Minecraft: TROLL CRAFT | DANCE PARTY 2016!! [16]

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Watch as DJ SSundee hits the mixing table to drop some sick beats!! Before that, he learns that people are once again trying to ruin his life!! When will people stop trying to ruin other peoples' lives... Lol, Thanks for watching, I appreciate the support and any ratings would be greatly appreciated also!
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Right so i've been thinking about throwing an outer space themed party right and if i did that would you join my party all my friends said they would all that's left to do now it's to planet [music] hey what's going on guys sunday here and welcome back to some more choc raft that dudes today as you can see a lot has changed i home hon top of the mountain my house is back there and could lord a lot has changed i'll run you through that a little bit before we do that check this out our zine move the score and key and then ah on er on because that i invited them to a party in a little bit i'll show you sued but i ozzy move the scoreboard up here and i don't know why it's small but let's check this out so captainsparklez has 68 points crater has 63 959 last troll was timestop boom no freaking clue but i'm down by nine points we gotta get some point today and i have an idea of a way to do that there's some there's some achievements in here that we're going to be doing this episode mixed with some trolls this is going to be good first up like i said look at this volcano zine has been busy he made this entire thing look like an actual volcano and keep this in mind when we enter our house i don't know who the freak did this and also we gotta check this out a little bit crazy says for sunday xoxo crater no freaking clue will check that out a minute but let's look at this no clue who did it but it may fill my house with lava my only guess said zine went kind of lava crazy this has his name written all over it and then there's a sign here says hey man getting cold out just trying to keep things warm keep in mind zine fill the entire volcano with lava this has jeans name written all over it let me grab some buckets good lord let me clean all this up i've been not like i said i got in between episodes to set some stuff up i have an idea for a troll on crater and sparkles if this is gonna be pretty good and this troll complete two different achievements at least they protected my foil jetpack by jeff beck retired 11 26 last week so at least i protected that thang zine for that at least ok so what i'm gonna do z wants to troll me we're gonna get him back for all that up so what i'm gonna do i know there's an item hold on yeah i think this is a craftsman and then i put gold here here here and there we go this is called an emperors chalice and what this is the grab is there we go what this is this is an endless water source zine don't ever put love in my house all of his hard work oh hi guys this is not gonna be fun as you guys know he is this one of the server admins on this server the consequences for my actions are not going to be fun but seeing this is what you get for put love in my house you jerk this is good this ok whatever to do i'm gonna finish this up in a little bit ah the reason why don't want to finish it up yet is because i'm also inviting zine along with neo ki and and craner also invited jordan but he's not home to this party that i'm throwing in a little bit we're gonna be doing that in a second but first up i want to see what the freak this is ok says minecraft but i think you should take what 2016 it's time to give sundy dl that he deserves i don't want the l guys you see that girl over there with you looks real ugly alway i think that's funny i got entail freaking room required you'll never be the man your mother and speaking of your mother you so bad that when i took your mixer on my back and i risk friend is still dancing is my christmas again listen man you said in your last district that i used a lot of clickbait well i guess that's why your mom calls me the masturbate the master bedroom i can't go that hard on your homie [music] me to send this record straight did you really think that you're gonna beat me make no way no way you can beat me you owe me take a scene oh thank you [music] i think you can take a shower because you smell like it all seems sooo after this is done i'm gonna hear from us address in man you said your district and i was so achey my mom and to watch me grow up through a baby monitor well you're so mean that when your mom dropped you off at school play so that was that this track homie are you sure you still want this i think you should just say they'll grow also you may sit how it looked like a more masculine version of failing too generous well you look like a more feminine version offer man cut your hair and take dl all right crater so you want to fire back some fire at me huh this will be good i'll be coming back soon enough we can another diss track wow the frig is wrong with him didn't even learn the first time with when i told him he lives in denmark because he stupid well-played crater well flat i'm not gonna feel bad for what i'm gonna be doing to you soon okay well what we're gonna do now like i said i have i worked on these machines here we have an auto spotter with a pink slime in here that i've been busy is getting a bunch of essence have been filling that up killing a crap ton of pink slimes to make machines you'll see soon enough for what i want to do now let me i guess we could do i want to set up a party room i guess we can use this yeah i guess we could use this room here as a party room and you guys would make it sunday why the freak you want to throw a party so bad you'll see suited up let me set up the party room i'm gonna need some help from probably zine to set this up just because i can't get some of the blocks but let me set this up this might take a minute and i will invite all our guests well this is gonna be fun oh no you remember these really cook these sides this is the party room we have we have the bouncer stand here we have some wheelchairs because why not have a giant screen which with which is going to play a song whenever i activated we got the dance floor we got the dancers pull with kandi hello candy and then we got some wheelchairs and chairs over here to look at her oh gosh like i said i got seem to help me a little bit with some of these blocks but he has no clue what's in store and i invited him to the party but then back here whenever all the guests arrive dj on let me take off my helmet the dj sunday is going to mix some beats we're going to flip the lever and play some music forum is that i think you know the wheelchairs you know they can give it a nice touch it again i'll show you why i'm probably putting on a party in a little bit but up let me hop on discs are we have a key in here we have nia we have seen and craner i like i said captainsparklez he's not at his computer right now so rip him but up let's go invite our guests i so here we go what the crap wad man we have craner neo zine and kian ok you guys hear everybody here why here i know why i'm here cc help me a little bit with it so i crater and i wanted to come to my house come to my house you'll see a big black