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RAQQA β€” An ISIS boss who taught jihadis how to decapitate people got his just desserts when he lost his own head to a British SAS sniper's rifle.
The marksman with the British Army's Special Air Service Regiment shot the ISIS executioner in the back of the head as he showed recruits at a training camp in northern Syria how to decapitate prisoners, according to the Daily Star Sunday.
The sniper was one of 20 SAS soldiers who sneaked into a terrorist-held area two weeks ago, an unnamed British military source told the Daily Star Sunday.
Intelligence reported that the area could not be bombed in an air strike because it was in a small village, close to a school, and the risk of collateral damage was too high.
The sniper got into position and waited almost 12 hours. The target: a jihadi training camp 1,200 meters away.
The SAS team waited until the ISIS commander began showing recruits how to cut prisoners' heads off, according to the Daily Star Sunday.
The sniper got the all-clear to fire as the ISIS chief demonstrated cutting motions with knives, axes and a sword.
Using a high-powered Dan .338 rifle and aiming more than a foot off to allow for the wind, the marksman took out the ISIS boss with one shot, the Daily Star Sunday reported, citing the military source.
The commander was reportedly easy to spot because he wore white robes, which is unusual for ISIS fighters.
Most of the 20 ISIS recruits deserted the camp following the SAS operation, according to the military source quoted by the Daily Star Sunday.
"We got rid of 21 terrorists with one bullet," the source said, according to the Daily Star Sunday.
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Caption: Sas sniper decapitates isis execution. chief and isis boss who taught jihad is. how to decapitate people has reportedly. lost his head to a british sniper's. bullet marksman with the british army. special air service blue the isis. executioner's head off during an. operation in northern syria a british. military source told the daily star on. sunday that a crack sas team snuck into. the terrorists held area two weeks ago. the sniper got into position and waited. almost 12 hours. the target a jihadi training camp meters away. according to reports the sas team waited. until the ice is commander began showing. recruits how to cut prisoners heads off. the sniper got the all clear to fire as. the isis chief demonstrated cutting. motions with knives axes and a sword. using high-powered rifle and any more. than a foot off to allow for the wind. the marksman took out the isis boss with. one shot. the commander was easy to spot because. he wore white roads which is unusual for. isis fighters report said that most of. the 20 isis recruits deserted the camp. following the sas operation. .

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