Minecraft | TRAYAURUS VISITS JURASSIC WORLD!! | Custom Mod Adventure

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Today, we get an invite to the amazing new theme park, Jurassic World! Full of dinosaurs, rides and more epic stuff, this is bound to be an incredible trip!
Jurassic World is in cinemas NOW!!
β–Ί Mods used in the TRAYAURUS VISITS JURASSIC WORLD Adventure ::
Custom NPCs : http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1278956-custom-npcs
Jurassic Craft : http://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/jurassicraft-2996761/
PaleoCraft : http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1286594-paleocraft-realistic-dinosaurs-in-minecraft
β–Ί Jurassic World Map : http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/minecraft-jurassic-world---cocos-island/
Created and sponsored in partnership with Universal Pictures UK for the release of Jurassic World.
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Caption: Yeah. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . brad and there with some breaking news. today finally marks the day of the. . . long-awaited opening of the jurassic. world theme park. . . this theme park is the first of its kind. with real life at dinosaurs roaming its. . . grounds. . . aside from that research is also being. done on these gigantic creatures to. . . further dinosaur research however could. this all be a step too far for. . . entertainment. . . we'll find out at midday when the gates. finally open. . . brad tender with some break. . . whoa hey hey cars to get a second dark. phone. . . hey that is my phone 1 seconds. . . oh i it's not my pockets are dress have. you seen my phone. . . i know but it's ringing i need to any. transfer it might be really important. . . grim you seen it. . . no no one see my phone weights. . . it's over the loud over here is it is in. here. . . no this is a secret pressure play in. here i'll wait a second. . . yeah it's getting louder there it is. . . oh my goodness right let's grab this. hello hello. . . yeah i remember you yet that the theme. park was really really good buddy thank. . . you so much song that out for us i. didn't get to say thank you to you. . . no way for real. . . all my goodness thank you so much buddy. which we meet you. . . yeah oh you are the best thank you is so. much by it was that on there. . . it's probably lose it you want to just. throw it wherever i like better hrs. . . i have the most amazing news of you. joining hear it out if you do come on. . . don't be like this. . . do you remember when we went to that. theme park all the same guy the works. . . there's just got a job at the brand new. jurassic world and he says we can go. . . there before the midday opening today to. test it out what you think. . . yes we should go we should definitely go. let's get out of here. . . i know it to me am just follow me we. need to go it's going to be incredible. . . oh yeah it does seem a little bit random. but because traffic world is filled with. . . crazy crazy dinosaurs and potentially. dangerous animals it is protected by. . . this vast ocean look how big this is. . . it's absolutely massive but of this boat. seems to have stopped it is the only way. . . we can get to the island so we should. probably take a quick look around and. . . see if we can talk to the captain or. something because we get closer to land. . . there is literally no land around here. at all what was that have a note. . . we can't get through that door there's. no leave your button or anything that's. . . going to see what this note says it. might hold some kind of clues so its. . . press the lg's careful we don't going. overboard on weekends right are hoy says. . . hey sorry i couldn't be here myself. . . i got a new job training to rk this is. from my friend on the phone. . . this is fires the ship goes i thought so. so hop into those little boats and. . . follow the red boyz at your destination. at all guys should be ready to meet you. . . enjoy friends i'm sure we will write. terrace good right i'm gonna leave this. . . just come in here you can leave it in. there for a little bit just in case. . . anyone else confused as to why the boat. has stopped when it opens to the public. . . as you can see we're the only ones here. you excited. . . awesome let's go now here are the boat. and those are the boys that we need to. . . follow so lets up into a boat and let's. go and see jurassic world. . . i do about you charles but i cannot wait. there we are we've arrived. . . tres right buddy three hours i don't. know why he didn't take a boat you just. . . swimming. . . what are you doing oh my goodness right. let's go it's gonna be our tour guide. . . yeah this looks pretty good here so. let's just hope our oh man that's called. . . that is called let's get out our g. that's really really caught up now you. . . swam all this waitress that is so called. get out of there buddy. . . good thing this big boat should wait for. that but look is in jenny's here are man. . . this is gonna be cool right so he said. we need a tour guide so let's see