HILARIOUS HUMANS FALLING | Human Fall Flat w/Robin #1

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I forgot how absolutely hilarious Human Fall Flat could be!!
Robin's Episode โ–บ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frXefMk6cQc
Officer Dad โ–บ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHsjBlPYou_k7FgMKLCo5JA
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I have to do my guy again this is very . laughs you laughing at laughing at my . guy intro again fucking third time . welcome back to human fall flat okay . story time it's my turn to do this . robin's here plain human fall fire ooh . i'm here still we play it for 30 minutes . it was going great best episode we'd . ever recorded super funny you wanna go . watch that it'll be up on robin's . channel because i lost all the footage . cuz my computer crashed twice same place . twice two times same place so i'm pistol . excited to get going again but then it . didn't work at all . yeah and now we're just sad can you hear . from our voices we are crying first . episode broke and it was like okay let's . just try again let's just record from . where we were it's annoying that that's . lost got in it was like okay welcome . computer crashed so now i'm now i'm . playing this game out of spite . yeah it's about your new boss but you . missed all the good shit you did know . we're gonna make our own good shit with . hookers blackjack invite me . i haven't even retrieved games yet you . clean the whole stage i don't invite me . it's not like i've done this four times . [laughter]. no no i'm sad again to play in the menu . hello again you'll get to land on the . mattresses okay if your spine okay this . is the exact moment it kept breaking . every time oh no you landed no no you . didn't know i land on the pillows every . time come on. no back here watch your lap we know i'm . fine i'm shaking my head watch no not as . good as chilling out as you are yeah . that's because i play xbox . day stop playing xbox all day there why . why you don't need to go through that . help my already broken again what do you . do i don't use the horse vandalism no . just cuz you're not i saw i'm a reckless . loose because my dad is a police officer . and i have issues just come with me you . know it's a window on out arresting you . now come on no i'm going i do it it . turned on back face or something under . the drawing and when i drew it drew in . the back of my head but it's not in the . back of my head it's on my cap underside . of my cap wait no it's copy oh more you . are dizzy too what do we do when you . there's a booking over there you need to . stand bucket over what oh i see thank . wait wait wait wait i don't think you . need i don't think you need to go to it . i can't what is all wait all i need to . do is this. auntie xue is this watch watch impress . me. oh i broke the wall that's amazing when . i broke the wall the fucking cool ass . guitar music kicked it you didn't break . it good enough oh wait i'm breaking it . with my face break you they call me the . glass butterfly someone please i'm . staying staying out here i don't carry . on oh wipe won already . i'm the glass butterfly look at my wings . look at me dance okay no you you come . over here okay it's your glass versus my . wrecking ball. wait i want a miley cyrus . okay the music is so epic take me dad i . don't have any music why don't you get . music that's not fair you turned . yourself oh i thought was water . underneath it's just straight ground . wait no i haven't sound but i didn't . turn okay fine whatever . check this out this on oh he's got a big . no no no i grabbed rubble and the rubble. fell out i'm big rut robin's my my . police father and i'm trying to no no . i'm sharing your it's bring your it's . put your son to war pj bring your grown . man baby to work day oh no i fell over . what do we do here . i don't know oh no we need to put check . this out i know what to do. look at this there's a lever down here . i'm gonna be able to get to that shut up . go dad's why make your son proud i got . oh whoa oh i get it . with the power of made-up japanese . language no i didn't i'll fix it okay . bring the glue please dad what's . happening. oh my computer's my computers be a dick . check this out . bar core skills whoa . here yen bitch . what i didn't do it wait well i'll pull . you up son no i'm trying i got you hugs . of death okay i need a box that's over . there go get the glue yeah you can't . have you know you gotta pull out in . public. oh yeah don't you pull my pole no it's. not it's child's toy . i'm ready no well why did you do this . cuz i wanted to why haven't you done . this like i'm arraigned we've done this . i'm a reckless child you really are you . don't do i want in i've done these polls . with it watch look i'll do it watch . physics. let dad do this oh no i'm a strong guy . let your dad how would i ever learn i'm . gonna smack you in the face with my big . pole oh okay yeah you just hold that . [laughter]. it really hurts . okay elastigirl wait hold on oh what i . can't grab the lever please have the . fucking lever you're not making it . better there you go now my