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Today we are reacting to a very creepy kids video...
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What's up there's it's pat and welcome . back to another video yeah so about a . week ago we watched something called . johnny johnny yes papa . it was like the creepiest thing i've. ever seen before yeah but i thought he . could not get any creepier. they sell the creepiest shirts on etsy . all right this is not an advertisement . if you buy this for your children you're . hungry don't do this but i saw this down . below at this quality shirt and it says . nc and we clicked on this and look at . this this is the shirt what do you want . to mean i do not need one of these in my . life this is scary . daddy's that is terrifying but anyways . today i noticed that there was actually . three more videos on their channel check . out the channel right here dudes that we . have not seen fit apparently or animated . by the same person and they all once . again saying nursery rhymes for kids if . you're a horrible horrible parent um so . this stuff it's so creepy news i really . enjoy this together we have three videos . we've got jingle bells. we have dingdong bell and we have king . mia to the ball game she does so she . can't brag about her singing skills all . the dudes if you already for the channel . be sure to smash that subscribe button . once he goes up i will be replying to a . bunch of you amazing people so feel free . to say hello so we're just going to . watch this let us know if there's . anything else we should react to i have . not seen these others in like the first. 10 seconds out of curiosity we're to . start with this one actually which one . let's start with oh ding dong bell ok . the most popular one first okay alright . we're in a fourth-grade we can't go back . from this channel we can't go back are . you ready i'm nervous because it seemed . like starting into our favor . hang it all man gonna like pop out of . the whale weird is what kind of . everything yo mama here oh god wow to . him oh no what is he gonna eat it you're . throwing the well oh my god don't you . get it you know who know the web yeah . three can wear the soon she's gonna eat . it i'm predicting the here or maybe . saved in this whole brother wasn't even. dating the tree oh no he must woman. right it completely normal hey with it . this blew away the animator i disagree i . hope that we contact us everybody an ice . cream . 50 so there's two brothers with the . night here. [music]. it's so pretty for nursery rhyme for . kids over here oh my god is huge . you need to whole thing i think you need . everything have a good are you do it . [music]. never did . the universe oh good looks like on one . ending brilliant . [applause]. the other after watching this actually. might be lost . takes a lot on my body to watch me this . might be the most fascinating video i've . seen on all of youtube how does it only . have a hundred and seventy seven . thousand views should have 177 million . okay what's next okay so we're going to . go an order review so the second most. popular one of these is taking me out to . the ball game right this is a little bit . short there's no way it can be . straightened out like no way but here we . go take me out to the ballgame look at . the real people in the background oh . look the same oh another crackerjack dad . presence does that arm . oh there to play now candace name . alright this could be interesting . i hope i'm scared when you see that face . left-handed your tongue are gonna . stretch out lee kump union i did not see . that coming i should have known to be . anonymous or you go running i'm going to . catch up . [applause]. we're going for a double we'll come back . ever triple everybody comes there oh my . god oh no oh yeah look at you subscribe . to my channel shootin posting a lot oh . there's our other one oh yeah alright so . what we have lamb to be a jingle bell . jingle there's a famous song there's i . mean so was the last one but i'm sorry . yes one of the lowest the first one was . so incredibly creepy like they put a lot . of effort into that into being as creepy . as they possibly could but here we go. let's do it guys so to the moon . [music]. jingle bells are they gonna eat the moon . the moon mighty sap ooze out of the hat . oh okay it's a peaceful right honey the . restaurant we've always become a scary . one that was born earth is to violence . and closing song to dog . oh what happens when that water is to . roar what force or bumps were proposed . in the million time agreement along the . world. wait no no no i really want to i want to . quantify everything go go go oh my god . just write a little bit liver earlier . okay with it . look at that this beer can that be . it's impressive because of all the . present look it's so tiny. here we go ball the world oh what fun it . is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh . i predict again. oh my god ah that was beautiful that was . that that's creepy whatever i see oh . gosh this looks really creepy whatever . is down here okay on this dream looks . creepy we're on the creepy side of . youtube we've went too far guys . no turning back now fuck you . now we must watch this i'm just kidding . yeah the banana well everyone's doing . this all we have to show i do it with . the orange hair thank you yo gabba gabba . theme song but there's hot family we're . gonna watch some of these weird videos . it's not like making these videos . because you see some of the weirdest . stuff that you would never see but guys . truly i hope you enjoyed the video if . you did subscribe to our youtube channel . so leave a comment down below i'll be . replying to a bunch of you thank you so . much for watching love you all we hope . you have an amazing day and we'll see . you next time . [music]. .
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