some pictures let me see oh my . goodness it's its recommendations from . all you guys on what to do. i couldn't look at myself for didn't i . let me let me read some of these. [music]. i'm ready to play alpha 3 again i'm . sorry tiny build i'm sorry five friends . you guys make a great game. sorry hello neighbor who following jour . instructions. open the door back there box down ya got . caught another box the box . ok last delivery of the night who this . guy's no weird god get a real scared . yeah we're gonna do that right there ok . cool so what i'm doing is i'm setting up . boxes need a flashlight . i know i know about that catch me what . i'm doing is i'm setting up boxes to go. in there okay i need to get the . flashlight . ok and flashlights been gotten hello so . i just want a flashlight . i'm setting up boxes because i'm going . to get that key that i had such a hard . time getting before but thanks to you . don't i don't know that behind this . crazy but the box right here is a little. crevice crevice credits her happy group . going to a magnet gun . alright generator on . [music]. what's he doing there and wait for the . neighborhood electric my banana smoothie. him. sponsored by potassium goodbye neighbor . drop works like what's going on my floor . slow your magnet going really seeing the . side of house . ok and and we're good now i'm gonna what . no no he's got cameras have been there . grabbed his camera and that's my camera . take your stick a camera up on the . garbage can and then let it dry already. 30 days ok switch switch to the magnet . gun and then boom keep balls down haha i . got the cake yeah i got to blow . i pop that collar scare a i got uk i got . your day almost anyone house chase chase . them all around ready. where is it no girls better your little . bench you all around go jump go quicker . quicker. ok going upstairs i'm going upstairs . ready and then you go up here . am i gonna make it now for the doodle . hey neighbor . i'm not here am i your front door where . is he. hello nancy see he starts there's no no . no my guy . oh look like like yes yes you saw that . ok so now that i'm up here you can stack . some boxes or you could jump i missed . that i missed the jump . ok the jump yes i par cord see i'm . standing on the lamp now park over here . open up this dog open up the store . remove this shell hit . remove this channel open up the store . you can actually hit the rewind a little . bit because we have to get here see this. alright so there's outdoor basically i . have to i have to parkouring have to get . to that golden apple picture frame . i pretty much did i pretty much just . beat the game in the last video check . out the last video que still take it out . but almost speedy but i was just so . coach excited no they would actually . make me part court huh . he's not up here there's no way you . don't have to come up here . yeah yeah you try to get yeah that's . what are you checking his shoes huh . you're trying to kick a day to keep . kicking bra keep we're gonna kiss that . put some effort into it i'm an intruder . in your outlook get up and get the gate . open the gate open then schedule loser . and hand always the matter what's the . matter did you want this lamp did you . want to be here take your land what you . stay right here while i go park or like . a like a mad beast the subject that's . crazy . he doesn't have to get up here. thankfully he's not at his own house . right here i have to get them jobs . afraid i'm afraid they're okay i'm doing . it don't breastfeed . subscriber people suppression well you . are kind of taking a long time you to my . twin brother i'm so scared i'm gonna . practice ready in 10 . hey i'm pretty good actually i'm doing . it ready and one two overdone and yeah . smart around because it to the head . straight deer or was he left buck he's . right there okay we're easy i'm afraid . like do i come out . what's he doing yes stuck in a wall . stuff they don't make out just like they . used to denote option get a wall . oh my gosh what if his name was mark . like what's the matter stuck in a . walmart people am i right right or what . you just stay there mark i go upstairs . and rabia always the mother can't see . you blind it good or was somebody you . throw a glue abby i don't think so . boy i don't think so mine will you stay . down there once the funny guy i like . football game on what we i can walk boy . now way you know you gotta be kidding me . it don't even matter because mark stuck . i have all day i literally have all day . this is the best after christmas . christmas present i've ever gotten and . i've got a couple of those in my . lifetime and those kind of cheating . i promise i'll reset once i get sample . friends just as a print annoy me . the right now i never stuck in a wall i . feel so bad for walmart understand no . you gotta be kidding me what to do with . the dog got something just teleported me . into walmart i don't want to go shopping . he's still stuck in a wall anything . llamada you still want heart . how'd you get out of your store least i . got this store a lot . hello walmart haha what are you doing . there. walmart everywhere that cd man outside . chases this lead a modern outside chase . now racked was a pathetic going there . was supposed to be outside chasing me. almar . no i want anyone i haha i'm ok what . white walmart can't jump he's like a . white man and yeah jamie i'm mexican . brings that can jump higher than that . hi you ever find out the neighboring . name is mark because he was just stuck . in a wall so i called him walmart try . number 333 you ready to do this yeah . that was the matty kay come bac i was . sure they were pursuing forget the whole . spring i'm just going to jump run jump . for for 123 jump . tiens baby we are here we are here we . are here check this out . next stop all of the tip list . pressey boom and then check that out and . i click another have already won what . supposedly they're supposed to be key . behind that picture frames so