The Biggest Cheater in Gaming History? (1700 Scores w/ no Evidence)

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Tags:  cheating  dragster  fake  impossible  score  the  biggest  cheater  in  gaming  history?  (1700    scores  w/  no  evidence) 

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Caption: Todd rogers aka mr. activision todd . zilla and the king of video games is . known for holding a ridiculous number of . gaming records along with being the . first pro gamer if you watch my video 10 . speedrunners who were caught cheating. you'll know that todd has been caught . lying about getting a five point five . one and a five point five four in . dragster a racing game for the atari . 2600 this has been confirmed by tool . assisted speedruns independent analysis . of the games code and recently by ben . heck who took a part in atari 2600 to . find out what the fastest possible time. was all of these sources show that a . five point five seven is the fastest . time you can get in this game he . actually received a guinness world . record for a time he never got but . something about this situation didn't . sit right with me it was way too silly . who would lie about getting a record in . such a tiny random game with only . 300,000 sales really no one knows or . cares about this game at all turns out . this wasn't just some slip-up in todd's . career this wasn't a kid in 1982 wanting . fame and lying about a single record . this is just the tip of the iceberg . todd has compulsively lied for decades . claiming to have achieved an untold . number of records which i can prove are . fake he got a twin galaxies employee . who's now in prison to lie about . witnessing scores he never had he has . been caught entering his own scores into. the twin galaxies database without . verification he's had multiple records . wiped clean after they've been proven. fake and yet somehow this guy is still . taken seriously so let's get started let . me show you how this man is the biggest . cheater in gaming history once i . suspected that there was more to this . story i started contacting as many . people as i could that had connections . to todd the best piece of information . that i received was from former twin . galaxies employee wolf moro here's a . quick intro into wolf's experiences at . twin galaxies i used to work for twin . galaxies some years ago but hated it my . brother and i were constantly having to . fight with what i call the old guard . comprised of record holders from the . early 80s first they resisted every one . of our innovative new ideas like speed . gaming records for consoles and then . later we discovered a lot of the records . from the 80s were bogus because video . proof was not required back then the. worst was mr. activision aka todd rogers . where i and several others were able to . prepare a case and conclusively prove . todd had been completely fabricating. world records for various atari games . and here's what wolff said about todd . and his email to me i quickly learned of . his celebrity status with twin galaxies . and being mr. activision because nobody . and i mean nobody could touch him at any. atari activision game he set records for . it was made clear that todd was . untouchable and unquestionable i'd like . to gauge how tough the world records . truly were by practicing on the game in . question when i started testing various . atari 2600 records already long . established by todd in the twin galaxies . database that's when i began to realize . things weren't adding up i would take a . game like barnstorming for example here . within the top five of the logged . records for it only to realize that . todd's number one score / time seemed . flat-out unreachable by a long shot . indeed the second place times were. nowhere near what todd got and i began. to smell bs i mean we're talking about . tracks that you finish in mere seconds . yet todd's first-place time was . revealing what seemed to be the . impossible enter wrong core suren mr. core suren was a ref that took . responsibility for logging and verifying . todd rogers records i would later find . out they were friends when i read this i . thought great i have the name of the guy . who verified all of todd's ridiculous. records i needed to talk to this guy but . it turns out you can't because he's . serving 30 years in prison for . repeatedly raping a little girl so super . high quality referee we've got here i'm . sure he's a super honest guy you might . say this wolf guy he's just one person . how do we know wrong courser and was . really in charge of entering todd scores . we know this because todd himself has . told us there were some 1,700 on my . scores that were lost from the database. or point blank just never put into the . database by wrong gone were several . tapes proving scores that are in . question including my 14 videotape 85 . our marathon on the atari 2600 journey . escape after ron's trouble was settled. brian king got the tapes back from the . police department as robert had been . retelling over the years but he was only . given approximately 125 tapes from the . police of which just one was from robert . and just 25 or so were from me and no . other tapes were returned by the police . just 25 tapes . attributed to be could in no way at all . begin to represent the totality of what . was sent to ron this is the most . important piece of evidence because now . we know for certain that it was ron who . was in charge of entering todd scores . and who kept all of the evidence . turns out after ron got arrested all the . tapes in his home were seized by the . police understandably but unfortunately . for todd they just never returned the . tapes that prove these 1700 scores of . his the issue with that claim is that we . can check i called the glendale police . property unit and they informed me that . every single tape that was seized from . ron's home was returned so all the tapes . that prove he got these scores very . likely never existed in the first place . but you know what that doesn't mean it . didn't happen let's take a look at some . of these records first todd's amazing . time of 30 2. 04 seconds in barnstorming . another game made for the atari 2600 . published in 1982 the objective of this . game is to fly to the end going through . every barn and avoiding all obstacles. every time you adjust your height you . lose a little bit of horizontal speed so . the smaller turns the faster time there . are four difficulties todd's record was . set on the easiest difficulty in game . one in 2002 jeffy aaron's meier made . this post to the atari age forums in . disbelief that todd had achieved a 32 . point o4 time well thankfully our friend . wolff saw this and this is what happened . todd's record which stood for many years . was proven to be impossible once we . broke down the game code and stripped . the stage of any obstacles with the . stage completely blank flying a line to . finish was slower than todd's record . when we presented this evidence we were . attacked by fans and supporters of todd . and eventually an excuse was cooked up . that i lovingly referred to as the . coffee stain excuse yes after being . attacked and told we were clueless about . how good todd was one of the referees . covered for him and claimed the document. detailing his record had a coffee stain . on the part where the record time was . listed instead of throwing the record . out and forcing todd to do a legit one . on videotape they simply adjusted the . record to be maybe possible by adding a . half second to the time and this is . where his second fake time of 32. 