if. . . he's around here. . . anywhere these buildings that suppose we. could see em there's a tour guide or. . . right there that's going to have a look. and see how he's getting on trust you. . . okay now you are you dry wood. . . why wouldn't use that what are you doing. stop messing with you you're too excited. . . way too excited how you doing buddy we. are the two people who have been given. . . the privilege to be able to go to. jurassic world early so what we do where. . . do we go. . . hello sir ah ah ok these things over. here are the visitor center g look how. . . cool this is. . . that's amazing so we just hop and press. the button. . . ok i will meet you there sir right this. hop in. . . push the butter all over our fright. trash you take the next one and i'll see. . . you there. . . yeah this is cool jurassic world here. . . awake. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . whoa did you guys get here so quickly. huh. . . how did you get i left before you and. you still made it here. . . how did you guys get here yeah i guess. that's true you are the tour guide but. . . check out this place so this is the. visitor center correct right. . . yeah i thought so can we can we go in. i'm so excited also write terrace you. . . come with me. . . all my goodness look at this even the. fossils are surrounding the door. . . all this is epic look at that got people. working it's not so busy because of. . . course it's not even open yet so we've. got the whole privilege to our selves so. . . i'm tour guides you tell us a little bit. about this facility please could i have. . . no idea. . . ah alright okay ah awesome so this is a. really really nice building so people. . . stay here as well. . . well that is epic very very nice kind of. hotel as well so this is cool and all. . . but to be honest i want to see some. dinosaurs because he sometimes doors. . . please please. . . ah ok so where do we need to head for. the dinosaur tour are ok. . . all of our that i can't wait for this. we're going to see real live dinosaur. . . three rs. . . we're going to go see dinosaurs this is. going to be epic all these people. . . hanging around his own must be getting. ready for the grand opening so i think. . . it's all mine is about two hours that's. crazy we need to get this dinosaur tour. . . done before everyone spills in how big. it is as well the island is huge right. . . iron tour is this way so let's head down. here i think of going the right way am i. . . going the right way sir. . . good i. . . look at these guys in their little hurt. that little like explorer outfit like. . . that a lot so here we go. . . island tour let's bust through these. doors. . . we got some selections here and we've. got the marine facility or the island. . . tour now mr. tour guide where are you. doing is that why the door armor what's. . . the difference between the two huh. . . ok i'm so if you want to see. tyrannosaurus rex which i know is your. . . favorite dinosaur dress we're going to. have to go on the second one so what do. . . you think. . . yeah let's do it right and that's what. this button open it so hopefully we get. . . both of them through all come on guys. come on you know how to out some iron. . . doors let's go let's go. . . and maybe they don't maybe they have no. idea how to make iron doors work there. . . we go that's a little bit better. . . ok you can use a little teleporting. dollars as well so mr. tour guide we. . . need to go on the island - all right. let's do this. . . this is gonna be amazing so do you guys. mind if i take the the first cheap ass. . . sweet right then i will take the island. tour outta here we go and see you later. . . guys. . . i'm off to see me some dinosaurs. . . is that what i think it is oh my. goodness it is look actual real live. . . dinosaurs before my very eyes. . . oh my goodness i can't believe it. . . they're right there look how huge they. are these gates no wonder they're so. . . tall and study. . . he is so cute oh my goodness we've got. loads of them look at one in the. . . background as well. . . i can't believe they're real you hear. about this whole jurassic world but they. . . actually have it and the ad you have a. right here in front of your eyes. . . oh man is one that's looking pretty. angry in the background 40 why is. . . staying in camouflage but i for one am. impressed tour guide. . . three horas this is incredible right out. yeah i know so our what else we're going. . . to see after this i'm our man this is so. cool. . . oh right ah oh what do you know about to. show us. . . oh what's up there who try horas. . . i think i can see something you are. going to be super excited about are. . . those are those t-rexes are. . . yeah let's go come on trevor says go and. see your favorite dinosaur we don't need. . . no jeep anymore which can run straight. up to them and take a look. . . all their pretty open how comes there so. open. . . i see ok so i think we're out of this. building because i'm a little bit scared. . . i'm not gonna lie what do you think. jerris though they look cool right yeah. . . i