box next to my house like don't stop before it was likely dirt so i whatever you get here come on in i'm ways what wow okie and the ikea hi guys so i went well this is welcome to my party this is the dance floor and over here we have can't working with candy go ahead take a seat in a wheelchair and just grabbing this so we're dude i'm anything if we get moving them all could be us throw everybody knows i want to just go and audio dude welcome to my party i only throw the best of party so have fun and soon the main event will happen i will be dj x. x son dundee stop love this golf cost so let you whenever you guys are ready for the party to begin let me know and i will start the party are k crazy look excited you're basically not going to try and kill me again are you and i will not get any problems with this before i i will not kill you seen em at killian it's not that i'm not excited sunday's just that i don't really trust you didn't i get that i get that and kim can you stopped working with candy that's her job no he says no okay is everybody ready everybody ready for the party to begin i think so let's do this dj sonny mixing it up 2016 let's begin ok where's you guys dance on [music] but he brought us here for that that's that was that happened i actually really liked it that you guys enjoy my party yeah i really good music joy ok crater he you have your achievement book right and yeah okay go to i the the neighborhood in close to the end oh throw or attend a party with your neighbors introducing yourself they see you tonight yeah thnkx credit can be point seeing same can you ex can you multiply that by 1234 since i invited for people and sure but as well as hang on hang on as you note that it says throw or attend a party so crater you have now attended a party oh kill him this is backfired i don't like this anymore seen you are banned from my party you call to a do not talk to do not talk to kandi on the way out fine i don't think i'd owe me at least at least captainsparklez doesn't get a point dang it i'm going to leave before you kill me now what the freak is that armor though what is that craner nothing same did you give him that armor i did not let all this wraps up dj sandy on the mic for now thanks for tending my part 26 is really weird yeah that was awkward for everybody glad you had fun at least how do you dance to that music even bodies in minecraft i'm socially awkward and apparently and they're all logging off best party ever 2060 ok so what i want to do now let me go for i need some more food like i said i've been creating i look at all this food look at this crab it is everywhere with food for days ok so what i want to do is are like i said i've been creating some machines it's called a laser yeah these laser laser drill pre charger and a laser drill now if you guys don't know what this is out of all of modded minecraft i have yet to find a modded machine that sucks up more energy anywhere i have no clue if there are any more machines that suck up more energy so we're going to be doing something with this and these two things that we're going to be doing this troll is going to achieve our are complete to achieve it so let's go ahead let me grab i know i have some conduit yeah i made a bunch of these enter energy conduits let's go do these two achievements the crater and dr. jordan and i guess in the meantime while we're traveling everywhere zine don't mess with my basic again ok so let's head up to i guess we can do let's do craters base first and his bases in a mountain captainsparklez base i'm going to add something down below before craters base i could just dig straight what the heck is that its creator spotting in some crap that i need to be worried about the heck happened here ok so i need to go down one i know he has another level yet down here yeah this is bottom level oh and here's his power right here oh nice ok ok so what i'm gonna do right down here let's stick down right here so we're going to do three per base this is its second to check this out we have our laser drill their latest rope recharger there we go now that's charging that laser drill precharge i need to do one haha let me take this output 1 are there there we go now that's charging that we have 24 / put another one there and then another one are there there we go that is fully charged now what we have to do i'll let me do this on all of these hold on and there it is we have three now like i said these drills take so much energy so what we're going to do how to let me all yeah i need to tie all of this and i also have these ender chest right and these ender chest are being pumped back into my emmy system remember that so i'm going to throw an ender chest here here on all of these laser trills now what these laser drills do they drilled down all the way to bedrock once they hit bedrock they randomly generate any or in the game any of these orange diamond dread stowed any or in the game this thing can pull out and then throw it into my ma system but remember these drills take so much energy always there we go i gotta charged it has a full charge we are taking craters energy now what i have to do is link all the recipes up with conduit right and then what i need to do under here underneath the drill i need to drill it all the way down until i hit bedrock ok we're almost a bedrock ok ok there we go the lasers firing down look at this laser i forgot it kills you ok go to know at least my corpse is still here good look at what a shock ok let's grab all of this don't really care about why i do care about cobblestone but the graphic novel so can't leave that behind us leave behind lives don't get there we go okay that's one laser setup look at this we are going to drain all of craters power and get a crap ton of horse in the process and now we're at captainsparklez space and high just i created a room down here underneath his power supply right down here i created another room for captainsparklez of what we're gonna do let's throw down our laser trills i guess one here i might have to make this bigger i'm not sure just tell us throw one there and we need another spot for that i might have to make this bigger but keep this in mind we created another room for him and we're allowing him to use one of our machines and i made this room out of it looks like diamond blocks but i made it out of secret stairs just so i'm not giving him diamonds are you crazy but had like i said we're allowing them to use our machines and we increase the size of his house so if you look in the achievement book over here achievement number-one help a neighbor expand their house check what a neighbor use one of your tools are machines check yeah this looks good this is gonna trade so much power let's throw our ender chest up here and then i have to dig it all the way down to bedrock and captainsparklez the way he gets power is from our big reactors we're going to drain his yellow right instantly but anyway students for now i'm gonna end this episode here again if you guys are still enjoying this series be sure to hit that like button down below and let with youtube derpin it keeps keep up your support hopefully i can keep making youtube videos just kidding we'll see you next time [music]
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