PLAYING Fortnite: Battle Royale ON MY PHONE!

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Fortnite Battle: Royale - Playing Fortnite on my MOBILE! :D
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly No Swearing!)
I'm going for it i go great i love my . phone bill bill bill . no . welcome everyone my name's ali-a today's . gonna be a crazy video because i'm . replaying fortnight on my phone i merely . attempting to win a game of fortnight's . on my phone and all of you guys will be . able to play fortnight pass away out . very very soon on your phone i'm gonna . explain everything within this video . i've got an absolutely insane gameplay . with a crazy ending all of that . happening was playing on a mobile device. how is this going to work well for those . you guys that did not know a fortnight . announced yesterday that they're gonna . be bringing their game to mobile and. tablet devices and it's to be the full . experience a hundred players the map . that everyone else plays on who were . either gonna get updates at the exact . same time it sounds crazy i think no . idea how they're actually gonna do it . and there's even more cool features so . also supports a cross play and also . cross progression so you can actually . rank up on your phone and it will carry . over to other consoles and the pc . leveling up as well on top of that you . can also play on your mobile and then . join up on games that are happening on . your friends pc or your friend's . playstation i don't have a good news it . sounds like voodoo magic it is honestly . insane now sign ups to play for night . battle on your phone aren't happening . until monday however i've got a very . cool little workaround it's gonna let me . play on my phone in this video today . that i'm about to show you guys so guys . on my screen i have fortnight booted up . in my playstation 4 and i also have it . booted up on my phone as well this is . not photoshop i now to do this but i'll . move my thumb stick around in game and . can see how it's moving around on screen . i can jump i can swing my pay packs i . can literally do everything using my . phone remotely it's basically an app . that allows me to do it it isn't . obviously the full fortnight experience . that will be coming to mobile but it's . basically the exact same simulation and . i can do right now early and i've got . myself a challenge for it as well look . at this when i chop down a tree look . on my phone you can you can do . everything on your phone remotely so . this is a challenge i'm gonna set myself . obviously playing the whole game on your . phone it would be very very hard it . basically uses some sort of streaming . system i believe my phone and the . playstation it connects to the same . wi-fi source and then thinks my phone's . our controller so sometimes it works . really well sometimes a little bit laggy . but i am gonna work my way all the way . to the final two okay guys the final two . position and i'm then gonna drop my. controller pick up my phone connect from . my phone to the tv and try and get the . final kill with my phone in a game of . fortnight battery out to win the game so . in terms of the official launch of the . fortnight mobile version as soon as we . know more about it as soon as i get hold . of it i'll obviously be making a video . right here on a chance to make sure you . subscribe for that turn on notifications . to see that as soon as it goes live . otherwise sometimes you do not see it . cuz youtube sometimes doesn't send you . videos so guys without further ado for . today let's play fort night battle . royale on our phones try and win on our . phone give it a thumbs up you excited . this certainly isn't gonna be easy. without further ado let's give it a go . actually people have landed a pleasant . park i think over new targets they put . around the around the map is really good . are you getting people to land in . different places and not send everyone . to tilt it ours there are more places to . land people and thankfully but it looks . of it lots of them have landed in. pleasant now obviously if you didn't . think the final one b1 was intense . enough and sometimes it's not sometimes . thank you at the games for giving me an. easy target at the beginning if you okay . was the target in the middle that . football field i think you went for the . supply drop. someone's looking at me though not. expect someone to see me on the roof mmm . supply draw chess sorry or going for . action i'm playing it a little bit more . cautiously a moment only because i'm . running i'm getting close to a hundred . solar winds and very very close indeed. of a chest up here it's underground . alley come on man . sort it out so i'm just going for games . at the moment that i just like nice and . clean wins rather than just rushing . absolutely everyone i see but there's a. lot of pressure because not only do i . have to get to top two but i need to . have a good weapon loadout hopefully . like a grenade or an explosive load out . at the end and all sapped hope the final . guy isn't too good at the