know super cool right let's go in here. look at this so where the jurassic world. . . research facility are treasures you'll. be in your element right here look. . . there's machines there's computers. there's loads of really cool stuff that. . . i've never seen before. . . looks really cool right out so tour. guide what's going on in here. . . ah oh well no way but the t-rex is like. one of the most powerful dinosaurs to. . . ever live though right. . . ah wow i don't know i don't that's a. good idea bob i'm going to take another. . . quick sneaky peek at those t-rex is a. look at those. . . they are so cute they're huge but. they're super cute. . . all my goodness the scientists must have. gone out for lunch or something actually. . . isn't it closed for the time for the. park to actually have his grand opening. . . oh ok let's go and see some more. treacherous you come in. . . hi what do you think tour guide. . . ok so i'm trust will go in and check out. some other dinosaurs because there's. . . another one i really want to see bob. . . don't touch anything and just peek. through the window you can see them. . . perfectly from here it's gonna be okay. just that will back to you in about. . . about five minutes. . . so come on tour guide let's get out of. here terrorist remember don't touch. . . anything and be nice to the dinos right. let's go see some more dinos come on. . . tour guides. . . let's get out of here. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . all my goodness. . . did you hear that it sounded like it. came from over there. . . please no trailers please and no i told. you not to touch anything that sounded. . . so loud it was like an explosion. . . what on what on earth is that charles. what are you done. . . it's moving it's moving this trailer is. quick tour guide come on me to solve. . . this. . . oh my this is busted out the matter how. the dining halls of long johns quick. . . jump in the car is the only way. . . quick quick quick quick all my goodness. where he's running after you right let's. . . get in the car. . . this cars not fast enough come on guys. keep up keep up he's just behind us. . . oh my goodness i can still hear him and. think how can we stop this guy is huge. . . we need something massive the. . . we can step out of and he gets stuck in. full the front gates guys follow me. . . okay guys here's the gates we've only. got one shot at this so 1 2 & 3 all the. . . way through the little gap and hopefully. you'll get stuck. . . are you ready here we go. . . we're home somehow we made it. . . i have no idea how that was super close. let's get back to the visitors center. . . where it's safe. . . oh well that was pretty unexpected. . . oh what's going all know they've got the. officers involved. . . all my goodness travis this is all your. fault. . . why did you have to go dabbling with the. t-rex's they told you not to touch. . . anything. . . our there's officers absolutely. everywhere this place was supposed to. . . open in just a few minutes what are they. gonna do now tour guide. . . oh man tray or is there gonna have to. delay it further least a week because of. . . you they need to keep that dinosaur. under control. . . frankly i'm embarrassed trust i am super. super embarrassed. . . yep it's gonna take a lot more stories. to make this mess all go away right tour. . . guide it has been absolutely fantastic. meeting you thank you for the experience. . . and i'm really really sorry about my. friend will have to love you and leave. . . you buddy. . . and we'll see you later we need to get. out of here very very quickly contrast. . . thank you again tour guide. . . you've been the best right let's get out. of here right now you are in big trouble. . . mister. . . let's get back to the boat are my. goodness. . . yeah. . . safe and sound. . . you know what traitorous jurassic world. was pretty sweet. . . until you decided to almost destroy it. . . you know what yeah it was pretty cool. you just got a brand new dinosaur even. . . though you tried to kill us that was. pretty cool high five buddy you know. . . what let's just get home this has been a. crazy day and i don't think we're going. . . to be let back to jurassic world anytime. soon. . . no i agree buddy so let's get home. . . it's been a really long day but there's. a beautiful sunset beyond the horizon. . . let's get out of here thank you so much. for watching this very special custom of. . . modern adventure guys and if you did. enjoy them please leave a big fat thumbs. . . up that would be absolutely amazing and. also if this happens to be the first. . . video is seen by me then please do. subscribe and join team diem for daily. . . minecraft videos and more absolutely. crazy adventures and remember these are. . . fully custom fully awesome and you won't. find anything like it anywhere else so. . . make sure you do. . . join team tdm again thank you so much. watching and make sure you also check. . . out jurassic world an epic epic film. that is coming out on jun the . . good. . . head. .

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