Minecraft Xbox – Christmas In Space [474]

Welcome to my Let's Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. These videos will showcase what I have been getting up to in Minecraft and everything I have built.
In this episode I celebrate Christmas day with my friends before traveling to space and meeting some old friends.
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Hello this is debbie and welcome to a . minecraft let's play video and the video . inside old stampy's a lovely world and. it's christmas eve everybody which of . course means that it's going to be. christmas day tomorrow and i absolutely . love christmas day by luvely well but . there are one or two things that i need . to do on christmas eve just to get ready. for the big day tomorrow so far me and . you want her to join me as we going . runner just one or two little errands. before we can have christmas day itself. and of course the first thing i need to . do is add somebody to my love garden and . i keep trying to add center to my love . god and every single year but i keep . accidentally spelling his name wrong . like if we look down here because to see. i spelt it's santa . last year i added an r into it for some . reason so this year i can finally spend . his name correctly so let's make sure i . don't accidentally put an r in where it . doesn't belong so alright then let's go . about this right should be a and t hey . there we go its now definitely spell . correctly and no one is gonna be saying . otherwise right there now that the . center is probably added to the the love . garden. let's go and check on everybody . stockings i built the the tree and . they're the last episode and i've now . put down everyone stockings where they. belong. of course my stocking as down by the. fireplace as well and hopefully as . center will be visiting us again this . year if i've been good i think i have . been good i always try to be good so you . can see everyone stockings there we got . the the pufferfish of the the the top of . the tree which is there a new edition . for this year so yeah hopefully they're . all going to be filled tomorrow but . let's go downstairs and check on my . stocking and also leave out some food. after center and some of his reindeers . as well as there is my stocking sitting . down there and of course i've got a . bunch of apples and some milk and . cookies for sentence help so these are . all of the apples for dasher dancer. prancer vixen comet cupid donner blitzen. and rudolph and i'm going to save just . one of these apples for polly because i . think that she can have one as well as i . give this to her personally and then we. got the milk and the cookies for santa . himself hopefully he's going to enjoy . them and that's going to encourage him . to keep coming dr. to my lovely world . right here barnaby i don't think there's . anything left for us to do then. her to go to bed as i always say the . quicker you get to go to sleep on. christmas eve the quicker christmas day . arrived so i was like to go to bed as . much as i can and the sun is setting so . this is perfect timing so bonhomie where . are you barbie let's see if we can get . barnaby tucked up in bed with on him . running around the house where where's . bobby got to all their careers . how did you sneak past me like that lets . just a slide in my longest bottom and . tucking their internal bed and then i . can go to bed myself so there we go lets . shut the door and let's say yeah . goodnight to all of my snowman i guess . as you can see it's almost nighttime now. which means it's going to be christmas . day in no time whatsoever and it's gonna . be so much fun. one of my friends are gonna be there. hopefully sent is gonna be their esters . gonna be there so goodnight frosty . long-nosed goodnight small headed . snowman get my elephant stone man and . let's go to bed and wake up on christmas . day so sorry buddy . slough morning yeah well that was a very . fast nice-looking hardly slept at all . but it now is christmas day come on . barnaby it's time to celebrate at all . when it seemed as it's time to celebrate . how about i wear my special party . celebration shoes let's go and take . these out of the item frame i can take . off my old smelly study snowshoes and . don't look good with my new shiny . diamond shoes while they're not new . i just hardly ever wear them so they . feel you anyway let's go and see if . santa has been let's see if he's left . many of us any presents i know i can see . some snow that's normally a safe sign . that signs are definitely has been so . let's go and check out everyone else's . stockings first and see what he's got . for them so let's check out harriet's . talking at all a brand new hat she is . definitely going to like that and for . harrison a book how to tame wild . eyebrows while i'm sure he's going to . enjoy that for mittens we have some . string she absolutely loves playing with . spring for the doggies we have all. course loads of bones and pork chops as . always happy dogs are very easy to buy . for christmas and then what do we have . for henry and hilder looks like hildur . has was this a weighted pressure plate . ok why not and henry has loads and loads . of snow. it's funny how different the things that . people would want for christmas are but. if they want snow in a way to pressure . plate then that's what they're going . get but i want to see what i have got . for christmas i always say whoever else . is going going to live with their . presence but notice i am always just . waiting to see what i have got myself . you can see center has definitely been . down here and what we have all we have . some saplings okay we got some-some . beetroot seeds and some sponge you know . what these are all things that i really . did what in my lovely world how does. santa know how descent always know . exactly what i need on christmas day but . it's amazing we got a bunch of different . type of wood we can grow a new food and . sponges what i'm sure i can come up with . a an interesting use for sponge anyway . listen everyone their presence . merry christmas hill there merry . christmas henry i got presents for you . from central be loads of snow for you . henry this is from center and a weighted . pressure plate for you he'll two hours . iron that's what you like anything i and . ok that makes a little bit more sense . now. right then let's go to deliver my. presence to all of the wolfpack men . shall we are all the pork chops and the . bones that will hopefully make them. happy and of course my dogs always enjoy . spending christmas together inside of . the dark as well apart from one . particular dog of course but we are. gonna go and say hello to him a little . bit later on but for now merry christmas . doggies look at gathered round their . gate you can sit down and you can enjoy . them as well barnaby and look what i . have loads of pork chops and loads of . bones from santa and yeah you can enjoy . them and hopefully enjoy your christmas . and why she wait a minute i need to i . need to get one of those bones because . duncan isn't here where duncan is with . mittens inside of frosty long nose and i . need to go and deliver him his bone and. of course i delivered the string turtle . mittens as well they always enjoy to . spend christmas day together inside of . the the snowman by themselves and gives . another use for the year the snow bed as . well right there merry christmas duncan . merry christmas means i have this bone . and string from santa so yeah hopefully . you're gonna have a lovely day together. so bye guys enjoy christmas right then . let's go and deliver dear the presence . to her to harris little hairier did you . hear be passive about to say hello barry . christmas i have a hat for you will put . into to put it on just making sure it . fits there we go we have a hat from . center for you there we go right then . let's go and deliver the the the book . the was at how to tame wild eyebrows . i don't know why harris . and enjoys reading about eyebrows so . much but he does have a lovely grooming. on his own eyebrows or maybe he does a . lot of research about i know there is . what you always doing his morning . exercises harrison always loves . exercising on christmas day and he . spends half the day running back and . forth doing laps around his little house . down here but whatever he wants to do on. christmas henry harrison i have a . present for you from santa claus himself . how to tame wild eyebrows or leave it . down here next to your bookcase so you . can put it away when you finish your . exercises so yeah merry christmas . harrison up accidentally picked up your . book again there we go to place it down . there right there is that is that all of. the presence to live it . i think that sort of the the presence . that sent to god given to everyone who . need them so that's the the presence . over all today done let's go and sort . out the second most important thing of. christmas day which is of course the . food i'm gonna have a bunch of my help . is showing up i'm also gonna hopefully i . have santa showing up as well so i want . to make sure i have plenty of food to . keep everyone well-fed so i'm gonna do . some some roast chickens. i think would be good and of course soon . as it's a party and seeing as it's me . inside of my lovely world we need to . have some cake as well so let's go ahead. to my kitchen now and we can go and . prepare everything hopefully in time for . when everyone else goes to arrive so i'm . gonna load of them and other supplies . here in the in the fridge so i need. three buckets of milk of course need an . egg as well from there we can go to put . the the chickens kind of in the oven as . they come as was there we go that's two . buckets of milk. i got the egg that's that ready we need . one but there we go that's everything we . need from the the fridge i got the the . sugar and the wheat inside of the the . covered here so we can go and craft a . cake you think this is gonna be enough i . think i think we should do another cake . and i don't think one cake and one . chicken is going to be enough for . everyone that's going to be arriving so . let's say let's try and hopefully get a . few more chickens and put them into the .

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