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The Weather and Tornadoes Mod adds MASSIVE EPIC storms into Minecraft!
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In This Minecraft 1.6.4 Weather and Tornadoes Mod Showcase:
This Mod adds some of the craziest weather that you could imagine. Huge storms with tornadoes can pick up blocks and throw mobs flying around with ease. The blocks will eventually land back on the ground, but the destruction is deadly. If you step too close it may end out causing your death! This is certainly one of the best Minecraft Mods.

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Oh my god no not my cows what am i going. to eat. . . yeah. . . hey guys it's pat and welcome back to. another mod showcase and today we're. . . finally gonna take a look at the weather. and tornadoes mod probably one of the. . . most epic mods of all time which. actually adds tornadoes into minecraft. . . which can like pull blocks off the. ground into the air and you can actually. . . do that to your house so we're in an. obsidian house trying to keep yourself. . . protected here and i had to take all my. cows inside too dangerous for you guys. . . to go outside you might end up flying. away. . . it seriously what are you doing in my. bed bro this is my bed it's not a cow. . . bat and of course we have some. necessities here trying to keep herself. . . seep. . . and that's what we got got a bunch of. steak i know you guys are thinking these. . . are my pets and i was trying to keep. them safe because i love them but it's. . . actually because they're delicious and i. would eat all that meat to go to waste. . . it would just be wrong and i've got to. escape route in case we need to leave. . . your guys the tornadoes are pretty. freakin brutal. . . so we're going to do is head outside and. test everything out. . . so guys we've made it outside you can. see my tornado-proof house is right. . . through here and this is where the cows. came from but this might actually have. . . some really cool items not just. tornadoes but some very interesting. . . stuff at the moment they're just been. created but they're so cool. . . i feel like we should look at them first. because once we spotted the tornadoes. . . the land is not going to be very happy. so the first thing the drill. . . if i right click with this it literally. drills the ground. . . i've never seen anything like this. before all the blocks are flying out and. . . like they landed under the ground. doesn't happen every time i think it has. . . to do with your angle but i literally. built myself like a cave. . . i guess amazing i have no idea how it. did that it's it's really crazy. . . it pulled the blocks out let me try to. get it in a better direction here a. . . little bit more straight like that in. the blood should land and actually stay. . . there. . . look at that how amazing is that like. the programming for this mod must have. . . been ridiculous. . . they took all the blocks pull them into. the air in about two seconds and there. . . they are. . . let's just try something different here. you keep out that you can use it on like. . . trace can you drive here. . . trying to pull the tree help that guy. let me try it like that old so you can. . . pull the trees you can pull anything. . . what if i target chicken he seems all. right actually at the blocks are not. . . affecting him they're flying through his. body. . . how you feel it good i'm glad. . . so cool i have to mess around with like. at the moment there isn't like much. . . purpose to this but if they do give it a. recipe. . . i'd imagine it'd be a great way to like. go mining because it pulls the stuff out. . . and even if there is or is there you can. just mine up here on the surface which. . . takes away a lot of the danger. . . really so that's one cool one the next. one is the shockwave item. . . so all you have to do is just right. click the ground bam. . . it's like i slammed the grass stomped on. it in in all the dirt like flew open and. . . went back it's really cool. . . like i don't know it works exactly i. don't know what you do with this. . . but it gets rid of the dirt like flips. the blocks over well that was weird. . . that was pretty cool actually definitely. interesting. . . and with animals around let's actually. try this on some mobs and get some pic. . . men like basically this mod is really. fun to mess around with like it's so. . . amazing depth on web. . . alright so some zombie pigman here and. you guys are about to get shocked waved. . . it just throw them into the air actually. damages them to another fun thing to. . . mess with. . . of course you know once and it doesn't. have much purpose are one thing i did. . . notice guys. . . is it doesn't work unlike mountains i. tried it let me try a tree. . . it's pretty funny i can actually target. the tree with it. . . this is stuff around it if you try to do. our mountain like brothers stone and. . . stuff it doesn't really seem to work too. well in the next one is the word gun. . . this one makes like in evil worm thing. of fire. . . kind of reminds me of thing from hostile. worlds but bob not as bad either go. . . where's the fire there it is so this. worm thing comes out it light things on. . . fire in kind of disappears as it