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Today, Trayaurus and I are taking a trip to FUNLAND! However, to show you the fun we are having at the Minecraft Theme Park, I am using the Selfie mod to Vlog my trip the whole way around!
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Caption: Grass check it out and blogging look at. the camera. . . charles come on. . . hey everyone dan here from that diamond. minecart and welcome to another. . . minecraft mod showcase where today we. are on another beautiful field trip at. . . this time in a very exciting location. where in funland yea travis is super. . . excited as well i have wanted to go here. for so long and today we can not only. . . enjoy the whole of this part right now. but we can also create a really awesome. . . video by blogging the whole thing inside. minecraft that's right we can take. . . selfies and brush ourselves going around. this whole place thanks to today's. . . modern you excited terrace. . . look at that depict them maybe not maybe. not that i was gonna say the pure look. . . of excitement right there but we're. gonna need something from this mother is. . . going to help us a lot which is this. right here. . . it's called this cell phone of course. that you're going to need a cell phone. . . to blog yourself and take selfies and. across one of these bad boys you're. . . going to need six iron ingots one button. 1 redstone and one glass pane and this. . . is what you're going to need and they. also given us some free minecarts to. . . enjoy the rides right then so the cell. phone pretty much acts as a normal cell. . . phone apart from you can't you got. really cool anyone but that's beside the. . . point today we're going to be taking. selfies and plugging so a simple. . . right-click will turn you into blogging. mode traitorous how you doing buddy. . . trust that look at the camera the camera. look look it's both of us together look. . . how cute we are lucky we are taking a. selfie and then what you do is you are a. . . left click to take a selfie you can find. a captions let's say hashtag of fun land. . . and then click send and that will. actually send it to a really cool. . . internet website which will should pop. up very very shortly in here. . . so this is one that i taken before but. it should pop up any second now with on. . . the location where you can view your. selfie online there we go so what i'm. . . going to do is click the in a second and. show you what the site looks like it's. . . really cool it tells you who's there it. tells you who's tagged in it tells you. . . where you are what biome what time and. . . all it really calls so without further. ado let's get a flogging this come on. . . trust let's go i can't really see where. i'm going or show you where i'm going. . . bomb. . . that's the beauty of blogging i should. be able to go i look at that i make it. . . right through the door and check it out. . . we're in funland guys this is absolutely. amazing but where do we go first there's. . . there's so many look at that look at. that right there that is insane terrace. . . trust where you want to go with god. . . i don't think he's really decided where. we want to go so let's go this way we're. . . going to go on this right it let's have. a look path for leads to the lighthouse. . . with a water park. . . we've also got on the main park on the. north sections the lighthouse again. . . what is this way i want to see what. what's this way this is the corkscrew. . . let's do it for i am on the corkscrew. guys on blogging on the corkscrew. . . trailers. . . you need to step off the tracks but. you're gonna ruin it here we go oh my. . . god that arm and they usually don't. allow cameras on this thing but this is. . . beautiful--look at this gap amazing view. up here and it looks like there's a. . . scary house around there is one of the. big love part which looks amazing. . . i feel the music i'm not gonna lie i. feel a tiny bit sick but there's a. . . camera angle is also another amazing. ended up there as well try to get off. . . the tracks. . . you need to get a mine cart ride to. enjoy this ride you can't just look the. . . broken it you broken it look you just is. terrible at this. . . let's go on to another ride is this. ended whoa that was crazy. . . well interest thank you for reading that. right for me buddy you actually almost. . . got me stuck come on let's take a selfie. in front of look don't be shy. . . i want to take a selfie chur i say we go. snap. . . let's go me and trey hashtag buddies for. life. . . there we go buddies for life send and. that should also be imprinted on the. . . beauty that is the internet so let's go. let's continue this blog and where. . . should we go next i want to try this. . . this creepy looking massey place over. there is like a mossy castle actually. . . what's this. . . the restroom yeah i probably should have. a blog that here it is guys. . . the