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Today Dr Trayaurus is (yet again) causing a ton of trouble, but this time he has BROKEN MINECRAFT?! Check out the video to see how he manages to do it and how we fix it..
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Caption: Right so turns if i just added the extra. layers to this and a redstone torch here. i think i should work and they're never. the mine cart here we should be able to. give you the ride of your life can be a. buddy jarrod's turns listen to me please. come in with terrance this is a carrot. on a stick. love carrots on a stick with me buddy. yes it worked. everybody worked look at this haha yes. jarrett's is having the ride of his life. travis yours come and have a look what i. did with terrence is literally one of. the best things i've ever created in. about 10 minutes. where's what you up to buddy no way. let me have a look oh yeah and you. actually are huh. that is going to complex though it is i. don't think you should be touching that. it says make everything blocks. i i really don't think you want to. change that not. no seriously i don't think you should. save that. oh no. so try to rescue you are positively sure. that that did nothing on my goodness. what have you done. what you got i told you not to change. the code. look what you've done always not even. look at what he does he's just he's just. carry on coding that the computers even. turned off you crushed everything. what if you don't grim come on we need. to go and check out what's happened can. we see it through here are no i'll. notify the snow. what have you done to the snow. everything slopes and heels in and. strange stuff you broken minecraft. trailers are you happy out of all the. things that he's done in his life he's. now officially broken minecraft let's. see how it's going everything in here. that's okay and everything like man-made. seems fine but look the whole ground is. is bumpy can you see that look grim. can't even stand properly terrence how's. it going buddy look at their slopes for. the slopes. oh my goodness german to you you okay. buddy he seems to be having the time of. his life style which is amazing so we'll. leave him to it but look at this mess. this is an absolute mess i can walk up. and down them know that's kind of cool. but still he's broken the whole to write. look it's even got holes in it over. there. oh my goodness this snow is ridiculous. as well. r wow i didn't think he would get any. stupider than this. i'm i'm kind of interested to see what. kind of caves are around. i know there's a cave over here so great. mac come with me and we'll find this. cave as one literally over here look at. this. no all right get it so it's all i'm not. even i'll no look i'm up to like head. height this ridiculous grim can't green. card even are no graves lost in the snow. now great. perfect perfect i get through this i. don't get to hear it is all know that. what look at this look at this this is. so broken. it's all higgledy-piggledy it's all. zigzaggy grimwood you make of this. he can't even stand on it properly look. how crazy this is that grab. eh let's grab a night-vision potion and. special on both the script coming buddy. you need them in your splatter this. splash there we go. look i cannot believe this i literally. cannot believe this wears a deeper cave. so one through here this time a quick. look at stuff this is so weird. yep this is completely messed up this. bat through there is pretty confused are. my goodness that always like okay but. everything else. it looks like a crate like this what is. this. we're going to just like a haunted house. you know you get one of them crazy wacky. fun houses. it looks exactly like that look what. happens when i punch it's all sideways. and star. oh my word i i don't even know what to. say to this it looks crazy. back to you okay he can't he can't. navigate problem occurred grim you. absolutely scared me then you really did. look it's those get that arm. wow can we find like a normal cave or. well i don't think we're gonna be able. to find a normal cave because he's. literally destroyed it i guess it's good. you can walk up these slopes but other. than that you're pretty much stuck in. whatever this world is let's go back to. the surface shall we are look at the. snow. it's so piled up that it's over love is. ridiculous. now i know there is over here how you. doing great you're doing okay for. everybody i know there is actually a. kind of like a mountain over here so. we're going to check that out and see. what's wrong with that but overall he's. messed up pretty bad has any turn still. having the time of his life right there. but look at this. oh well there's hills and just it's. almost curves in minecraft. i'll meet you at the mountain yep. exactly what i thought look at this. mountain. i was so hilarious but kind of upsetting. the same time this tree seems okay but. the rest of it that these flowers could. not handle it they were like no i'm gone. they they just popped off it's it's. crazy i'm wearing a grim go i think you. got lost in the desert because of all. the crazy slopes and stuff look at this. i just looks almost incredible but i. don't think many players are going to be. happy when they log on to their. minecraft and they find out that tree or. us is literally broken the whole thing. look what's going on here this literally. does not make sense. how is how is this even a thing that wow. wow. is there any big caves that we can find. over here i'm really interested to go. inside. look look at this it looks like a. massive ball meet your right as hit here. this is insane it's broken and i don't. know how we're going to fix it. are grim there you are i lost you for a. second he must have got lost in the snow. is piled up so i i think we should have. some fun with this for now and try and. actually build with it and try and work. out what this how this even work so i'm. placing loads of sand blocks down i. don't even know what's going on. there's try grabbing some dirt and welsh. we crab. i'm stone looks like it kind of does the. same thing. so here's some sand all kind of piled up. and stuff i don't know if you can you. can drop it and then it today it goes. like drops at the holy goodness look at. this is told to all pilots and it. doesn't really work does it. that's that's just not right it looks. kind of cool it looks like a a modern. art sculpture but from that stephanie. broke definitely broken see what happens. here that it it kind of falls into a. triangle that's so crazy. you can make some really cool things to. this really cool things look at this. there's just stone jaggedy stone jaggedy. dirt jaga nice and this should not even. be possible right now but it's happening. grim what's your opinion. i know it's pretty crazy that we need to. go and get trained us to just fix this. right now because otherwise everyone's. minecraft is going. be when everyone logs on in the morning. that's just going to find loads of. triangles and curves and stuff we don't. we don't want that tree or us we need to. fix this right now. so pretty just fix your computer as. quickly as possible and we'll get this. sorted before anyone finds out. come on come on this is taking too long. people are going to start finding out. look the sun is rising. they can start finding out complaining. if you don't act fast should players. your computer is it done yet. what do you mean no we need to fix this. now take what there's nothing there of. tnt. what do i do with this okay you know. what that does make sense destroy. destroy the computer you made the bad. code on this makes complete sense when. you can have to stay here that's going. to be a crazy explosion. quick let's get to it quick quick quick. quick quick before people start finding. out terrence you dizzy. are you dizzy i think he's really really. do this we need to sort this out as soon. as possible he's charles computer but. this here. let's put one on each side actually just. need one here and then redstone yep. let's get out of the way it's gonna get. messy. well that was dusty was just let the. smoke clear out. i think it worked i think it worked with. its fine and we all did it in time. oh my goodness he saved himself look. this is what it's supposed to look like. squares and that's pretty much it. terrence i feel sorry everybody get out. the car come on we too holy to literally. just stop messing around now i need to. go check train horses ok. his solution worked here is one lucky. scientist i cannot believe that he has. done this again trey horas to stay out. of trouble. you're grounded you know what you're. grounded grounded for a week. haha thank you so much for watching. everyone and if you did enjoy this video. it be really appreciated if you can. leave a like and if this happens to be. the first video that you've seen me then. please hit that subscribe button to join. team tdm today for daily. minecraft. again thank you all for watching and i. will see you all next time. by travelpod member. ok. .

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