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Okay hello everyone how is everyone . doing in this mess yourself there today . we are gonna be reacting to animals . saving other animals you guys absolutely . loved my video on zoo animals where kids . kept being attacked by zoo animals that . that video was pretty funny but today i . kind of woke up just wanting to watch . animal videos okay so just leave me . alone alright that's what i want to do . today just leave me alone okay i want to . do is what cute little videos of cute . little animals . alright so we got a video of two dogs oh . the dog went to go chase the stick going . to stick man i'm gonna stick good boy . back get out get out help. [music]. oh i so cute the dog was gonna drown . okay and the dog just saved the other . dog that video just make you feel so . happy in the heart okay i'm so happy now . that that dog is saved yeah okay so . we've got a cat which got his head stuck. in a red cup and these guys it's filming . in the corner with his ipad yeah this is . great content this is gonna go viral on . youtube yeah well actually turns out it . did go viral on youtube that's why i'm. now reacting to it oh the dogs coming. car damaged stupid pussycat getting in . cubs oh no where the doctors comes on . nowhere and helps the cat in need and . the cat just walks off like nothing . happened if it hit nah that's kind of . cute stupid-ass cat getting his head . stuck in the god damn pop what a stupid . dumb guy okay so it looks like we've got . a goat that's drowning my hand second . can you guys hear that can you guys hear . that. don't you worry i'm coming baby oh my . god the pigs go to sleep and here we use . the hero pig that saved a goat from . drowning even though i was a cameraman . filming and i clearly could have saved . that goat but my pig did it instead okay . so what the hell's this is this is this . a lion and it's not like a deer a baby . deer well no what you this day it's the . day the friend mommy is that you . now i'll get you god stupid mommy it's . okay no no it's okay i'm your mommy . don't worry dear i will protect you okay . that nothing's gonna harm you okay so it . looks like we have a lion looking after . a baby deer okay i'm not eating its face . off my hand a second. thanks again oh my god don't tell me the . bloody other lines what's happening . what's happening not the one that was . protecting it. you leave my goddamn deer alone okay oh . man i just wanna eat his face off come . on man i'm hungry okay jesus christ . okay so allied was looking after a baby . deer but the other line didn't like it . so he wanted to eat him but it looks . like that the day is fine okay are . protected i'm actually kidding the day . is probably dead now away from its . mother and everything but i'm sure it's . fine okay okay so it looks like we have . a kitten that is away from its mother . and it stuck him like a ditch and i'm . guessing the kitten can't get out. [music]. oh no it's okay oh oh it's okay thank . god now for goodness sake always falling . you stupid dumbass cat okay come on now . oh thank you mommy . are the kids okay and the moms picking . up by the neck and taking it up there oh . my goodness this is so sad this little . doggie is trying to save this dead fish . by putting the water on it and the fish . is dead on the floor that is so sad he's . even putting its nose on the fish oh man . that's so sad what a sad clip okay sadly. that dog could not save that fish okay . just so sad or just even like anyway . because uh you love my videos okay so we . have a clip of a bear and wait it's a . bird trapped in the water damaged . stupid-ass bird why should i help you oh . god damn it why do i have to always . goddamn help all right come on now . whoa you say the part oh okay okay leave . the wing you might hurt it but the birds . are life all right shut your goddamn . mouth okay just just go live and shit oh . they so sweet the bear okay okay what's. going on here lion attacking a thing no . no piece of shit yeah get out of it whoa . look the lion or tiger i don't know what. it is but the thing attacks the other . thing and it's brother saved him okay . we got a crocodile whoa whoa whoa whoa . so we've got a bunch of baby boars okay . and the crooked i was trying to eat one . of them but the parents protected it oh . my god that could have been so bad look . or it nearly even got one oh that was . such a close call okay pretty shitty . quality but it looks like there's a bird . in the water and there's a bloody monkey . over there looking at it goddamn it . stupid bird getting trapped in the water . alright i'm coming out coming i'm gonna . save you now just give me a second okay . so it