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Caption: Yes just like that just like that but. let but yeah. oh this is one of those moments guys. that you you miss all of you. no oh no no no yes yes yes they did. happening. you've got a right to access from check. your way. this is so ridiculous i'm going to crash. i'm gonna grab your credit i'm not. crashing it's really happening no matter. what's the plastic chambers it study yes. i'm back with more slither i owe you. could tell that i like this game ranks. that played so many times back to back. this is unheard of but it's really my. new favorite game is my stop. if you don't know what this game is. about maybe go check out part 1 and part. 2 1st if they come back and check out. this video this time i've got a mod all. right check it out there there's my map. as you can see i'm not around any any. significant amount of dots here but. we've got a model the really cool thing. about this modest check this out. i am able to see the majority of my. surroundings which is really cool it's. time to treat some worms it. sorry about that guys not only do i get. to zoom out but i also can play with. people in the server if they have this. same model we can join through the same. server why would you bump into me like. that you do feet. you must be like lexie memory remember. to like see playing that in the first. run even might through i'm just kidding. guys i love you daddy loves you check. out the first video if you want to talk. about anyways yes. now i get to zoom out but coming soon. maybe we'll do a little multiplayer in. the same world using ip addresses yes. this mod will help you out with ips. let's see if we can get this guy. let's see if we can get them now i can't. get him he ran away is it scaredy cat. i want to see how big i can get right. now that 2,000 you guys saw first video. you know how big i got then hold up well. oh yes sorry about that little better. oh no haha glad that hot booty that. oh hit the jackpot. i hate so much bad parts and let's get. this guy from me and my stomach. don't you read my stuff monster man yeah. that's right. but then i was like i wish there was. some sort of like a featured sort of. skin or you like a user like a verify. username that way if i was playing you. guys knew for a fact that was me. so we could we could play and try to. each other you know. boom a little little one i think i. should even try to mess with your little. one there. i could have really lost my whole life. my whole program anyways . we're at. 4,000 come on we gotta get up there. we got to get bigger we gotta beat the. last score yes the last score. that was a good school ii it was a. really good school. oh yes are you trapped yourself dude. it's i am going to trap you even more. we're going to get closer and closer so. i'm going to tighten up this circle a. little bit and eventually yes. you're running to my big old body hey. you select a sea would you like to be. trapped not. oh i gotta stop chasing these little. guys i got going to get to the big. kahuna's wear those big kahuna is that. let's see i'm gonna take on a big fish i. gotta get that guy right there. yeah. a little guy hello guy. i'm a snow guy huh i'm a snow gear from. frozen to overlook. oh god dude always had me your moshi but not quite not quite dumb getting. pretty good at this game. i'm just kidding i just totally jinxed. myself there's nowhere to not gotten. nearby. okay wait let her know you're in there. oh yes sir. i really need a truth thank you thank. you little guy. look at that the little guys helping me. out auntie so good oh my goodness. everyone just loves me. i'm like a like a snake magnet here. all right we we still were only at 6, we've got to get to the big guys. oh right there no i'm fine you can have. that far no i got the bottom have not. fared now the top that's why i already. been in. i'll get the crumbs whoo-hoo-hoo those. crumbs were so delicious. oh you up whoo-hoo-hoo up. ah ah man you got to be careful when. you're speeding up if you get a little. too happy and a sideswipe yeah you're. gonna oh you're such a gonna i can't. even. oh no he's gonna get me he's gonna get. me he's gonna get me. oh i got out of there i got out of that. one. let's see if we can make like a really. weird shape you know let's do this you. ready yeah let's make something funky. here we go it's time to get funky funky. funky it. oh no you gotta watch out you play. around too much in this month someone's. going to someone's gonna come to get you. like this guy. no. oh yeah you know haha. i got a thousand not cool. so let's do that again i gotta pee right. now. seriously after i should have went to. the bathroom before i started. if i start acting crazy it's cuz i got i. gotta pee. and i start acting really crazy it's. because i peed in my pants . not sitting. on a toilet over here. this isn't a game of thrones. that wasn't appropriate whatever. yeah so i got ya i got giant died and. now i'm coming back. i gotta hurry up fast eat all