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The Super TNT Mod adds in tons of epic explosives!
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Download Super TNT Mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/wip-mods/2093135-1-7-2-forge-super-tnt-mod
In this 1.7.2 Super TNT Mod Showcase:
This Minecraft Mod adds in a large variety of TNT that causes tons of destruction. It also includes some unique kinds that can spawn mobs, create oceans, delete water, and much more!
Intro by: https://www.youtube.com/calzone442
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This team she's got aliens i learn. something i wonder what's going to. happen after i light it. maybe aliens will spawn in or a ufo come. down that would be so cool. oh my god you are not aliens. yeah. yeah. what's going on guys it's pat and. welcome back to another minecraft video. and today it's gonna be a mod showcase. on the super tnt mod and as you can see. in front of us we're at bobby's look out. and whenever he is set up like this you. know there's gonna be some awesome. explosions and the cool thing about this. is it's in 1. 7 point - i feel like a lot. of the tnt mods are still like stuck in. one . 6. 4 so this one it's got some. really cool explosions and bobby i think. you're gonna be safe here i wouldn't. suggest moving but you can watch the. destruction from up here. so you guys are some cool stuff and just. for like comparison and they were to. start normal tea and i'll show you guys. what that looks like if you forgotten. you don't remember this is normal tnt it. doesn't do too much in this stop is. going to embarrass this explosion. i've ever ego is so yeah a little tiny. explosion in the first one we're going. to start with is called large tanti not. the most creative name ever. but for this one it's going to be tnt. gunpowder and red stone just like that. and yet makes a decent sized explosion. it's pretty weird though it's not like. really deep it's really like log you'll. see what i mean the second. so but this down and we will light up. it's pink - i think jeff would love this. one. so one thing i've noticed about this mod. is sometimes the explosions take a few. seconds. like right now it doesn't lag either. it's weird like it will just stop for. like 20 seconds so it should happen. really soon i imagine. all right here we go wow that was pretty. awesome actually. so it made like a giant circle you can. see its pretty long it's not like the. deepest hole of the world's most of the. blocks her dad here so this one is just. a large tnt guys there is much stronger. stuff. the next one is called the massive tnt. and to craft it you will need a bunch of. large tnt so it's going to cost like a. lot of tnt in total so redstone and also. enter parole in this mode is pretty. similar to too much tnt but i'm glad to. see like something for 1. 7 that we can. use a monstrous maps so let's take this. one i don't want it to be like near the. other explosion. so you can see exactly what this one. does it's gonna take a while to explode. like seriously you'll see what i mean. so we'll place it down right here and. see what we can actually do with it so. this one is green. it's going to do a lot of destruction so. that was large this one is massive guys. so about 30 seconds we're going to say. goodbye to this area. i heard the explosion guys oh my god did. you see that wow like the part of the. mountain that was crazy. so. i deep at all but it really hurt a lot. of stuff like the land area is crazy how. did you guys survive this. this did not kill the animals it's just. injured them but you can see it actually. like climbing up the mountain which is. weird. they actually climbed up that it broke. some of this tree because it doesn't. look that good right now. a lot of land area so for destroying. like a large spot of buildings that. would probably be perfect. the next one is one of my personal. favorites it's called the cost thirty nt. to craft it is just like a lot of t nd. so it's gonna be nine and trust me you. get more than nine when it blows up. i'm going to put it like on this tree. stop it's like the only thing to survive. this before and will explode it and see. what happens so this one it's not. exactly the same it spawns in a very. large amount of tnt so i'm going to try. to get like a really good view for it. oh my god guys there it is. that is a lot of tht that's got to be. like hundreds so it just appears out of. nowhere and explode so yeah that was. nineteen ninety turned into like a. hundred and fifty t i don't think. there's any survivors in that one. there's kind of a lot of animals around. the ravine i got anything this. so once again a lot of land area i feel. like this tnt is really good at like. destroying a lot of land at the same. time and i think this might be perfect. for mods verse maps guys we're gonna try. it out next week. it seems like it's good it's got a lot. of stuff that can really do damage. so the next one i need to get far away. it's the uber tnt of mass destruction. and you can tell from that name is going. to be really bad. i want to make sure there's like a lot. of land we can blow up with this one. so i'm thinking let's get past this. mountain maybe put it on the side and. see if we can blow up