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Watch as SSundee and Crainer start their new GAMESHOW, 100 WAYS TO DIE!! With the host, Ambrew, asking deadly questions of death!! Who will be able to answer the most correct?! And who will die a horrible death of doom?!... Lol, Thanks for watching and I appreciate the support and any ratings would be greatly appreciated also!
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Right so i have one quick thing to say . to each and every one of you do you even . for nila pro okay what's going on guys . sunday here and welcome to go back to . 100 ways to die. oh i'm host we did that . how long ago like a year ago we ended . this series ago when we listen we got so . many freaking requests from you guys to . do 100 ways to die season two so here we . are. the game show where we each have three. lives with a goal of surviving yeah . whoever loses their lives first has to . do a real-life challenge so i they . usually suck at lunch like a text like . attaching things to our bodies ripping . hair off our arms . i'm cat food eating cat food . you name it chewing lemons so what we're. gonna do this episode 1 first off . there's if you guys are looking forward . to this series of course hit that like . button down below show us you're looking . forward to and also if you guys are at. all new to any of our channels i hit the . subscribe button if you do hit the. subscribe button let us know down in the. comments and we'll be sure to reply to. as many of you as you can of course. amber and kramer they'll be replying to . all of you on my channel so do . no no no not no we're not we're not . really a people commenting dude we are . you have a question but what's your . question do you even vanilla bro . oh gosh miss that's still about that . other words we go with this has been in . me that was a mean from season one do . you vanilla bro. oh my gosh oh my gosh okay . oh yeah also real quick of this first. episode what we decided to do is to . involve you guys let us know what you . want the loser of this episode 12 do and . then we'll upload a separate video . performing said task whether it's . drinking cat pee or any just gonna say. that ian please don't you doing . don't make a street cat be no don't i . alright ever get your questions ready . let's do this do that do that do what do. the dinner net music isn't gonna that . helps to brush 1 i've ever heard was put . with less than that is like a newscast . like don't know it always is james . bourne the amber that i i got the music . here you're good you don't need to make . any more sound family haha ok i got it . there we go and brew first question i . luisi this first question is true or . false question alter fault okay . it's quite as easy you can mine gold or . with a golden pickaxe . true or false i don't know do i not know . this mean i don't know but i think i . know it but i'm not . can i phone a friend you cannot . photo/fred know you have many friends . what they get you can't phone and that . was very rude i'm your friend sundy but . i don't know the answer either . okay haha gotta turn on the music okay . okay ic t or f . in three want to let me think let me . take care boo gonna happen okay why . cancers now this is actually false you . care of my brother . i'm not mind is made up of that makes . absolutely no sense mo j . ok so crater got the first answer wrong . which means andrew are ever gets to send . them to a definite okay give me a second . if you okay you guys agree you mine gold . with iron and then you make a goal big . xy the crab cakes use that gold pic . explain anything been because it's a . bloody wooden though craner just alert . let me ask you something do you even for. nila bro that's my thing that's my feet . alright a brew and give it give him a . countdown and i click his death button . to read to and ever you gotta you gotta . you gotta act like you give a second . you're kidding and projection you got to . get that a brew click the button i'm . just not the buttons jim guys the button . is jammed . you know that means i didn't loose and . brew click the button the finest jammed . here are you gonna click this type of us . are you implying that makes it okay go . ahead click go ahead and get quick 80 . there we go there goes the number is now . ok which room is gonna land on do please . something low 60 russa kill the chicken . kill the chick home right there credit . card companies can't let you go in there . you are you okay i didn't do it without . anyone that chickens hey have you seen . our friend kevin wait what have you done. to kevin are you killing all the shit. you killed kevin get him . what can you get a shocking about don't . suppose to kill kevin whoever the crap . cabin watch that chicken just got . murdered by the chickens cried out you . have made us feel but let me get all the . skull box all the scoreboard says dad or . you have one less life not all do this . is sick my goodness crater you just got . murdered by chickens just that is the . ultimate do you even for nila bro