this now. if you're getting if you're going to eat. something really big. you can hold down the button because it. doesn't matter because you want to lose. that much stronger side huh. i got just sign. oh i got you know well well well well. whoa whoa yes yes. come on all yes there's so much food. here. there's so much food or stop this guy. that guy yes. oh yeah we're back on our way boy we are. back on our way but now you want the one. thing you want to make sure is that you. don't zoom in this far because then you. can't see anything that would be like a. crazy crazy challenge i'm not even. should be able to like handle that. challenge. ready let's check this - boom sorry. they're very dupe. boom ya got your - here's another little. trick - is that if you kind of stay on. your own body like this like once you're. like this watch. see boom and you kind of follow your own. body it's a little harder for people to. get it unless you do something like that. but that's we watched through there. anyone. well look at this i found a jackpot i. found a jackpot always so tasty. thank you boom boom double boom right. there. oh yes see this is what this game is a. proud that she's wanted to pair left. your mark. i look at all that right there ya want. some. yes yes yes yes no no yes yes. oh my goodness i can't quite see what. i'm just zoomed out zoom back in. sometimes a zoom out messes you up let's. trap this fool trade this for you out. we got a trap was that oh my goodness. oh yeah like it out yet who are we. oh yes yes sir yes sir yard now. all right oh yes yes yes. ah yes i'm sorry about that buddy i'm so. sorry about that. all my goodness i hate the jhalak pot i. hate so much relax you . oh my goodness i love this term see ya i. never get too excited with it gary oh no. save me some bro. we could eat together no you're so. greedy dude. oh my goodness look at all this yes that. too is matt greedy though he ate all of. it. you know unless you can make them pay. you want to make you all yes see. karma no no no yes. oh my goodness oh la la la. wow so hyper. i'm gonna stick next to these guys. hoping one of them get destroyed. come on destroy each other guys come on. destroy destroy and all. thank you or i just know i'm not. following a good there we go. following the line following the line. following the line following the line i. know he's eating the rest. fine i'll go back and get the stuff that. i missed boom boom boom boom boom. but who oh no oh no this is dangerous. this is dangerous this is so dangerous. right here. oh hello zoom out. all right i'm so glad i could see my. enemies down this guy he's he's looking. he's looking for blood this guy it. wow doodoo head yeah they are but up up. and up pops aah nikal od and then so you. can milky eyes start to outgrow quickly. got to eat them for this guy to me. something very hungry hippo. yes thank you sir. oh yes my leftovers and don't even have. a puppy food. sometimes the control get a little. sticky seriously. and boom thank you sir get a little. hungry their little famished. so far it does not look like i'm going. to be able to break my high school i. need to stick by this guy. eventually he's got to go bye-bye right. i should just follow him are no don't. lay a fellow clothes also closed from. feeling of sport while something big. this opened up and i didn't quite get. that go boom i almost let him in third. time's a charm. yeah see i told you third time's a charm. all big boy wants to play. boom sorry he'll do i well well well. bro i'm gonna follow this guy hey. where's yet wow he's a gigantic how. people get those little weird. bubbly things i got to follow this guy. when he dies. we're going to eat up yes yes no yes. come on it's time to eat sir it's time. to eat and taste so good taste so. delicious taste so nutritious boom never. ends. never ends ladies and gents never never. ends. ladies and gents a still good. who snake bends come on let me know. their top of the list is 27,000 oh. number for that user name is press f5 to. win f5 what you tricked me. that's a good one coming to get you at. five but not before not. i think he died - i wasn't killed i must. to kill that guy press and five to win. because now he's not even on the. leaderboard moon. who it's all i got lucky i got lucky. so many snakes up in my tummy i got. lucky i got lucky. so many makes they don't like me stay. next to the big snakes and then do this. here. oh uh huh oh okay slow down just like to. go too fast. you cannot control yourself through to. do todo del watch out when you're. following those trails cuz someone will. be right behind you trying to eat you. are right behind you try in the smell. you don't let that we don't let them hit. you with a little sneaky. it smells like it to issue oh my. goodness i make no sense one wrapping up. no not a whore see oh normal but you got. tight turns my dude i don't like this. guy so close to me i must do this to him. i'm sorry god i'm so far e i'

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