house of horror it's going to be. hopefully scary but nothing scares me. . . too much as. . . behead right there but let's try it i'll. bring you guys with me. . . here we go it's just going to be scary. oh look there's no other actors heads. . . everywhere hopefully trellis is going to. behave himself this time we've got lava. . . this is pretty spooky always getting. dark look at this in a stronghold. . . wow this stronghold this is amazing. . . charles what i told you about getting on. the track is the guy with the big nose. . . at the white coats please get off the. track. . . see listen you've now got us in major. trouble. . . these modes we only used for the ride. yes i know i'm sorry but if you need to. . . kick us off this do it to us. . . why i'm so embarrassed right now. hopefully it's a ruinous. . . oh no look at a ritual to know a ritual. to steve-o what are the creep is doing. . . we stuck again try horas seriously. that's it you're gonna have to leave. . . paris frankly i'm embarrassed let's take. another one look trey horas got to. . . kicked off the ride law. . . haha send that one as well i know. there's an error saving our selfie. . . that's not good is it. . . probably because we shouldn't really. selfie us doing bad things but anyway. . . i'm gonna leave you on the outside of. the right next time that's terrible. . . where are we the water park absolutely. perfect. . . okay i want to go on this i want to see. what this squared has to offer. . . what is it is this have a look at this. sign over here shall we let's take a. . . look this is pinkies delhi. . . our man is just a it's just a food shop. i guess i could go for some food what. . . about you trust her as you're waiting. here for the last time just please don't. . . cause any trouble. . . please anyway teleport to the top where. are we. . . all my goodness look where i am guys i. am a top are the could you got to be. . . crazy diving board look at that amazing. view. . . our man is the best self you have ever. taken ever look at this. . . absolutely incredible so i guess we've. just got to drop off the edges that what. . . we've got to do three. . . oh no i'm so scared three two one. . . selfie. . . oh i oh i get it is. . . wow oh wow there's squids in the. swimming pool that's going to be a. . . little bit on a little bit on hygienic. but at least the camera are you using is. . . waterproof is it through the most. durable phone in the world that was. . . incredible. . . let's do one more thing and then i think. we're going to call it a day we're going. . . to enjoy the rest of this park together. look it's almost closing time. . . i decided what my final right is going. to be guys it's going to be buddies big. . . adventure that's the acceptance of. awkward fudgie's big adventure it's a. . . two minute ride which is pretty. impressive so let's get on it and see. . . what it's like. . . we go budgies a big adventure let's see. what his adventures like i'm facing. . . backwards which is really scary. . . oh my goodness that is that the biggest. drop. . . i opened the biggest drop that that made. my stomach feel really strange. . . we got it looks like we're going even. higher on our way oh this fireworks. . . it's amazing it's gonna be there. . . oh man this is gonna be the biggest drop. so far wall that was now it's great i'm. . . glad to have a boat trailers on this. ride. . . he would have completely messed that up. are we under water now that's crazy. . . this really is a big adventure check. this out like squids squids a squared. . . are you doing you're on camera smile and. blogging. . . oh i think this right is broken arm all. day this right is definitely broken. . . help me when i was pretty embarrassing i. have to be saved from the water park and. . . i was eventually kicked out i mean it. wasn't my problem but i did scream a. . . little bit maybe cried a little bit as. well but at least i got it all on camera. . . so this has been amazing like a really. cool experience and a little bit of. . . embarrassing one we got tara stuck on. the ride we got kicked out of two rides. . . yes because of you treacherous little. punk. . . so i'm what we're going to do now is. pretty much just end our blog here and. . . end the mod showcase if you like what. you see and do want to try to blogging. . . in selfies for yourself then please do. had to the description below where. . . you'll find a link to download this. model and also a way to visit fun land. . . for yourself and also if you did enjoy. this video than a big fat thumbs up will. . . be greatly appreciated and if this. happens to be the first video you see. . . money then please do make sure you hit. the subscribe button and join team tnt. . . day for daily. . . minecraft videos but from that i hope. you enjoyed this mini minecraft vlog. . . inside fun land and i will see well next. time. . . head. .

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