the entire. mountain and his desert at the same time. that would be so sick. ok so the recipe for this one's check it. out it's got a massive tnt and ender. pearl redstone obsidian and also a. bucket of lava. so in places down and you're going to. say goodbye to this minecraft world. trust me it's never gonna be the same. after this one it's going to be awesome. something is happening guys oh my god. this is horrible. the whole world is destroyed ok it. started to load in. i'm getting a little bit of a lag spike. here didn't we have a mountain. right right here this is insane ok so. what i needed. do is try to get closer and hopefully. this sob flag will disappear is now and. still here. let's get closer it's disappearing all. the mountains hope my god. okay so guys look at this creator this. is insane we killed the whole mountain. and this looks to be all the way down to. bedrock. so yeah it froze me for a second there. but that was an epic explosion and look. at all this land is never gonna be the. same just like nuclear waste -. so let's see here yeah down to bedrock. guys the whole area of the mountains. there was one like right in the middle. of this. there was a whole mountain where it's. going and have this method to buster's. like nuclear waste and what i want to do. is step on it and see if it actually. does anything to us. i've got a really bad feeling about this. but i'm gonna step on it yeah oh fire. come on by on fire. okay switching back really quick so. don't step on it apparently the nuclear. waste actually likes you hot fired. it's very hot after the explosion as you. can see so now we're on to some common. stuff guys this one is snow tnt and to. make it can be to snowballs a bucket of. water a block of ice and also large dnt. but you get to vomit just got a cool so. i'm place it down and then there's going. to be i just know everywhere. it's not normal for a desert but we're. gonna make it happen this one it's not. really destructive it's kind of just you. know really messy if you need snow. though it's going to be perfect if you. want to make like snow golems and stuff. like that just kind of blow this up here. to get all kinds of snow. there we go guys that is a lot of snow. actually so the whole ground is. completely filled with snow at this. point. so other than that doesn't really do. anything just kind of put snow. everywhere. ok so the next order onto his ocean tnt. you could probably already guessed what. this does have a feeling this one to be. really good for making your own pool you. probably could do that like make a giant. hole then blow this up inside of it. if you don't do it that way it's kind of. just going to pour water everywhere. that's what we're going to do though. so the recipe for this one actually no. recipe at the moment guys is a brand new. mod in. yeah no recipe for ocean tnt so this one. only in creative will blow it up and i. imagined water is just gonna spill. everywhere but if you dig a hole i think. it's gonna be really good for a pool or. something like that maybe even like a. moat for a castle yet work perfectly. it didn't actually like spill out it was. kind of like in this area and myself. like a mini lake. and next up guys we are on to the sponge. tnt and this one to make it it's gonna. be four buckets and also large tnt in. the middle and it's not destructive guys. what it does it gets rid of water. so if you're trying to build like an. underwater house use this building and. then put like ocean tnt back on top. i haven't tried i'm thinking that might. work though so what i want to do is like. dive down here and try this out and. honestly i haven't tried under the ocean. but i think it's going to add that. really cool or fail horribly. it might feel horribly i'm not sure so i. think all this water should disappear. probably ok i heard an explosion. something we'll hopefully happen to be. funny just got rid of like a few blocks. at the bottom. all my car guys there we go in yeah that. got rid of more than i thought. is that like a wave look at that it's it. ocean wave i've never seen this in. minecraft before that looks really epic. actually the squared is like right in. the middle that got rid of a lot more. water than i expected it goes all the. way down there so you can definitely. build something here if you wanted to. it froze me too by the way that's a. pretty intense wad. so all the water is going over there i. saw like a really cool-looking wave. it looks like it spread the strange. direction definitely not in like a. circle or square e like broke. i don't even know how this one worked. but as you can see it got rid of a lot. of water. it's i feel like moses like part of the. ocean right here and now we're on to. some weird stuff guys this one right. here at someone's in a mob. it's called mob candy and probably gave. it away right there so to me it's going. to be rotting flesh bones in tnt in the. middle and you get for bob. so maybe we should like four and check. this out like the person who drew this i. think i drew it seriously that i draw. this. nevermind its way to go to be from me so. really it for this. put them down and we'll see what happens. and i know what happens already by the. way you get one mo

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