arms broken . you got a back dad going on . here let me just my neck is really itchy . from that can i come through wait what . happens if you open the door i have both . hands on either door . okay can i is this does this lever do it . okay how do i open the door wait i don't . know happening i think i think i'm . breaking it cuz i'm holding on to it oh . dad boy dad son i don't tell you this . but pull put the pole put the poles that . you had put them on the lever so they . hold the low yeah that's what you do. silly. you thought about myself i'm a genius . are you doing out here i'm drunk . wait god put it on no just jump down oh . wait i can't . that's not flush but it's not flush with. the other side i don't realize that do . scary yeah i'm gonna die oh okay okay . okay hold on stay on you got this you . got this dad postman pat postman pat . postman pat and it's black and white dad . if this is what you ordered . i'm box what are they even that but how . do we get across both like this don't . open it down and down it down don't you . didn't do it dad not impressed help this . is why mom left avenge me oh your son is . so much better than you this you dry . young full of juice you been high boy . that is not a place for small children . to climb get back so strong no this is . strong it's like nails day out i need to . save you wait i think i mean your ass . you son of a-- did you evah lanch the . hole you son of a me listen come here . come no no just no i want the rock oh . yeah i have it. dad what the rotten no no no just lie no . no no . just the past we got it we gotta take. the rocks yeah break the wall trying to . get back up i'm stuck i get it it's a . strop pull my head please don't come . waddling with that grin on your face and. the popups quit and dingoes get atiba . yes dad that's what we call a meme oh i . did it. okay oh no it still did it . wait here well yeah you get wait maybe . noise i know we've had our differences . but i got you to this chunk overall son . i know it's been tough since mom left . but remind you of her don't don't speak . dad god if you were the secret oh it's . in here son i'll always be in here no go . go forth avenge me oh wait no i'm coming . to hello oh god and we were worried that . the best material was offered. oh shit wait what is this button - it . just opens the door we need to figure . out a way getting both of us pros ah . boom raised oh shit oh there's a place . here yeah wait i can just get it through . the door look so dumb can you give it to . me over this railing here and i'll put . it on the back okay i've nothing to . break the door don't glasses wait i have . my trusty face use your head it's called . a wrap stop swinging . okay that's great you can do from there . did you see how i bent mom didn't bend . like that . brofist what mr. bean it's the ground. okay can you put that up on the thing . i'm gonna do it don't trust you sorry . this monumental task is up to you now. but oh i can't see i think my characters . all dithered i'll do it i'll show you . about what you for you do you do it keep . your strong dad strong don't get the big . strong give you such a telling often . just look at him look at me go . this is i do it there you go no dad . perfectly cut me i'm a swing like this i . forget it nailed it just bail that box . isn't even on the thing no don't don't . look at it . pretend like act like it's normal look . we lift each lift lift the other side of. this and we put on the thing and then . the razor sitting up okay dad okay you . got it. no well it's like moving house okay okay . perfect . pivot pivot put it down bar fag . you did it okay thanks dad brofist bros . it be thanks . are they actually connected at school oh . we need to break the glass . oh yeah i'll break your ass just . casually pull the lever with one arm. like resting on him quick . i'm trying chuck this out i'm gonna . break it with my ace oh shit dude don't . you get out of the level no you have to . remove the thing that's up there you . needed to go up higher i thought i'd be . heavy enough i'm sad now i know that you . like your donuts dad i know that were . you saying that me please officer your . fat bastard oh well that's fine now you . got to smash the thing in the ground . putting up the door but but it's hard . i'm sure i'm very drunk come on dad . here's a big boy . you did it i did it now we both get to . do the pick wait why did we break . oh there's i see there's a lever here . just take this saturday that opens up . the door and pull the lever i broke it i . broke it okay get on this side get up . get on gun i can't wait i wonder if i . can grab you . oh yeah grab my i'm just gonna just go . grab your feet broke everything get it . let it getting the glass no the cookie . i'll do this grab me re fake . now we sweet a sweet back like like see . it lowers okay like father and son huh . like dumb and dumber look we fell back . in time this is where we gonna use the . catapult boilers i don't think my arms . are what are you doing i've got a rock. [laughter]. wait cause it didn't run from far enough . away of course . just

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