Minecraft Xbox – Sinking Feeling [124]

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Part 125 - http://youtu.be/1Pn2H_pxhzk
Welcome to my Let's Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. These videos will showcase what I have been getting up to in Minecraft and everything I have built.
In this video I attempt to finish building my rain drops ride before getting rudely interrupted.
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Hello this is stampy and welcome to a. minecraft let's play video video. . . guess we're inside or staff he's lovely. world only instead of these lovely what. . . he is. . . welcome to the video everybody i'm of. course being joined by l fully about now. . . it goes about saying and leave without. saying is gonna be hopefully bringing me. . . some breakfast yay a very nutritious. breakfast cake yum yum yum yum. . . thank you very much like that sorry i've. been kind of a all of it is nothing left. . . for you can have a porch of anyone. . . there we go you can have a nice tasty. poor job some might say that's better. . . than cake. . . i wouldn't but some might anyway i'm now. going to go and head over to my love. . . garden and add someone to it if they're. not my love garden is as basically a. . . place where i give someone a shout out i. had someone's name and a sign and say. . . thank you for some reason and today i am. saying thank you to boo boo chicken. . . i was probably one of the other best. names that someone has had for which i'm. . . adding them to the love garden and it's. because they send me some amazing. . . pictures of some paper kraft models they. made and they made models from scenes of. . . my videos me of my friends and another. one of their me and lee shooting the. . . ender dragon and also this one here. which is me with an ocelot even though. . . i'm kind of looking in the wrong. direction. . . i think he could it like stamping lost. his cat or something and i thought they. . . were amazing and they obviously spent a. really long time on them so thank you. . . for that boo boo chicken and welcome to. my lip garden and there's something else. . . that i always need to do where the star. of my videos is going to go and pick her. . . dog so i'm not gonna head over to my dog. house if you're gonna go this way. . . actually i'm going to go down these. stairs because i built these days ages. . . ago and i literally never used them so. i'm going to make the most of these. . . stairs and i'm going to enter my. doghouse through this point on all the. . . ground in the real game all agitated. they keep doing this recently they keep. . . game really annoyed this there's got to. be something happening in my world which. . . is upsetting all of my dogs. . . hopefully i'll be able to cheer one up. tho by taking him with me and i'm going. . . to take i'll take mine to be with me. today and you can tell which ones bar. . . because bobby's the one with the other. red color and he's not happy he's not. . . happy with you lee. . . why are you doing to upset all of my. dogs right barnaby. . . you can have some pork chops i'm going. to give you one more chance. . . he go after lee no don't listen to me. barnaby if you go after lee then you're. . . going to sit down for the rest of the. video ok. . . are you going to behave right he not he. said he is going to be a but i'm. . . definitely gonna go keep an eye on him. back. . . anyone going to do before i going and. getting to work are you guys friends i. . . don't you see if they are going to get. on i don't think they are i don't think. . . there are there is intense and barbies i. father b come in sit sit barnaby. . . come on you know better than this. barnaby how many is how long have you. . . been in my lovely world you know better. than this. . . these are friends he's definitely. agitated about something right barnaby. . . as your punishment. . . you can come here and you gotta sit here. you're gonna look in the window all the. . . cake but you're not allowed any you have. some important though in case you get. . . hungry. . . ya know what i'm going to do before. we're heading over to the fun land and. . . are continuing building and my rain. drops right now i'm going to go and. . . check our norman a norman is the other. new snow got my god that's right now. . . about to snow golems and i was going to. call him no name what i was gonna give. . . him no name but then i kind of got. attached to him and i kind of like. . . giving so i decided to give him a name. and a norman sound a little bit like no. . . name and i built on top of a military. right in the hope that he would walk. . . around the military and i cover all in. snow. . . i just because it was in like a snowy. looking area and are not being back to. . . him since. . . so hopefully fingers crossed he's gonna. be okay and he's been getting up to some. . . good work and spreading snow all over. the place hopefully let's go and check. . . with him because you're hopefully he is. doing i came here is doing some pretty. . . good work out there so yeah he's just a. right up here on the top of this train. . . only happen you got here very quick. . . we should have another race remember in. the last