JAY-Z – Family Feud ft. Beyoncé

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Music video by JAY-Z performing Family Feud. (C) 2018 S. Carter Enterprises, LLC. Marketed by Roc Nation & Distributed by Roc Nation/UMG Recordings, Inc.
?. you know it's the constance. lack of respect you show me. and this family. that pisses me off. do you have any idea. how important today is . lack of judgement, respect. you have no fucking honor. jone. of course why would i be. expecting anything different. do you think father. would be in bed at this hour. who's going to take. this family seriously. when your the. first face they see. huh, tell me that. look at you. you don't deserve to. be head of this family. you're a disgrace. it should be me, it should be me. get your hands off me. it should've been me. who's this . another one. wait a minute. what's wrong with you. baby. is that good enough for you . it's not being second. it's not yours. it's my thrown. madam president. mr. president. thank you for. sitting with me today. jacob and bird. two children from. two mighty families. thank you. new information has. come to light regarding your. family history mr. president. the details of which have. the citizenry quite concerned. they reveal violations to both. the confessional. papers and the constitution. the murder that took place. within your family mr. president. a murder that laid the. foundation for your ascent. betrays a legacy of. peace upon which you ran. and were voted into office. the people deserve to know. i will not speak. on the unfortunate. loss within my family. thou speak about the courage,. the community, the faith,. the fortitude. the warmth, the wisdom. we have worked and fought. side by side for generations. [speaking native american]. we are all related. you want to talk about law. how quickly you forget. about my families legacy. my family has protected the law. striving for. justice and dignity for all. there's a disturbance in peace. there has been a disturbance. in that region for centuries. my family has fought for the law. wave your families flag. the worst of us. doesn't define us. our commitment to these. ideals runs deep in my blood. nothing can change that. my beloved ancestry was. one of the chief architects. of the. confessional papers and one. of america's founding mothers. she and a group of. women from all walks of life. revised the constitution over. four hundred and forty four. years ago. at a time mind you. when some thought. making america great. meant making us. afraid of each other. now ladies it's time to. discuss the 2nd amendment. if you make it illegal. you'll drive it underground. i want to protect themselves. i want to protect their families. if you have to understand the. hurt you inflicted all ready. your winning something. some people should. have the right to bare arms. you have distance from. the person your killing. i understand your point, in a. perfect world it would be lovely. if we can all put down. our weapons and get along. but that's not. the world we live in. ladies this is just. like the thirteen amendment. some people have the liabilities. and some people don't. america is a family and the. whole family should be free. it's like i remember my father. saying when i was a little girl. nobody wins when. the family feuds. because we failed to live up. to the four mother's promised. doesn't mean that she failed. i have hope that. we can shine again. we just have to. remember from which we came. family first and always. ? super bowl goals ?. ? my wife in the crib. feeding the kids liquid gold ?. ? we in a whole different mode ?. ? the kid that used to pitch. bricks can't be pigeon holed ?. ? i cooked up more chicken. when the kitchen closed ?. ? oh, we gone. reach a billy first ?. ? i told my wife this. spiritual shit really work ?. ? humdu allah, i. run through em all ?. ? hovis home, all these. phonies come to a halt ?. ? all this old. talk left me confused ?. ? you rather be old. rich me or new you ?. ? and old niggas, y'all. stop acting brand new ?. ? like 2pac aint. have a nose ring too ?. ? nobody wins when. the family feuds ?. ? but my stash can't fit. in a steve harvey suit ?. ? i'm clear why i'm. here, how about you ?. ? aint no such thing. as an ugly billionaire ?. ? i'm cute, ?. ? pretty much ?. ? if anybody. getting handsome checks ?. ? it should be us ?. ? fuck rap, crack cocaine ?. ? nah, we did that ?. ? black owned things ?. ? 100 percent. black owned champagne ?. ? and we merrily merrily. eating off these streams ?. ? y'all still. drinking perrier jouet ?. ? oh we aint get. through to you yet ?. ? whats better than. one billionaire, two ?. ? especially if they're. from the same hue as you ?. ? y'all stop me when i. stop telling the truth ?. ? forget it ?. ? can i get amen. from the congregation ?. ? amen! ?. ? cant i get a amen. from the congregation ?. ? amen! ?. ? ?. ? i'll fuck up a good. thing if you let me ?. ? let me alone becky ?. ? a man who don't take care. of his family can't be rich ?. ? i watched godfather i. missed that whole shit ?. ? my consciousness was. michael's common sense ?. ? i missed the karma. that came as a consequence ?. ? niggas busting off through the. curtains, cause she hurting ?. ? kate losing the babies cause. their future's uncertain ?. ? nobody wins when. the family feuds ?. ? we all screwed cause. we never had the tools ?. ?. .
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