that's . not know those chickens don't do that in. vanilla bro . clearly they do you just got murdered by. them. i don't want to talk about it i so you . have two lives . i have three let's go to the next . question alright and brew next question . let me start the music fairies chickens . games the next question and brew next . question is yes you know this one / same . one is creative and attacking with two . is adventure . ok it's / gamemode 300 i think i know . this what you see . oh yes okay you guys this one then what . i mean it could be a trick question. maybe i think that's what i want to . activate the music give me a count give . us a countdown. okay i need inches in three two one . woman creator but its spectator yeah did . i don't know that i felt like it was a . trick question i felt like it couldn't . be that easy what am i doing great . crater you're killing me . greiner become down here homie come down . here i got one simple question for you . ok do you even vanilla / . i've never used to spectator thing with . the crevice 1000 guys spectator and . survival that well played crater . well-placed what do you use that fall . why would a spectator mode so you can . fly around and like go through blocks. and check things out. alright am forgiven his room go ahead . you got me there we go there we go okay . oh here we go . just don't get me anything involved 25 . ok hit three full-size ec right hit . three bull's-eyes oh you have to hit the . bullseye but i'm really not just out of . nowhere . amen oh you gotta wash there you go nice . and 10 seconds left . you're missing you're missing greater . sorry like 15 seconds you gotta hit it . oh yes oh you survived . yeah oh my god you're not was so no . associated oh my gosh that was so close . that was down to the wire. wow shot cool alright ever get your next . question ready. alright a brew or not music next . question is next one should be myself . go ahead it's question is how do you . make an infinite lava source can ya . infant water meal of an infinite lava . source. yeah if it love a source weight is . missing is it didn't know i i give you . money and i i think i don't okay i got . my answer. yeah i gave you to create two ok i . interest in 321 . ok . yeah it's not possible you cannot make . an infinite love some reason to question . freaking a brew stop with the trick . questions are i'm a brew brew . yeah just next question which case ok . this question is what is john cena's . middle name. i mean for you my craft . i'm 4-ounce ok . hey robert b felix see michael or d . anthony he i don't see it as a middle . name . i feel like i've heard something about . this before but i'm not entirely sure i . don't need your interest in a . three-to-two 11 it's actually b&b its . felix anthony that's his middle name . oh so i got half of your eyes you got so . i mean you can either one or two words . how do you care for both so anthony's . want the answers so yes and the evidence . correct other ones feel like i even john . cena creative engine you even john cena . pro don't john seen it . oh many names and what is it what the . freak out of question was bad and brew . it was you know i thought it would be . nice to know little question add in . there you know baby i know a little bit . yes you'll learn about some somebody . from john cena . well yes goddamn forgive him his next . room let's see what this is ok here we . go. i believe i just got a john cena . question what is it for 40 you walk the . guards getting zapped been hm . are you hiding all the other hit you . yeah we're gonna hit me and i'm doing it . are you getting him whatever you'd like . a little bit what are they doing . how do i should i don't actually know . how are you were greater they suck the . life from you how's that make you feel. i wasn't even supposed to stay alive . right there. i have no idea he was free all i know is . if you if you look up into the right it . says dead if you look everywhere it says . dead man i appreciate gosh ok crater you . have one last line john cena seriously . afro pitcher get your last question . ready because crater will get it wrong . not all right amber horror music music . next question next question i this was a . song its longtime song what song time . yes so what this is is i'm going to see . you guys a song. ok oh no i'm going to be horrible . the first person to name the artist of. the song is a word the point. ok so you don't like people get it right . it's over the first person is so let me . get this straight you're your last . question was about john cena and this . question you're going to sing to us . yeah it's for my god this is like 1. 