game to be . honest with you let's be real here if . i'm gonna try and win on my phone i mean . depends i have been practicing i'm not. too bad my phone if the internet . connection and the wi-fi signal to the . phone stays strong i can actually take . people down but this is basically the . builder this is the important part what . is this guy he's bursting someone off to . the right to come towards me is he . seeing me is he hiding what are you . doing what are you doing . damn he's gone over the edge some good . shots though good shots he's unshielded. now put it down a second too late good . so good i'm using his ramp wow that guy . barely touched me think there may be . someone else here though so yeah i can . hear someone where are you buddy what . are you doing you've left a chest coming . in my squeak there we go it was good the . poor guy had nowhere to go what to do . let's not forget about that uh supplies . hide that chest keep we supply drop with . a manali sort it out man sort it out . ok we've already got 3 kills won't be . surprised the maven bees people left i . don't know we were pretty loud if there . is anyone laughter definitely gonna come . for a second oh so let's talk about the . mobile version of for a battle royale a . little bit there's a lot of questions. i've seen people tweet about it it is . the full version of a game in every way . controls have no idea how they're gonna . do it i can only assume that like say i . wanted to pick up my medic it right now . i could click my med kit on my iphone . screen or if i want you to build metal. i'll you just click the metal i think . that'd be the easiest way of doing it . obviously i played games like lose the . survival on my phone and obviously the . controls were pretty damn good someone . is hiding here don't think he's on this. floor though because his feet of really . like deep-sounding and normally that . means they're on a different floor yeah . he's on this floor hollinger bus and . he's on this floor hello where are you . hiding . are you screwed beautiful little . headshot click hello come out come out . look coming in there. hello lose my shield i closed her in no . she was facing the wrong way for a . second what are you doing . epic smg the best gun in the game . probably my most used weapon right now . is the epic smg i'm trying to keep a. little bit like low key because to be . honest with you the less people know . about how good is the better because it . is such a good gun um i think we look . looking like a situation where we have . probably cleared out pleasant right now . so glad people landed here i'm trying to . avoid to to the moment i've landed too . many times and yes to squeak a pickaxe . that's been updates for every hit every . single time just swing it it'll make a . squeak noise i complained about that and . it wasn't just me to complain lots of . people who were like wanted to make the . noise overtime and as we're so at the . game change it's such good guys such . good guys seeps any other loop in here . as well before we go leaving it's a . beautiful town and thing over here soon . that is the most pointless creation i've . ever made there we go it's a bit better . um but yeah the mobile version of the . game one thing i really want to explain . that probably a lot of you guys have . been thinking or asking is how cross . play works so for those guys that don't . know you can play pc and ps4 players . together doesn't work with xbox i don't . want to give reasons why cuz i do not . know doesn't really make too much sense . since microsoft is pc and they own xbox . i don't know what's going on there to us . with you i just know that cosplay does . works with pc and ps4 actually it last . night and it works seamlessly you can . link epic games account you can invite . each other and then you all review their . own apart to get pulled into pc servers . so pc players cannot play on ps4 servers. but ps4 players camp. pc servers now with mobile users you can . also play with ps4 and pc users gonna . get some few more tools here and all . linked up you have one personal pc one . personal peaceful and one person on . iphone however you will also be poured . into pc servers basically what i'm. trying to say is if you're on ps4 . you cannot play on mobile servers and if. you're on pc you definitely cannot play. on mobile servers if they leave its guys . a little bit annoyed by that apparently . not too keen at all hmmm . i don't really in any way of attacking . this guy in a good way i'm gonna fall . back and see what's here oh that's the . take it that's the take it or he's. getting aggressive he's getting . aggressive ron . why try to do it up with me i don't . think so . opie season no oh come on he left . quickly man he was annoyed . he was really annoyed yeah let's get . that shotgun back as well it's who else . i should have got three med kits so i'm . fine i've got so much eatables right now. but the burst honestly just sort of like . a placeholder weapon right now justjust . in case i ne
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