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i'm not sure what happened here.. but hey.. weird games, weird times.
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So i'm looking for games to play on this . channel and i come across an interesting . one i added something called my steam . wish list which i pretty much do use as . a list to go to when i haven't got any . plans the videos for the day and i went . through it today there's some weird . stuff in there for some very weird games . and i thought you know what let's play a . few of them today and if you want a . taste of how weird this is going to get . we're gonna start with a game called . kill the emoji no i'm not joking and yes . those are emojis attached to a wall you . know what the reviews for this are . actually pretty good so let's um let's a . single-player and see what's going down . we got the emotes you playground to . begin with and big little nightmares i'm . going from the emoji playgrounds oh what . is this this is a pistol okay is that . the emoji what is happening i'm soaking . oh geez the angry emoji is literally . firing stuff at me i just have to assume . like this what is going on this is so so . weird oh no oh no i've ran out of ammo . guys help where these ammo boxes yes . they are right i need you to get out of . here please smiley man oh my there's . like angry ones they explode as well the . surprised ones oh man okay i am so going . to die love emoji the love parts . actually firing deadly love hearts at me . for an hour bullets again i've got . health oh i'm good i need some bullets . give me oh you know up i'll have this . instead look at them all oh my good they . like that one shots yeah as this is . ridiculous be gone emoji get out of here . i don't need to post you in a message . right now this is actually blowing my . mind if the music is terrifying there's . a giant metal emoji on the ceiling do i . even need to hit that oh okay you're . dead now punks . oh my goodness yes this is the best get . out of here sir i am now destroying all . of these punks okay oh dude look how big . that guy is . get out of here punk i do not want you . near me after all how . do you have dudes will you just die . please please go smiley emoji please go . oh no i'm gonna die i'm gonna die i'm . gonna die i'm gonna die i need ammo . either so ready why are there so many of . them oh my goodness i've got 31 so far . oh no oh no i'm i'm dead i just died . that doesn't mean we can now go to woody . islands yep okay we are here this is a . little bit weird what what no you can't . just spawn in front of me what's wrong. with you look at this it's like a shrine . to the emojis that's something we . definitely don't need in our lives . normally this looks like a pretty chill . game with decent graphics but then you . turn around and you see giants emojis . shooting things at you it's crazy . laughing emojis you are my favorites but . you're gonna have to get out of here . you're not my favorites today oh my . goodness i don't even know where all of . these guys are coming from no the red . ones explode. where's the health that i need health . i'm going over to this island maybe i . can just take down these trees and and . live here forever . no the emojis can swim okay we're in big . trouble no no no this is so easy. get away from me i brought out bullets . i'm gonna die i'm gonna die i'm gonna . die at leave me alone. ah you can't touch me they actually . can't touch me hahaha no i know what's . going on well this is interesting i um . i'm dead okay great what is big. little . nightmares okay okay it's gonna be like . this is it oh no look at this it's the . pumpkin emoji i actually paid for this . game i had teeth and stuff as well this . is the craziest thing ever i have no gun . where are the guns at you can't just . leave me in the dark and not give me any . guns there we go right pumpkins you need . to leave right now . i'm also weirdly getting a steam . achievement every single time i kill an . emoji i'm currently on 37 achievements. right now not sure if that's done on . purpose or not but hey it's up in my . steam achievements i have legs who am i . i'm like the swat team the emoji swat . team yes a shotgun that's what i need . get out of here oh my goodness no this . cermony look at all . this is so weird i am gonna die i'm so . gonna die this way to betty no no don't . take me please don't take me dodo dodo . dodo. oh the statue legit strategy i'm dead . i've already died the amorites have . taken my life again this is gonna be up . there one of the weirdest games i've . ever played i think that's enough of . that i kid you not this next game is . called potato for a steamed potato. edition and also in the background there . appears to be a giant pear this one's . bound to be interesting let's play story . modes what is that oh yeah oh it's . actually got a cutscene as well okay . hello everybody and welcome back to the . are news you are listening to news radio . station no i'm skipping . well that doesn't fill me with much hope . and tonight we just wanted to give you . all a warning about a very dangerous . criminal that is on the loose known as . the potato man the potato man okay was . that the guy we just saw is pretty . terrifying to be honest . ah okay what is happening here we have a . house which is two stories high skulls . everywhere and dead roses there's some . gold roses nice i have a flashlight . which is nice there's also pictures of . x-rays on the wall which is pretty . pretty interesting too i can't seem to . open any of these doors either which is . a little bit worrying whose house is . this is this mine oh okay okay . is this a this is a oh no what is that . ah who are you what is it i think i just . heard a donkey sound . sir-sir what and who are you euan nose . oh that was definitely a nose with an . eyeball attached you saw that too right . right who is this man what is going on i . am so confused okay yep that's not good . this is like oh geez . the end door is open and we're about to . go in potato man is that a picture of . you hello oh hey guys ah how you doing . you having a sleepover is this cocoa . nice you drank it all already is this . your beds fantastic do you want a hug i . can i can oh no i did not mean to i'd . love you to brush you over this is so . weird i told you guys you're playing . some weird games today but i didn't . think they'd be this weird this is i . don't know what's going on and this is . apparently story mode well looks like . it's just us four and the two wait . squeaky rabbits. okay guys admit it what do you want from . me huh what do you want from me i'm in . your house i don't know why i'm in your . house but you won't let me leave . all i've got is a flashlight oh was that . honor i'm going to kick your butt . what he's gonna kick my butt you you . can't keep my baby