5 came . from which is also impossible what . really stood out to me though was that . according to wolff a twin galaxies . referee blatantly lied to help todd . cover his tracks. i asked wolf about this and what do you . know he told me that twin galaxies . referee who lied about having a coffee. stain photo which never existed in the . first place was wrong courser him who . would have thought there doesn't even . matter that this ref who verified todd's . records is a lying child rapist because . we can prove that todd's 32. 5 is fake on . our own what you're seeing on screen . right now is the tool . assisted speedrun by le osha which beats . the game in 32. 6 nine seconds in game . time tool assisted speedruns are created . by going through the game frame by frame . and entering inputs to create a . theoretical best run so here you have . the theoretical best time of thirty two . point six nine nowhere near thirty two . point five in a racist short just like . you did with dragster todd was caught . lying about an impossible record so he . decided to lie about getting a second . impossible record wolff eventually . confronted todd himself and sent him . this message on facebook first off you . and i both know the things you did twin . galaxies were highly unethical and . frankly it made me very bitter how mike . and i were treated like the bad guys . when we stood up for the integrity of . the twin galaxies database ron covering . for you and flat-out lying for you . really just made it even worse we had to . prove your record was bogus before. anything got done about it because both . you and ron swore it was 100% legit on . top of all that other crap you're caught . entering your own scores on the c64 . format without submitting full . verification to the proper ref to make . things worse many of those scores were. very suspect anyway todd was able to . enter his own scores into the twin . galaxies database because he was an . employee of twin galaxies and a referee . himself now here's part of todd's . response this brings me to the heated . issue of me entering my own gaming. scores into the twin galaxies database . that wolf so talks about the sentence is. kinda hard to follow but stick with me . i've admitted in recent times since i no . longer am employed by twin galaxies on. both forums and interviews when it came . to the topic of me entering my own . scores into the twin galaxies database . that i did but on a small scale and only . one time we were not able to discuss . such matters while we worked for twin. galaxies due to the nda's that we signed . and if it were discussed it would have . compromised the integrity of twin . galaxies brand itself so there you have . it folks yes i entered my own scores . into the twin galaxies database but it . was just a few and only one time i swear . it doesn't make it any better even if it . were only one time but this guy lies so . much i don't even buy that i bet good . money this guy entered his own scores. many times while he worked there and . then he says if he had told anyone he'd . entered his own scores that would have. compromised the integrity of twin. galaxies no dude entering your own . scores in the first place was enough to . do that here's another record that's . under dispute this is his record for the . legendary axe at least this one says . there's a video but there's not the . issue with this record is that the score . only increases in . 50 point increments so this score is . impossible how about his donkey kong . record of 15 million first of all what . are the odds you'd get exactly 15 . million in a game that increases score . in 100 point increments but whatever . i'll let that slide . todd's record was entered as 15 million . i immediately suspected it was bogus . since the best results from. professionals at the game were well . under 1 million i protested the record . and todd claimed there were full video . tapes documenting the marathon session. what happened to those one of the refs . the same one that came up with the . coffee stain excuse that's wrong claimed . indeed there was a set of tapes i asked . one of the lead referees to investigate . and verify these supposed tapes of the . records after several months the lead . ref concluded the tapes never existed. and todd's record was removed from the. database he holds the record for wabbit . with a score of 16 98 but the game . always goes up in increments of 5 i . don't know how he didn't realize that . like did he not even play the game . before making up a score also the game . automatically kills you at 1,300 points. so this record is double faked you know . what let's just go through a bunch of . todd's records and see if we can find. any patterns centipede insanely better . than second place . no video verified by referee cosmic ark . insanely better than second place no . video verified by referee donkey kong . jr. same exact scores as dk record what . are the odds of that insanely better . than second place no video verified by . referee good old dragster proven to be . impossibly fast no video verified by . referee galaga insanely better than . second place . no video verified by referee and it goes . on and on and on i just picked a few but . there are probably dozens of these todd . still has a lot of defenders nearly . every single argument . i see defending this guy aren't debating . the facts but our arguments from. authority the game creator thinks it's . legitimate to in galaxies also . recognizes the competitive gamer named . todd rogers for his recording that time . of five five one originally this record . belonged to activision we're talking . guinness world record here we're talking . about arm activision and twin galaxies . this is a logical fallacy just because . when galaxy's setting out a record or . guinness or todd himself means nothing . if the facts don't add up so my question . to you guys at twin galaxies is why is . this guy still allowed on your website . there was a man named henning who was a . top goldeneye speed runner but when it . was found that he had faked multiple . records they removed all his times from . the elite because . he had proven himself not to be . trustworthy and no one could be 100% . certain which runs were real you guys . know he's cheated in the past many of . his records still standing today are . under dispute he lies repeatedly what . else do you have to do to get banned . from this website i strongly suggest if . you guys want to maintain credibility . you wiped this guy's scores or an . absolute minimum . reevaluate all of them and require him. to provide actual evidence . .

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