WHY IS THE NEIGHBOR CRYING!? | Hello Neighbor #5 (Alpha 3 ENDING)

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Guys, Hello Neighbor has been updated and ALPHA 3 HAS BEEN RELEASED! Bigger house, more puzzles... I can already feel the rage.
Check out my boy Aaron's video on how to get ending!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bmlm3A0nY-s
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Why she crying . go go go alright we want to break your . ankles all i gotta do is open the door . that's all i want to do over your he's . right behind me one run . i got it open your black really cool i . like you wanna maybe we can hang out . something will hold eo koryak sammy here . back at it again you see santa's up to . you know those means i gotta giving away . gifts today's console playstation 4 . uncharted mission . alright you want this bad boy all you. gotta do is summarize that like them and . let me know is the neighbor of freaking . devil worshiper because i think he is . tell me why he is where is not to enter. for the xbox one as give away yesterday . be sure to check your mailbox today. because i'm always going to pick the . winner that the following day of that . video. follow me on twitter but we need to take . another pause break to fall you're . following me all right make sure all . right mother you know hold sucky oh boy . hello neighbor 32 . i'm gonna keep me sent me . driving in from a city are characters . actually behind the wheel and we got a . front view actually use behind the wheel . before. it is freaking house like i'm sick of . this neighbor taking miles isn't that my . house. someone has no one has yet to explain . this theory to me down so he was gonna . break its thunder so she was going for a . kitchen welcome back to some hello . neighbor youtube favorite game . alright you make a video on this you're . sure to get views you're getting views . like there's there's no way you're not . alright i've made about four parts on . this to order the four have gotten over . a million the other two are like extra. clothes so unless lessons keep up the . pattern. oh let's keep up the pattern all right . now um let's see i've actually played . this for about 30 minutes but my game . crashed so we're just going to act like . everything's new to me that day . there's a freaking windmill and roller. coaster here no further though i didn't . get far right . the house is very very dark is very dark . you need a flashlight in order to . diverse house . freakazoo watching last light by both . wow alright we got the flashlight . now the neighbor can see the flashlight. incredible right so when i walking . around the house i'm not going to want . to have it on. he's in that room watching 24 mar 1 . ok so i can actually have it on because . i know where he is . this is an elevator which would be very . useful to frequent these stairs there's . a freaking more stairs you hear that . there's someone in this freakin door but . we need the key and to get the key . we got to get the golden apple thing i . never understood that but there's also a . jail cell here jail cell always a jail . sale i found out that at first i thought . maybe we had to like hit that switch to. open itself because as you can see. there's a wire going here but no. actually you can stock boxes. oh no my crotch and that is how you . finish your way into do you know we . could just like go outside and punch . someone in arrested in then you'd be . also in jail as well don't go outside in . punch anybody because i don't want to . have anything to do with you . you're not dragging me to jail right so . now that we're in here pull the switch . that was like my first thing to do. we're going to talk about this in a . second because this is also some perfect . bullcrap that i don't appreciate tiny . built our arm this switch here you would . think that which you would press haley . you press the switch at a bar boat that . would open or something like that but i . press the switch bro a blade was a break . what. oh that's how yo play with my emotions . that did not happen last time too . because i cut the power off last time . switches don't work when the power is . not although yeah this look . oh my god i got so much to tell you guys . this little corridor year what the frame . right it's just a corridor of i . paintings like you're being watched. i want to hear some theories on this . room all these doors locked i need a key . for that also locked another power . switch here but we can't even get to the. door so i'm not even going to worry . about the switch this just leaves the . outside if you come outside check this . out for my flashlight off so we can see . look at this somebody come look at this . how did a freaky build that why's that . making a face there and then if we come . over here there's a freaking grave . oh my gosh oh my gosh . alright he's over there guys are gonna . show you this come over come over here . and grab the magnet. it's right there see that a freaking . magnet. alright let's go back let's go back he's . in the same spot. look i'm tired of you and everything. that you stand for. well well well our neighbor has a tragic. flaw too many 30 who supported toward so . much trash about him not working his . legs out in the gym and not being able. to jump over the fence and they need aid . wait hold on can you jump fences or no . jumping the fence . he looks like he can't jump fences look . at that he's walking all the way back . around throwing his jars of white . substance at me look just the label says . blue proving that its loop after coming . up these stairs and open the gate . i don't know what to do we got the. magnet we solve the puzzle isn't working. hard i just have to think the you're not . getting it you're not going to be fitted . i let me just grab these binos real . quick you know be no short binocular . grab these binos and we're just looking . around here do it has disneyland . constructed a part of his house are. freaking windmill for power . i guess because i mean his power bill . would be off-the-charts let's be real he . has like an 18-story house he's got a. rollercoaster coming out of here . security cameras you know the city would. start to be