#8: EAT MY DOTS QUICK! Father & Son Tag Team (FGTEEV Duddy & Chase Multiplayer Server)

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Caption: Dubuffet but fame i ok where are ya. . . it's a beer tap the matter. . . yeah track people strap your trap you. chad and then he goes . and unlike i. . . race people in that mess them up. . . oh i get up the numbers on the. leaderboard. . . sometimes i even trap trap you want to. race me. . . broken neck in this game i am greedy. eaten or dots. . . i'm just so mean all the thought about. that little buddy. . . some people think they could trap me. well i don't think so but sometimes just. . . sometimes i think i'm really good player. and then i'll make it do for moving that. . . died that's correct i'm fgt video and. today i'm here with my son after you to. . . the chase. . . what's the best receivers it's chasing. johnny and we are in this same world and. . . chases on the leaderboard and you got. there by himself. . . it is breakfast time we got some. breakfast in front of us i don't even. . . have pants on wearing boxers and chase. doesn't have a shirt on. . . we just were not planning on making a. video but chase made on the leaderboard. . . 18,000 points i was like yo you want to. make a video he's like yeah you just. . . like put a shirt on me though and i'm. they affect so no one sees my body on. . . like ireland. . . let's just do it we have been like tab. yeah. . . i separated we have been tag-teaming. people all day. . . staying close to each other spawning on. the same spots my man's in third place. . . right now. . . come on let's see chase can be king i. gotta go near him and help him. . . i got to get to him though he's up there. all right so we're using our maps to try. . . to get to each other out who's this guy. . . oh whoa - oh my gosh about the fact that. back that but it at that. . . i'm running out of . trying to get the. chase yeah yeah. . . 00 where are you going to get some of. those dots row. . . so what chase is doing it is pressing. the escape button until he gets next to. . . keep pressing it keep going to look at. our dads were trying to match up our. . . dots. . . keep going i'm always the top what i'm. just going to do exactly nothing to lose. . . escape escape the area right near each. other. . . i look for me my name is daddy ft tv but. all right there space. . . so that's how that's how we'll always. have that guy. . . alright so chase let's come this way and. let's let's let's get the guy let's get. . . the magnet guy right let's go trap them. up. . . so when chase went in to what you run it. to me. . . 5c seven players were chasing a human. forming an alliance. . . - andy yeah well we've been forming an. alliance you so that we don't hurt each. . . other and then whenever we stay near. each other so whenever he loses his . i. . . get them whenever i was my dad he gets. them. . . yeah and then whatever that guy doesn't. get his that's i get them. . . oh nice little. . . oh thank you sir for crashing into me. that's for me. . . okay we got company you have come next. to me oh she's lucky. . . where you at thank you hey - how much. . . how'd you get to 2,700 so fast good. where you are you're all the way down. . . there. . . no keep going always say they're all. right i'm gonna now go find change. . . you're ready. . . oh there you are hello little buddy. . . yeah hi i'm going to circle you sike. let's go get some. . . let's go get some peeps you're ready. let's get this guy out here i can't. . . speak is i'm tiny. . . . . go get him to chase eat them eat them. eat them that's what i do. . . it's a father helping his son eat and. like regurgitating let me get away from. . . those dots for you. . . this is this is teamwork you're right. let's get this guy right here chase. . . there you go there you go. . . are you got oh alright cool chase. . . oh good job cheese. . . oh this guy thinks we forgot about him. . . hi that's it buddy it is time to you. . . if only we had five of us bikes and. sleep over lex is at a sleepover. . . mommy's broadly getting dress sean's. drinking a baba. . . so it's just me and chase go get him go. get these that. . . oh. . . get my dad says get my dad's give my. darling boy. . . come on get all those dots. . . nice how do i taste okay thank you. . . ah man so that's i don't because i if. i'm gonna let someone get my dads i'd. . . rather have it be chases whoa whoa whoa. . . i so now i gotta get next to chase so. i'm not too far. . . so you if chase well yeah chase asked to. stay there oh well i gotta get bigger. . . than from going to speed. . . who me some got if you want some escape. . . oh no escape o allah taste i was gonna. come next year but oh my goodness oh my. . . goodness oh you. . . i have and that's why i have haha. . . is it was it oh you got me. . . i think you hit the jackpot. . . that's another thing i forgot to really. say is that when you hit the escape. . . button that happens all the time and so. that way if you spawn near dots. . . you have a really good chance of getting. off to a great start and it happens all. . . the time it's not like a luck thing. right. . . i guess i thought he was gonna get me. . . oh yeah whoo whoo buffet buffet my. family. . . ok where are ya. . . guy you are 9900 dude sick job. . . oh no i'm on the other side of the wall. not where you want to be. . . it's like not being invited to a. birthday party. . . you know i'm getting risky right here. all oh fuck yeah you got a mouth but i'm. . . a chase chocolate chip pancakes for. breakfast today. . . boom has a taste got some coconut cool. whip. . . i was ten thousand do we died right. around the same number. . . escape escape