can't save it so was it doing now . it's it's it grabbed a leaf oh look he's . trying to use a leaf to save the bird oh . guys that is so cute oh . oh my god okay be careful this is bad . sight what was the monkey gonna do with . it now he's making sure that the birds . okay oh that is so cute oh okay all . right. oh yeah don't grab it by the neck okay . that woman thought she thought the . monkey was gonna eat it ah that is . sookie what a cute little monkey much . but this monkey isn't clearly the best . caretaker but at least you took him out . of the water okay . oh no this leopard ate this dear . although so sad okay i just killed this . deer i'm gonna eat well wait what what. the hell. [music]. whoa guys look bloody monkeys have come . out of nowhere or the monkeys gonna save . the day. no way oh my god . the monkey saved the deer but guys i . think it's too late i think i think the . day is already dead oh that is so sad if . only the monkeys came a couple of . minutes earlier. oh my god it was actually just playing . dead and the monkeys of all the things . saved the day god damn and i leave it . alone for two seconds okay so we've got . a dog trying to save a baby there bring . him in what kind of stupid dumbass name . for a dog is storm but boy stur bring . him in a good boy storm okay yeah just . tell the dogs a good boy they don't know . what to do okay it's okay storm . oh boy storm is making sure that the . deers okay by licking stuff that is so . cute and on into the dog run into the . water to save it it's now making sure . that it's okay oh this poor dog okay . we're doing - its lake okay all right . that's kind of dangerous look i'm sure . the dog had good intentions okay . oh okay we've got a fish out of water . okay this cats clearly gonna need this . fish okay okay i'll save you i'll save . ya okay it okay okay wait . looking at this fish a second time it. looks fake okay i don't think this cat . just saved this fish i think that fish . is a wind-up fish and it just it was . just not working look look how steady . and dead it is now but as soon as it . hits the water only his foot flat . okay and then look alright nothing else . moves yeah i'm pretty sure that was a . fake fish i just watched okay i just . debunked that video sorry guys i'm . eating food come on matt pass it over oh . horses man hold your goddamn horses i'm . trying the best i can . oh that's such a cute clip look guys . this horse is feeding its other horse. through the gate by offering its hay and . the other horse is eating ah that is . some good horsey friendship right there . okay so we have a field it looks like . this is taking place in england we got a . dog that is so cute . the dog is bottle-feeding this little . baby lamb okay i have never seen . something like this before . okay well shut it is oh that's so . adorable thank you okay hurry up man . i've got dinner time soon come on. that is so cute oh okay so we've got a . train station and it looks like it's in . india . oh no the monkeys on the train tracks . you've probably got electrocuted air . monkey oh you're dead come on monkey get. up saosin are manacle horrid all the . indians they're also distressed about . the monkey getting electric shock oh man . this monkey died from getting electric. shock no that's so sad look it's trying . so hard to pick up the monkey oh no . that's so sad wait is that where it came . from. oh it was on that electrical fence. that's where it dropped down to oh this . poor poor monkey oh my bloody god let's . film it and put it on youtube this poor . bloody monkey come on man stay alive you . can do this i don't think i can . [music]. come on come on do something oh my god . oh my god the monkey just fell in the . water. oh god that can't be good oh god okay um . i don't think water's probably the best . thing okay i think okay i think the . monkeys trying to wake up the other . monkey but i don't think he knows water . and drowning it is probably not the best . way to do that and everyone is why they . were scared oh cuz of the train oh look . guys there you go both monkeys have been . saved because that one monkey saved the . other monkey wait don't put dumpers in . the water okay okay alright ah that clip . was so sweet the monkey saved the other. monkey okay ladies german i'm going to . end the video there that was me reacting . to animals saving other manimals okay . these clips were so adorable and if you . would like me to make more videos. reacting to animals and funny animal . clips okay then leave a like if we reach . 10,000 i will definitely do that . either way though think i thought . watching now see you next video buh-bye . .
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