does. that you can see like something hit the. . . ground in a fire is starting. . . interesting. . . let's see if we can actually hit the big. man with it aimed right at him. . . come on i have no idea if you can. actually and these things now apparently. . . not. . . not even close but still very cool to. have some fun with on the next one is. . . the vector tree and this actually grows. a tree and of course you know in my. . . graph trees grow but they go instantly. this one literally grows before your. . . eyes. . . it's magic almost grew into me actually. how cool is that. . . the tree is growing and it's not a small. tree either it's kind of a beast. . . it's pretty amazing here comes a giant. tree and at the moment there's only one. . . tree i think this is really just like. work in progress. . . items right here i don't know what. they're going to do with him but i like. . . him already and one cool thing i noticed. . . so if you do build this let's try am. increasing the idea if you jump on it. . . we try to plan and you actually and her. inside the tree and i thought it was. . . funny. . . the tree grew around me and i'm inside. so you can have fun messing around this. . . even like the tree house or something. possibly looks ridiculous now let me. . . just build a pair of fun with this kind. of stuff so let's see what we can do to. . . this build a bunch. . . this is we're going to possibly get lag. who knows all right let's turn this into. . . some kind of masterpiece. . . it feels like a piece of art to me. anyways guys as you can see here. . . all right that that should do something. it's growing before my eyes and it's. . . amazing. . . wow that actually looks really cool i. had like 10 to it and it looks amazing. . . doesn't it. . . that is one epic tree right there. . . massive size so you have no recipe for. this guy's but very freaking cool. . . so the next one we're gonna go on to is. the surfboard and his arrest before this. . . for that you're going to need any kind. of would i believe in a stick. . . so what i need to do is actually find. myself an ocean to test this out because. . . i'm not sure this is gonna be enough. water for us. . . so guys now we are near the water and. can definitely test this out but there's. . . a couple things i didn't want to show. you with the weather mod you're going to. . . notice that leaves actually fall down. from the trees totally just saw one for. . . all right there on the ground. . . so yeah when it's really. . . he leaves are gonna go everywhere at the. moment they're kind of just peacefully. . . falling down and it really adds to the. world. . . i do enjoy like little things like that. as you explore you see the leaves. . . falling you see water like actually. moving and stuff like that's a lot of. . . fun so let's see by the water here right. now. . . the water you can see it's hard to tell. but it's going up and down slightly and. . . it's just really awesome i love little. things like this so we can do is wave. . . height and we can set it to something. higher. . . maybe five and there we go so now we've. got some serious waves and you can. . . actually test out this on a surfboard at. the moment guys the surfboard a heavy. . . work in progress but if i right click on. it. . . i can actually like go up and down on. the wave. . . you can't ride it around sadly we should. definitely add that next because you. . . have so much fun with cool waves like a. big storm and just riding around in the. . . ocean at the moment you can just sit on. it and enjoy the wave but we can do is. . . we can make this epic. . . let's try i tried 15 if you make it. really huge it doesn't work so good. . . that's that's really use that wasn't it. 15 it's going above my head a little bit. . . but i'm definitely enjoying the waves. . . so yeah there's a command i'm using. during storms the waves are going to be. . . bigger. . . i was working perfectly now so you wait. for a big storm and have some fun with. . . this. . . but just to see guys we've heights. 190,000 that might do something bad. . . that is a wave right there that's a. serious way if i'm rising and falling. . . i don't think there's enough time for. you to rise all the way the top for the. . . wave actually like dom changes and i. think that's a problem that's why i like. . . 15 or so is about as high as you can. pretty much ride the wave. . . look at that let's try to get a better. view of that this is the ocean. . . this is like a horrible horrible storm. and the wave is like shooting top. . . hundred feet into the air pretty crazy. . . so now guys were on to the fun stuff. we're going to check out the tornado and. . . first there is one really important. recipe. . . the tornado siren you probably want to. know if one's comment. . . so you could like you know hide or. something because it'd be really bad if. . . a tornado came and took your whole house. away so the rest before this is iron in. . . gets red stone any sensor and to make. this sensor is where you're going to. . . need more iron in gets red stone and a. gold in get might seem somewhat. . . expensive but definitely worth it if you. put this down in a siren will go up its. . . really freaking loud when there's a. tornado. . .

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