5 . million justjust listen to a brew . singing challenge test upon this is the . challenge guys this is a receipt . alright so the first person to type out. the artist with. bless me with your beautiful singing . voice name brew . alright let's hear it you can give us a . countdown and then start singing. alright 3211 o . we're no strangers to love oh um you . know the rules and so do i oh my gosh . how much is yeah we have you spell it . rick . yeah it's rick astley you're actually . right on thats that's just think oh my . gosh crazy white one . thank you why do you type so fast . do you even can sleep late . apparently i do not rick ashley bro and . we just crater i just want to say . something we both just got rickrolled. byam brew . oh maybe watching get ready all yeah you . guys got rickrolled to we just got . trolled by the troll. oh my goodness got her and forgive me my . death please whatever you do don't sing . again. ok here we go again promise that's the . next step know what are you getting me . in every seven that's a high oh dear you . mind over despite out there o. o i got to . take home i trust i didn't like it i . couldn't you just got rent . i couldn't even move and you got you got . great a lot by spiders . how did that look from the outside with . it just making destroy it was justyou . were going to just got destroyed . you're surrounded by mob spiders and . your interweb another man . alright well there goes a death for me i . have two lives left crater has one and . blue get your next question ready . alright a brew last question for kramer . let's do this ok music was . next question what is it . next question is can also is on and . naturally in an oak forest huh . ocelots can they spawn naturally in an . oak forest. i mean i think i have an answer but i . kind of feel like it's the opposite of. what i'm thinking since even asking that . question now. now let me ask you something if i can't . say that i can't say that okay if if i . get through if one of us gets the answer . more correct do they get bonus points . there's no bonus points question ok . actually fix what are you talking about . ball cool thanks ok ok ok i got my . answer. i answers and 321 know they can spoon . and workforce as well yeah why they can . spawn an oak forest . yes no they can both news nothing wrong . i don't i don't make it always spotted . john goals available recent updates man . where they responded in the forest as . well i mean i had a very credible site . i've really gentle source that yeah we . freaking trainer let's let's let's . synchronize our thanks . that's right and 321 do we even bro what . you should do you want to try again . do we even oprah wait for me do i credit . i guess we could do since we both get a. death room huh what we can do let's do . our at you know our meme let's do our . davis is a time . us through rock paper scissors to decide . who gets the death room first. are you ready i'm so ready okay here we . go. rock paper scissor sister shirt shoot . sister . dad i get paper i'd ever give me my room . go ahead gucci guy. ok give him behind number its new we get . here okay forward wait . oh you already has his blood alright . alright . it was so fast you have to make some . fast dude what the crap with guns i have . one life left. how did you get rachel fast like . immediately they just suck my soul for . my body help one of them take me . organized you all right andrew if crater . does not limit we start the music . let me start the music if crater does . not survive this last room he loses . angela's i guess sunday been won't help . & brew give him his room . okay here we go i believe okay what is . this why what is this what i do know is . a peaceful peaceful forest a nice little . park it doesn't say anything and chat . and hello . yeah i'm scared . do you just kind of live there and i . think i think so its i get em swap are . you guys doing . but for god you haven't you haven't got . your speech really yeah i kind of want . to get out of here yet you having fun . down there. no i mean i would rather be up there and . so i last room was broken . ok we're looking into that but crater . here we go hon let me start the music . confusing this is craters last attempt . there we go here we go let's see what it . is they just don't give me no more . this is gonna rip it wait what is low . alright all you won't get the cards . greater can you survive o. o hahaha . there we go i have officially one . episode 1i a hundred ways to die criner . you don't even a lil bro you okay . i just didn't know about spectator mode . ok or john cena but anyway student we're . gonna add this year again if you guys . have enjoyed this and want to continue. this series hit that like button down . below also hit the subscribe button let. us know if you subscribe will do our . best to reply to it here's the deal . crater since you lost at whatever you . guys decide for crater to do. here's the deal homie says this is. episode 1 let's start this series off . right. i too will also do the punishment wow . and and really am brew you're gonna . you're gonna volunteer yourself too . right oh yeah yeah yeah lol no channels . as well make me that so all three gonna . upload a separate video with your. challenge people very great cat pee and . one happy ever take us out with her . casually we're no strangers to low of . guys stopping rule and so stopping him . so bad. [music]. .
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