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The official video for Eminem's "Framed" off the album Revival. Available now: http://shady.sr/Revival For more visit:
Music video by Eminem performing Framed. Β© 2018 Aftermath Records
? (intense news intro music) ?. reporting live channel 8 news. here at the scene of the crime. it's been a terrifying two weeks. in the city of detroit. after marshall mathers,. professionally known as eminem. escaped from an asylum. as we. know right now,. he is barricaded inside of that. home right behind me. ???. ? feeling kinky lip synching. to too short's "freaky tales" ?. ? (b-yatch) having. creepy visions of whiskey ?. ? drinking and in-visioning. sneaking into where christy ?. ? brinkley dwells, i know. this is risky thinking but i ?. ? wanna stick her like she's. decals (decals), but when ?. ? i'm murdering females,. better pay attention to these ?. ? details or you could be. derailed, better wear at ?. ? least three layers of. clothing or be in jail ?. ? if you get scratched because. your dna'll be all up under ?. ? her fingernails, man he. hears you i don't think he ?. ? cares, he gives a fuck. even his pinky swears ?. ? three personalities burstin'. out of me please beware ?. ? her t. v. blares can't hear. the creaking stairs ?. ? she's unaware in no underwear. she's completely bare ?. ? turns around and screams i. remember distinctly i said ?. ? "i'm here to do sink repairs". chop her up put her ?. ? body parts in front of. steven avery's trailer and ?. ? leave 'em there ?. detective! can you come over. here and talk to us . detective shelter: yeah. what can you tell us. as of right now . all i can tell you guys is that. he's holed up in the house. i've talked to him on the. phone and uh -. he says that, uh, he's being. framed. for all the murders that have. been taking place. what's his murder count . it is in the double figures. but he also maintains, again,. that he's been framed. is he elaborting on how he's. being framed . (indistinct whispering). well, i really can't say. but we've got work to do and. got to get in there and. i really just don't have. time to talk anymore. detective, thank you. again the detective headed to. the home where marshall mathers. is barricaded as we speak,. channel 8 news will keep you. updated. when we get more news . as it becomes available. but hey man. i was framed, i know what ?. ? this looks like officers,. please just give me ?. ? one minute i think i can. explain, i ain't murder ?. ? nobody i know these words. are so nutty but i'm just ?. ? here to entertain (how come. your shirt is so bloody ) ?. ? there's a missin' person, so. what he's got nothing to do ?. ? with me, i'm almost. certain i was framed ?. ? woke up it was. dawn must have ?. ? knew somethin' was wrong ?. ? think i'm becomin' a monster. 'cause the drugs that ?. ? i'm on donald ducks on there's. a tonka truck in the yard ?. ? but dog how the fuck is ivanka. trump in the trunk of my car ?. ? gotta get to the bottom. of it to try to solve it ?. ? must go above and beyond. 'cause it's incumbent ?. ? upon me plus i feel somewhat. responsible for the dumb ?. ? little blond girl the mother. fuckin' baton twirler ?. ? that got dumped in the pond,. second murder with no ?. ? recollection of it. collectin' newspaper ?. ? articles cuttin' out. sections from it ?. ? memory's too fucked. to remember ?. ? destructive temper cut my ?. ? public defender's jugular. then stuck him up in the ?. ? blender 'nother dismembered. toddler discovered this ?. ? winter probably 'cause i. disassembled the body ?. ? was covered up in the snow. since the month of november ?. ? oddly i'm wanted for. questioning them son of a ?. ? bitches probably just. wanna pin this on me ?. ? but hey man i was framed ?. ? i know what this. looks like officers ?. ? please just give me. one minute i think i can ?. ? explain, i ain't murder. nobody i know these words ?. ? are so nutty but i'm just. here to entertain ?. ? (how come your. shirt is so bloody ) ?. ? there's a missin' person ?. ? so what he's got. nothing to do with me ?. ? i'm almost certain. i was framed ?. ? still on the loose. they spotted me ?. ? inside mcdonalds tuesday. in a toronto blue jays cap ?. ? lookin' like your college. roommate with rihanna, lupe, ?. ? saddam hussein, bobby. boucher or was it cool j ?. ? the cops is on a goose. chase, just escaped from the ?. ? state pen for f'n eight. women who hate men don't ?. ? make it no weirder i'm. naked when i break in your ?. ? basement under your babies. playpen i'll lay in wait ?. ? adjacent facin' the door,. remaining patient while ?. ? stayin' complacent blatant. sexual implications are ?. ? continuin' to get. thrown, insinuations ?. ? are placed in little. riddles and poems ?. ? left on your pillow in hopes ?. ? that when you get home. you'll get the hint hoe ?. ? i'm innuendo ?. ? but it never occurred to me ?. ? i could describe a. murder scene in a ?. ? verse and be charged with. first degree 'cause it just ?. ? happened to match up. perfectly with the massacre ?. ? or the burger king burglary. no officier ya see i was ?. ? framed, i know what this. looks like officers ?. ? please just give me one. minute i think i can explain ?. ? i ain't murder nobody i know. these words are so nutty ?. ? but i'm just here. to entertain ?. ? (how come your. shirt is so bloody ) ?. ? there's a missin'. person, so what ?. ? he's got nothing. to do with me ?. ? i'm almost certain. i was framed ?. ? ?. (asylum intercom voices). paging dr. bender, please-. (beep) dr. bender to the mental. ward, please - dr. bender. (beep) paging dr. stateman,. dr. stateman, please. (beep) michael crawford, 3-4-0,. michael crawford. .
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