have to . restart the game and do the whole thing. huh yeah i'm gonna use i'm going to use . the gun see i guess you've done a . picture frame we worked with a magnet . could work from here will work . that's not working gonna have to jump i . jump cut see like that jeff you can see . you jump i jump a child this was not . here before i i i'm i'm really bummed . out. no oh i'm really bummed out that took so . long we don't need to get anyone we but . we need this because i could make it . back in there all those clothes now it's . time to use zippy it's time to use the . blue okie dokie . and now located ok we'll meet the game i . said it's our first time using fun if we . need it would have been a pleasure and . you just make good get here at rosie's . times of them goodbye slinky and said we . are well that girl while the door up . there are two are in the room . what is all this stuff to go over . good job get it ok that's only thing . that worked this is what you call a . little room what is this a pogo stick . don't even play around with all that was . a pogo stick what is this 2000 . everything fell from the ceiling . oh there's a hole right here for the . hole in the ground that fixes antenna . perfect actually fix it would get better . reception know around here . ah yeah i can't get the basketball down . i guess there's really nothing else what . is that what it was that an elevator . wait a minute i was even paying . attention y ou k who can press that for . me as i get on there is supposed to like . really in go oh i wanna get up their . doors not locked . i'm afraid she just said jump down here . what if i block it from falling down all. the way like dad got all jacked up the . chair i don't want to do something i'm . going in here there's it is a locked . door get all i'm gonna just case we need . boxes maybe that's why we just need . boxes thrown everything in their case . we're going forward 200 which is here . which is here on the other side of the. room where you know what that's alright . what's in there . oh okie card oh i found the key calder . wasn't here what's this time . open open set dog haha maybe i can get . biases ok right let's jump that's closer . to the dog. oh my head is in the way ready and don't. ya . what what what is the point of that room. guys like what is it's just me i shall . first same is more better we were appear . in the last video i have a trash can up . here because look see the trashcan how . to get to the fourth floor. however is not sticky notes i love your . stinking guts that can i get it . who hold his clothes and jump . oh ah . no no it's closed right no don't fold . them we might i'm gonna win we might are . gonna win. yeah yeah we might i don't know why this . is so hard again this room too shy that . yeah that's an epic jump jump jump . oh but the fighting your lash learn so . much because i thought so much went down . stairs . yeah yeah yeah no foul . you don't shy have your key back ketchup . ketchup . so now on top and what happens when you . jump on you hit your head on the top . here or you can hit your head right . there. she actually want to get back far enough . so you could jump in . wait to see now where am i i'm there and . if i jump up i'm gonna see i'm gonna hit . my head on that we can crouch . oh i crouched think that's how you don't . worry ladies and gentlemen you got it. you got to be a crouching tiger hidden . dragon and i listen here's the other . thing home borders of the soluble brood . get a skateboard oh look at the crow boy . yeah what it should tell me g xu busy . checking out my factual hair what else . is in this room we've got where i just . bum-rush the boxes . how do you get out of this room don't . you think lincoln you just break a . window and fall down . [music]. oh yeah okay i guess you just break a . window. yeah i 123 nice to meet ya yb e 500 . right here we go crow by now wait a . second i only because i want to see some . action. where is the neighbor i feel like he's . stuff so we're going on a little. neighbor hunt because this musics been . playing for ever . this is sleeping know is in here . he's not going piece where is the . neighbor you know know if the neighbor . is stuff we want a fair chance so he. could try to stop us but i don't even . see him we doing . yeah we're doing it yeah yeah job shot . that google will be back when i'm back . i don't know what to do now i don't know . i think i could guys that's it thanks so . much for watching your day go slow go . slow go slow. what you do we weren't going with a . flashlight flashlight. oh hey there's nothing in this room . hello there's nothing in this while my . screen works wag below board is the . neighbor i read about this actually . trying to buy your car doesn't matter . now finally i want to go ahead talk to . him again . yeah but they were still more stuff i . think i start something about a shadow . baby i didn't know that if you went up . to a matter of the game over. no i have to replay so i can show you . because they're supposed to be stuff in . those stores supposed to be thinks in . the doors to one of the doors and . there's a barcode it's a barcode and any . other door look at this there's a mentir . there's a made guy person i don't know . why they're we can't get adored oh so . that's it for this video over to alpha 4 . i'll see you next time i will still keep . my original original original original . original first depression mentioned say . i still kinda don't like this update as . much as alpha 2 alpha 2 will always be . in my heart no matter . they change say thanks for watching . thanks for watching really popular box . by very popular but he stopped me that . he's stuck . i fix them ok with you later time to . transform . how that hurt my arm muscles . thank you daddy for saving me you're . such a good dad. let's see little baby come on need to be . where ru is a little baby all good baby . you're going through old there's a gate . dropped . .

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