like yo man you have to get. here to you know the rules of the . neighborhood you can't just keep . building on your house to mention you're . draining a fourth of the city's energy. so you know but anyway what about these . boxes booties boxes back here . what the freak is . hello bro how'd you beat this number one . breath so the magnet you know like . bringing up bobby like the man out . windows that doesn't inside this window . there's like a staircase going up with. the gate blocking the way. yeah yeah open that gate up ok so where . you going that get you open the first . door on the right and you see like it . drops off into like outside like. nothing's there. exactly yeah but there's a little ledge . to your left you have to jump on that . ledge and there's a painting they're not . that painting down there's like a hole . in the wall we use the magnet to grab . the blue key right i got it from there . alright erin um you're in the video . right now is there anything you want to. say for helping me out you know actually . i was i was gonna try to jump to that . ledge and i tried like three times and i . like as brian over there . i knew i should've just kept trying to . jump over get a little boots here so . everybody go to go aaron's channel he . already beat the freaking thing in blah . blah . alright let's do it run just run dude . this rod alright he's chasing us so we . got it we gotta do is jump in one go . we got to get everyone up all right all . right so now . look it this full crack a you see me up . here you have freaking oh so now i'm a . grip that's key. give me that oh oh yeah you see me up . here now what's good . oh my gosh he's trying to get it . he knows all right he opened one of . these doors know he told the open this . door all open that over that we're all . we will we . oh we're always there's a freaking door . in the floor man . ok so we're in that room with this key . card . boy boy all got to do is find a crowbar . and we're good. where is he why are you here . i . look at the zoo go go go alright we want . to break your ankles all i gotta do is . open the door. that's all i want to do over your work . he's right behind me run run run . i got it open your black get this matte . look it is home alone tactic of freaking . bucky on the door guys got freakin . security cameras set up your bill for . stories in a rollercoaster party house . and the best thing you can do for door . security is putting a bucket on a door . expose door lock it in here close to . close the door all right go down well we . well we well we were in that one . knockout in this lord crack right go . around go around here . come on buddy gosh no gonna go over that . huh what's in here open it up move . dinner to find this key was . yeah you see my flashlight you don't . know what's going on. see your dumb small computer program . rain can't tell that the flash is coming . from inside the closet. we're going to turn the flash went off . and watch what happens when this key . women rains were back in this room . there's a big switch here so let's just . pull it way up. let's roll it's locked lot . no all we can jump out there we gotta . break that window dude but now that we. know how to get on the freaking thing . and make it go up. you just have to kind of back up really . fast now i think you have to literally . jump across so we're just gonna run dude . i'm getting tired of this minute . i'm about to show him my ankle breaker . i'm gonna show him why i'm faster than . my i'm stronger than him . i'm smarter than him why can't open. doors properly . alright so now i'm trying to jump across . all the goal is a freaking ladder here . my gosh look at this now we get some . access to some crazy stuff i'm a walk on . this very slowly very slowly and i just . want to freaking jump to this ladder . let's go alright alright guys we are . high is free open that up bro booty . freaking boxes move right flashlight . already got one of those . what's up here what it another room . what hold up listen here i think we're . on the top floor right now. no not in here balcony action bro why's . is also be in this door is fake breasts . but these windows. yeah but these windows and you can also. freaking whale roll y'all at all right . let's follow this let's see where it . goes alright when i was a quick path . right can we see what's over here it's . over here this is this leads to the . wandering with the gate see how the . gates poking up through here now this is. right above that. so we come up here. [music]. all right there it is there it is . look at this yeah . yes it took everything and yes this is . what we needed baby this is exactly what . we needed. we're going to bust that open we're . going to grab this . uh-huh i'm just got to get out of here . the amount of time so let me save my. game yup. it ain't corrupting this time the amount . of attempts it took me 2 platform my way . into that freaking room. i've been playing this game for like . three hours so now we got the tools baby . that's it that's it . with the freak was she crying . was he crying can go through anything . all the doors are locked can't operate. anything's . [music]. i wanted to watch i'm doing guys you . don't know the amount of stress that. feel like i was trying to play for 20 . mode on five nights at freddy's that . felt like i was trying to be freaking a . demon level on geometry dash like there . was just so much concentration that was . involved not to mention even finding out. how to get to all these puzzles shallow . to my boy aaron because even though i . had an inkling to jump to that ledge . i wasn't gonna do it and if i never did . that we would never progress so he told . me i do that and then we figured out the . rest from there but we got to figure out . why these neighbors crying so if you'd . like to see more hello neighbor and if . you'd like to win a playstation 4 today . should assist my slice that like button . leave a comment is that neighbor demon . or not. subscribe today to join a summary and it . will make some businesses notnot is the . neighbor demon does he worships the . devil the difference because i think it . ate anything . [music]. .
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