video with a race over to my. . . fun land and i think we're thinking. about time we had round to his last time. . . he used the swiftness potion and this. time i don't want him to you so that we. . . have actually got a chance of winning. and norman. . . normal here he is how you doing - okay. up here. . . are you having fun up in the tree i. think he is i think years. . . he's done a good job at all of this snow. is what he's being mean he's been like. . . all the way down to here. . . he's a pretty much covered like the. entire tree i reckon and for me a couple. . . more days work up here and and he would. have completely covered this tree and. . . then what i'm going to try and do is. build a stick. . . as for him to get down and then you can. live in my igloo and so i can have henry. . . in my house henry my house and then. . . norman and get norman in my in my igloo. should be jolly good fun so. . . oh yeah i might catch up with you a. little bit later on in the next video. . . okay. . . alright see you later norman bye have. fun what happens just looking at be very. . . confused right anyway leave time for. round number two of the the race if you. . . go over to my house and so the way this. is going to work is i'm gonna go in the. . . mine cart and he's gonna have to run and. i'm really really hoping that i win. . . because if i don't win and that means. all of the other time i spent building. . . this a minecart track was a waste and i. don't know. . . looks like i've lost that one i didn't. like that one anyway i'm gonna get. . . anyone i'm gonna get a new one with her. a comfy padded seat there we go. . . so yeah i need to win because otherwise. all of the add the work i did in the. . . last few videos building these minecart. track so to be an absolute waste they. . . just goes so slow look at them is so. ridiculously slow like it's probably. . . about exactly the same speed as sprint. running. . . no but it's just very direct is a very. long straight line you know there's no. . . obstacles in your way there's no houses. or people or animals running across you. . . know and not that buildings not me run. across you don't know but there are mine. . . cars there are mine cars that got a bag. into you. . . i don't know about the other way look cars gone that way that one's gone that. . . way and i'm stuck in the middle. . . looks like i am going to have to run. across it then as i said it doesn't. . . really matter because now i do run it. like pretty much the same speed if i she. . . do this. . . and so keep banging my head on the. ceiling even though i'm losing my brain. . . cells i should still get there pretty. quick. . . ok rightly i'm going to a friend i'll. come now come lay no come on no false. . . starts. . . you cheated last time you're not. cheating this time okay look at him. . . hovering halfway up the stairs just so. eager to get up. . . i'm gonna say three two one go on go. first one to touch the. . . which we say you've got to talk ok first. one to touch the big model off my face. . . in the golf course wins okay so first. person to touch my face win that bet. . . they'll be easy for me. . . right ok you going to start in three two. one easily come back and i said go yet. . . come back down. . . come back i'll i said when i say go. callie come back down go go go. . . yeah he should fit last i bet he tried. to use a swift this potion last time. . . when he managed to beat me so i had to. try and get the odds in my favor i come. . . and i can do this i can do this if i. lean forward in the mine cart. . . i might be able to push the momentum. forward and be able to win a little bit. . . better. . . okay so i need to go to like my golf. course is a big money with my face and. . . there's a little bit further away i. don't know who's gonna have the. . . advantage and gain the tags are non of. your meals i'm not turn game attacks. . . back when we played on the hunger games. are just before this and i had to turn. . . gamer tags off and turn them back on. this is more scary. . . i have no idea where he is he could. already be there and he could have maybe. . . just fallen down a hole and got stuck i. have no idea i jump out jump out run run. . . run run run on changing it to the third. person writing out the door get the door. . . i don't know where he is always there. he's there he's running in right i'm. . . gonna pay for the heads are going to. free from the head. . . i don't care about vandalizing it's my. own world i'm gonna can touch it. . . i pressed it i touch my face i could i. would first like a millisecond i did. . . notice the arctic eight. . . so should we call that a drawer should. we say that was a draw. . . when shall we celebrate our draw by. stealing this cake from me at the hungry. . . stampy here. . . mmmm now it's good fun i reckon is. probably just about the same speed and i. . . can accept that i can accept and not. being faster as long as it's not. . . actually slower because i have been just. a total waste of time anyway. . . - business - i'm going to be building in. this video up in the sky. . . you can see three big white blobs and. believe it or not they ar

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