escape we're close were. all. . . oh i just hit the chair boy get your. paws are and that wasn't that much of a. . . jackpot but still oh hello. . . i feel like taking down the king i was. chasing where's chase at where's chase. . . were near each other bro. . . oh wait a sec i want to go down here and. trap discard all wait wait wait wait. . . wait i want that he know i was you i was. coming for man i was hoping to trap the. . . big the big goose chase how to get there. so fast even speeding. . . ya know a little bit little. . . yes go back around get something less. deck ie to be a good with done. . . who this guy speeding that means he's. gonna he's gonna die soon. . . haha yeah i knew it i didn't grow up in. it. . . i so knew bro i circle all your . to. make sure no one else has a chance to. . . get down what what you've got to be. kidding me. . . all right we got a lot of dots we got a. lot of thoughts. . . we got a lot of dots are man all we can. get go no i'm not going for those in. . . this game it's high-risk high-reward but. sometimes the risk is just not worth it. . . i who who's next who's next to be eaten. . . gum are you trying to say how big a mi. papa. . . ever how big your mind. . . yeah i super huge your chunky your. gigantic months to do your kids diet. . . i was just trying to get to you i am. right in the middle i'm trying to find. . . me go through your clothes your clothes. just stay there friend. . . ninja turtle nerds. . . i got like ninja turtles i find that. offensive a little bit. . . you better watch what you say chase. . . yeah what ha ha ha here burbs. . . haha twenty five . your name. . . ttv burpee one little i did it will see. that getting all right this guy is. . . really trying to get me. . . whoa whoa whoa whoa yes and now i. tripped him up. . . oh no you my all my hard work but i call. the dots that i create those are my hard. . . words so many of my hard work right here. we're gonna get some action some action. . . yeah i remember no that's not the kind. of action i was looking for that that. . . was the actually i was looking for. . . like why my eyes get watery can see that. haha. . . such a sweet thing chase has a harder. time finding me so i'm usually the one. . . that has to find him and i'm right near. him. . . oh and there's chase chase can i have. some of those huh. . . thanks buddy i do let's get some let's. trap somebody this guy know who can't. . . get kevin he's a minion. . . yeah yeah yeah get it get it . it's the. dogs chase and i'll get these. . . why am i helping you should be helping. me i'm small it's alright it's teamwork. . . making a dream where if you didn't know. we are kind of going to eat my son i'm. . . sorry. . . oh sorry chase but that's that's what. that's what this is a father and son. . . bonding. . . who that's what this is so father and. son but where you at jc man. . . bloomberg as long as i don't die oh no. . . although a lot of snakes whenever. there's a lot of snitches get out of the. . . way oh that's you. . . hello tape ready any of my stops got my. . right either. . . are your kids be when you're little. police you got to all he got. . . he ate me wow oh yeah. . . oh dude good thing i went pee before. this time or i woulda just peed again. . . wow you're doing good i got to join the. game i gotta get in on the fun. . . escape but this is the escapists boom. boom boom. . . oh i'm right near you i'm right near you. i don't see you yet though. . . oh you're back this way more i don't see. ya. . . not yet but i'm getting close. . . yeah you can bet that one of these. snakes are going to end up yet. . . when they crash into my head. . . now sit i'm so proud of myself as an. awesome freestyle all right. . . and in all come on come on. . . archie's watchin off a cheese ball of. cheese. . . well that was a close one it's like this. is like finding nemo who was a little. . . bit. . . let's travel travel travel travel travel. this guy trapped this guy's somebody's. . . getting it in somebody's getting even. . . somebody's getting eaten now nobody's. getting into not right now maybe later. . . this guy's mad at me he's gonna he's. gonna want revenge. . . you died you safe arch kind of like. porch and a fart. . . which house are all i got a dollar. . . oh we're still kind of near each other. you died try not to die so you broke. . . them broken put him back together. . . i just ran through that guy i realized. that like when i play zoomed in its to. . . help me strategically so i could really. see what's going on because it's very. . . hard to play like this we. . . but when i when i'm zoomed out it's good. for me but bad for you guys you can. . . probably barely see sometimes that edit. the videos thinking all weather for. . . viewers watching an ipod it's going to. be too small the catch. . . haha but if they're watching an ipad air. or tv then they'll be good. . . so i'm just kind of curious can all you. guys please write in the comments what. . . you normally watch you know youtube not. just necessarily our videos just you two. . . but what do you watch it on is an ipod. is it ipad air is that your remember. . . your dad's iphone 6 or samsung with the. bigger screen you're going to crash. . . crash is it. . . a tv is it a computer screen this way. you can kind of help me. . . thank you for helping me yes who are. together thanks so much for watching. . . father and son but . tricks. . . whatever you want to call it a thumbs up. and we'll check you guys later peace out. . . people back a little bit. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . opaque boy they getting cold what we'll. do. . . yeah. .

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