tried oh hey how's it . going i don't know what to do apart from . walk closer to him pretty sure this . right here is um it's potato man i can't . go through this door hey hater . how are you is that a mustache you've . got it certainly is you were like . high-heeled shoes ah well he didn't like . that did he didn't like that so oh no . it's got even darker now this isn't fun . this isn't fun at all hello hello potato . man and the bunny is still here at least . the bunnies are still what is what are . you doing here what's wrong with you. you're wearing high heels as well what . is going on your your nose with an . eyeball can i um can i touch you . ah kinda and kinda touch you guys i wish . i could pick you up because your squeaks . are making me feel better . to keep walking up and down this stupid . corridor just to see noses and potatoes . i never thought i would say that as a . sentence ever in my . is he here this time does he want to . play with us a little bit more or is his . nose friends just here chillin a little . bit sir i'm done with this nonsense i . would like to leave can i leave no oh . who are you what is that . oh no that scared me so badly i could . hear the knocking and i was like what's . ah he's got a happy face though he's got . a little it's got a little grin on hey . buddy i'm going this way have you seen . the rabbits yet are you seeing the . potato yet that's a pretty weird sight . to see i'm just gonna lure him over this . way. oh that gave you the shivers dude come . and see the bunnies come and see the . bunnies it's okay okay guys i . accidentally quit the game and it's it's . now back at the beginning not quite sure . that i want to play through this again . so let's just leave this behind mr. potato man it's been a joy i'm glad i . got to meet you in your house but i'm . out of here . see you later buddy i never wanna i . never want to see you again why is this . the main menu who are these guys and . what has it got to do with the potato of . the pear like what there's ten potato . man adventures loading stuff is this is . this a deep fryer to fry the potato in . oh okay this is this is ready look at . those two absolutely disgusting no stop . stop stop stop stop oh my goodness look . i'm playing his potato man in his red. hot i heels what does my life come to . i'm playing a game with a hot dog and a . giant potato no no stop stop no i can't . i stop quit this game two minutes ago . again i paid for that one as well i . don't wanna shark simulate so where we . get to be a shark bum bum bum bum bum . bum buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh bear . i have no idea what's going on but my . objective is to my jetta is to kill 50 . people wow. where are the people oh here. people there's been lots of news reports. about shark attacks recently i wonder if . they're true. oh they're true i'm here and i'm ready . to make them true oh did i kill her um . yeah i think she's i think she's i think . she's dead wait a second what's that is . that the police is is that really the . police ow . i don't know he's shooting me you can't . arrest a shark. you can't the handcuffs on me i've only . got fins no nom nom nom nom i will get . you this is so weird . i like flying through the air as a shot . i'm picking up speed pretty quickly all . dear okay what's going on stop you're in . a building guys honestly i have no idea . what's going on this is just this is . just insane and now stuck in some trees . uh what can i even do is i could open my . mouth hold up hello my name is dantdm . yeah ha ha ha i am being shot okay the . police are after me i've got $580 i . don't know where shark spends money but . um i guess we're gonna find out can we . take out cars as well ah . bam yes you can okay he's just gonna . carry on driving at normal speeds even . though a shark is bothering him on the . road police cars oh man oh no there's . people there's people there let's go . let's go oh geez i'm in big trouble guys . i'm out of here . wait a second i think i can pick people . up if i grab them with my mouth yes i . got you buddy oh so that's how it works . but there's a shark attack in the. roundabout in the main city you can . imagine on the news shark who rampages . small man oh no okay no mr. bat i'm done . i butchered does that mean i'm dead i . think it does . am i in heaven where am i oh i'm in the . sea okay that makes a lot of sense what . in a second this is weapon how do i get. weapons the shark's head is stuck in the . floor that is inconvenient for my cause . i am properly properly stuck sorry guys . i'm just looking for the shop i have . $1,000 which is probably more than most . of you guys and i'm just a shark so i . need i need to go shopping dudes hey . wait a sec. barbershop let's take a look press e to . enter i could get mustaches i quite like . the look of this one let's go blue . because why not how do i buy it i don't . have enough money we're gonna have to go . for this one instead big blue moustache . thank you looking good buddy oh i found . the weapon store sword flail . oh dude laser sword shotgun this is . insane look how expensive these are i . don't have enough money that's crazy . though ah the paint store let's be pink . amazing yes that's so much better . i'll do the police are destroying me. right now how many are there the game is . freaking out it doesn't want me to die . i'm just an innocent person shark i mean . i guess i carry high it now and go. incognito because i'm pink and i have a . blue moustache i just need to get four . more people i'm just really curious to . find out what happens destroy one more . to go one more to go get out my mouth . punk i need to eat one more person yes i . just give you $250 buy the big sword . okay you know what if i have to sir you . okay . look there's eyeglasses and stuff as . well oh man oh i need 2002 by the the . the sword there's a hat shop there's a . hair shop i can't actually remember . where the weapon shop is well um the . game is frozen so that's gonna end our . shark adventure for today what a shame. so that was a look into the weirdest. stuff on my steam wishlist which means . some of these piques my interest at some . points but um i'm glad i didn't look . into them fully because who in i'm gonna . swiftly uninstall them all but anyway. guys i hope you enjoyed this random . video i promise i won't do it again. unless you liked it if you did leave a . big fat like when it that'd be amazing . and if you haven't done so yet or if . you're brand new to the channel please . do consider subscribing to join team tdn . today for daily videos i promise you . then not all this strange the games . anyway i can't really speak for myself . i'm a little bit weird apart my guys . have an amazing day you're awesome and . i'll see you next time yeah right . [music]. .
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