NOOB SAVES A GIRLS LIFE!! Fortnite Short Film

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NOOB SAVES A GIRLS LIFE!! Fortnite Short Film
Here we go for another installment of the Fortnite series, leave a thumbs up for more!
[music]. alright remember this time we need to . make sure we get the circle thingy . before the storm gets us yeah like this . is our turn game now i feel a wedding . coming on we're really getting the hang . of this once we get our victory royale . the ladies are gonna love us yeah and . then we can concentrate on getting the . duo's kill record i'd say we'll have it . by game tan easy go team a go team . alright remember the plan if someone . shoots at us we run running hide then . build a tower until we're safe . victory royale here we could wow look at . her she's beautiful . oh no not now we've got a game to win . but she's the love of my whole life look . at her okay new plan . she's dropping she's dropping quickly . jump . what boom ended drop it though alright . here goes. [music]. oh should we really be following her she . looks like she's going to tilted towers . what a noob she doesn't stand a chance . especially playing solo she's so dead . come on let's land somewhere quiet but . she needs my help. i can't let her just land in there with. no protection and with my superior . skills i can keep it safe this is our . third game remember tilty will be a walk . in the park now oh i don't know about . this trust me it'll be easy . [music]. [music]. what you changed your skin yeah yeah . well i didn't want my mom knowing i used . our credit card whoa fair enough . uh it doesn't look so easy to make sure . it dies these guys are all noobs looks . like their first games max second game . we have so much more experience than . these noobs. [applause]. [music]. [music]. oh look there she is . [music]. [applause]. [music]. omg she's so perfect i hate to burst . your bubble there buddy but what would a . pro like that seeing a noob like you i . mean she must have played a lace winning . games did you say her go in there she . was in base mode i don't think you'll . ever be able to get close to her without . dying you're right she might see another . pro player like me approaching as a trap . and try and take me out and then i'd . have to take it down and that's not a . good first move . oh yeah sure that's what i meant we need . a plan to get a retention someone's . coming. boss boss sorry for just having you . [music]. what is it this time scalpel i'm trying . to plan something evil oh what is it . this time i'm not sure yet but it's . going to be very very evil no . what do you want i just thought you . might like to know there's a new prowler . on the island hmm a new probe you say . interesting how pro is this probe . well she cleared out tilted towers by. herself in gio's in like two minutes . impossible i can't have other players . hearing her more than they fear me get . me my shotgun i'll fix this yes boss . here you go so after you sort this out . maybe i can join in on your evil plan . yes scoundrel i may need to use you as . bait. anyway bait white what what do you mean . right boss . omega my lord why are we just following . her do you have a plan of course i do . we're just gonna follow her and see what . happens. then if she gets in trouble i can jump . out and save her and i'll be her knight . in shining armor . [music]. or you could just go and talk to her i . mean you don't look like much of a trend . probes don't just walk up to pros in the . middle of a battle royal that's just . asking for one heck of a bill battle and . i don't have the man so i'll build it . right now seriously you could look less . like a pro and what if she gets killed . and you never find her lobby again . [music]. i suppose you're right i can't really . risk never seeing her again okay i'll go . how do i look . [music]. smuggle socialist . omega i know i'm too late . another guy's making a move wow . look at him his armor beaucoup why does . he got that i don't . oh i just checked he's over a thousand . wins he's maxed level he's got that sick . armor and evil team behind him that . supports him and he's pretty much all . powerful well i get oh . fine let's leave . [music]. shit he's better off without me i'll . find someone else it wasn't meant to be . [music]. uh how could i ever live up to someone . like that . he's so pro maybe we are still noobs . after all i mean i still haven't even . had a kill. who am i kidding hey man keep your head . up this could still be our game i don't . think so i think i need a break from . battle royals i'm out . sorry to let you down like this don't do . this you've so much to fight for just . imagine that victory royale not today . [music]. loulou we're back in business she needs . my help i don't care how pro that guy is . i'm gonna save her and we're gonna live . happily ever after . [music]. i'll know which you lathe pick one she's . gone forever i don't think so shit he's . too valuable for this guy to just kill . he probably tried to recruit her for his . team all we need to do is find his evil . lair take out his evil team and rescue . her like a princess from a fiery dragon . castle yes great idea then i'll truly be . her knight in shining armor . lock up the girl until she comes to her . senses. i'm sure the storm approaching will. change her mind yes boss then maybe we . could discuss that vein thing . not now scalpel i've got more evil . planning to do . [music]. you . [music]. omg there's omega raven and that crazy . burglar guy they have to love him my . wife walked away like a beautiful caged . animal you've gone crazy . cupid must have hit you pretty bad with . his arrow let me out i was going for my . victory roy holliday hits and kills did . you hear that my love is calling for my . help you'll distract the evil guys and . i'll run in and save a life how do i . look how do i smell does my breath stink . come down dude i'm not smelling your . breath and all i can smell is that . aftershave you've on right i'm ready to . go go save the girl of your dreams . [music]. [music]. [music]. hey over here come and get me hi you big . stupid head . come on. [music]. i'm coming this dame you hurry up . [music]. thank you so much you saved my life . what's your name my name my beautiful . well that's a shame . the noob went to all that trouble to . talk to the girl and then couldn't say a . word haha the key is confidence guys you . gotta have confidence before we hop into . your comments i just want to say a great . big thanks on behalf of all of us this . channel just hit . which is insane this channel has only . been going for two months and your . support means everything to us . meanwhile on my channel we just hit the . hundred thousand subscriber milestone so . if you haven't already gone to check it . out there's more great content like . there is on this channel thanks guys . now on to your comments reesie 27 says . where's the female detective bet raptor . will also fall in love with her hey i do . not have a fickle heart yeah sure i just . said i love all you guys but that . doesn't mean doesn't prove anything come. on . panda kdz says fortnight purge episode. sounds awesome that's actually a really . good idea wow thanks dude stay tuned . and finally leo king crazy two three oh . seven oh seven says raptor is so quiet. now well what would you prefer me to . walk around like a one-man band banging . my drums and cymbals all the time ah . don't go getting any ideas . [music]. .
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