Logan Paul (CALLED OUT) by YouTube! #DramaAlert

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[music]. sup drummer nation i'm your host killer . keemstar let's go right into the news . ladies and gentlemen youtube has finally . responded to the logan paul suicide . forest video they came out with a . statement on twitter and this is what it . says an open letter to our community . many of you have been frustrated with . our lack of communication recently your . right to be you deserve to know what's . going on oh this is gonna be good i . can't wait to find out what's going on . they follow up by saying this like many . others we were upset by the video that . was shared last week suicide is not a . joke nor should it ever be the driving . force for views as an akka . put perfectly that body was a person . somebody loved you do not walk into . suicide forest with a camera and claim . mental health awareness we expect more . of the creators who built their . community on youtube as we're sure you . do to the channel violated our community . guidelines we acted accordingly and we . are looking at further consequences we . acted accordingly did it youtube like . review it and then they didn't take . action and then they put the video on . trending what it's taken us a long time . to respond but we've been listening to . everything you've been saying we know . that the actions of one creator can . affect the entire community so we'll . have more to share soon on the steps . we're taking to ensure a video like this . is never circulated again okay so that's . the statement from youtube i'm still . confused on what action has been taken . to logan paul but regardless this has . made some creators happy that youtube is. listening and trust me i'm happy that . youtube is listening and at least put . out this statement but there's some . holes here philip defranco tweeted out . are you lying . or are you that detached from . reality he said this in his twitter . video rollin youtube released a . statement today regarding that logan . paul video the suicide video and at one . point they say we expect more of the . creator's who build their community on . youtube as we're sure you do to the . channel violated our guidelines we acted . accordingly and we are looking at . further consequences what are you . talking about youtube what are you what . kind of revisionist history bullshit is . that you the channel violated your . guidelines you acted accordingly when . you said you when you say you acted. accordingly do you mean that you had the. video trending top trending on youtube . that that you you acted accordingly in . waiting about a day and several million . views of people watching this dead . person in the video and the thumbnail . until logan paul decided to remove the . video but you despite all the the people . flag in the video you were like fuck it . that was acting just own just own the . mistake just own the fucking mistake . i hate defending you because because i'm . like youtube's trying their good and . then you get this fucking softball you . get this softball of a singular easy to . handle situation and then you're like we . do to everything a cornered with shot . really god it's so stupid yeah it's hard . to disagree with philly d on that one . jack septic i responded by saying the . exactly they didn't do shit . trust it flagger is an individual who . voluntarily works for youtube by taking . down content that is like wrong and bad . on the platform this is what he had to . say you didn't act accordingly the video . was reviewed approved and allowed on . trending after it had six million views . logan took the video down himself . youtube put out a statement implying it . was okay until others spoke up any . actions taken after were driven by . others condemning it whoa he is pissed . jenna marr . bulls have this to say thank you for . finally acknowledging this it's not a . perfect response but it feels like . you're at least still willing to listen . to our concerns and we aren't throwing . our anger into the voice yeah i gotta . say i do agree with jenna like it's a . step we're not there but it's a step but . some creators in the platform feel that . logan paul doing this video is gonna . cause more censorship for more creators. idubbbz have this to say on twitter it's . such a great thing . we all went ape shit i can't wait to . find out what this means . underlining youtube's statement where . they said so we'll have more to share . soon on steps we're taking to ensure a . video like this is never circulated . again so that was the statement from . youtube and the response from some of . the creators on the platform the last . time there was a story this big about a. big youtuber messing up like this was . pewdiepie in early 2017 where he was . making nazi jokes and he lost his . youtube read series a lot of people want . logan paul to lose his youtube read . series they want to see this type of . punishment but i disagree i don't want . to see that but first before i get into . my opinions let's listen to pewdiepie . himself. two days ago pewdiepie uploaded a video . titled everyone needs a hero and in this . video he was very critical of logan paul . in logan paul's activity here on youtube. but he came to this conclusion roll it i . get it people are tired of logan paul's . by now i'm i'm clearly made mistakes too . i'm not allowed to criticize it i agree . 100% with that sentiment i've always . said like i've argued with friends about . logan paul and people always bring up . like oh no logan paul he's like that . older more mature brother logan it's not . that bad compared to jake is where i'm . from one sociopath to another okay i'm a . youtuber i know how they think. i don't watch logan's videos i've seen . briefly of it and it's enough for me to . know his character and . yes he's the kind of guy that plugs his . merch when his friends dog died i'm with . you hold though gangs with you we got . your back yeah it's gonna feel weird . it's gonna feel weird for the next few . days fortunately it is just a fact of . life and another fact of life is . literally right now you can get your. march on logan paul . he's the kind of guy that fakes his own . murder in front of a ton of little kids . as the epic mean he's the kind of dude . that invites his fan to be in a song. with him to boost his ego and of course . plug the merch . and here tonight he's the kind of guy . that makes out with his brother's . ex-girlfriend good mean the kind of guy . that tells people to meet him outside of . vidcon when clearly told not to do that . that's a danger for everyone someone . could seriously get hurt don't do that . there's no joke i don't like logan pole . i don't like his type of person its kind . of person where i feel like if i even . tried to have a normal conversation with . it just wouldn't work he would always . just be like it seemed like i got in a . lot more shit for a lot less and i like . i said i don't think he should have any . sort of repercussion or whatever from. youtube but at the same time . hashtag bring back scare pewdiepie . season 2 that's right at least bring . back skinned pices we shot the whole . damn thing i must say that i agree with . pewdiepie youtube listen to me alright i . know that youtube employees watch my . show some of you don't like me some of . you are fans of me but i just want you . to listen because this is the best . course of action there are fans out . there of logan paul that want logan paul . videos there are fans out there of . pewdiepie that want pewdiepie videos you . deep i should have never lost his . youtube read series and i don't think . you should take away . logan paul's youtube read series this is . good for youtube this is good content . approved by youtube i feel like the best . solution here youtube is to simply. release scare pewdiepie to release . pewdiepie's youtube read series because . if you don't then everyone is going to . call for you to tear down logan paul's . youtube read series there is absolutely . no comparison - pewdiepie cracking jokes . that may be seen as offensive to logan . paul doing something that just. universally is offensive pewdiepie was . trying to crack jokes pewdiepie was . punished for comedy what logan paul did . was not a joke. logan paul wasn't trying to be funny if . you the viewer out there agrees with me . slap a like on this video youtube the . best solution would be to release scare . pewdiepie - because if you don't release . the youtube brent series scare pewdiepie . - everybody . and this community is going to be angry . with you they are going to demand that . logan paulus youtube read series . dis taking down and that isn't good for . anyone . ladies and gentlemen that is it for the . news today guys i hope you enjoyed this . video and if you did slap a like on it . if you're new here and you want to keep . up to date on all the news make sure you . subscribe with notifications on draw . blur nation now over 3 million 300,000 . subscribers. .
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