Shooting At Youtube HQ, WHAT WE KNOW, Fake News Lawsuits, Parkland Backpacks, And More…

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So a few things. 1. My heart and well wishes go out to everyone at Youtube. 2. I haven't monetized this video because the last thing I want to do is profit from this tragedy. And 3. I'll provide updates in my pinned comment down below.
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Caption: Sup, ya beautiful bastards. hope you're having a fantastic. tuesday. welcome back to the philip defranco show. let's just jump into it. the first thing we're gonna. talk about today is actually a last second update. there were reports right before today's show went up of an active shooter at youtube headquarters in san bruno. an employee at youtube tweeting "heard shots and saw people running while at my desk. now barricaded inside a room with coworkers". we saw a ton of police show up, youtube employees walking out with their hands up. ambulances were at the scene, authorities have been saying for the public to stay away. and i normally wouldn't do a quick update on a story like this, because it's an active situation;. there is a ton of misinformation getting thrown around, but the police put together a press conference incredibly fast. and they have now made confirmations. police have confirmed that yes. there was a shooting; there are at least four victims that have now been taken to the hospital with injuries. there's also one fatality at the scene it appears that it was a self-inflicted gunshot. wound. so they also believe and they are investigating to see if that was the shooter police also have confirmed the deceased is a. female or also several other reports i get a little more descriptive but most of them. usually only have one source so as of right now. i'm waiting. but that's where we are as of right now of course in the description down below. i will provide links to updates. we're going to be talking about this most likely tomorrow - and 2 i just want to send my-my well wishes to everyone at youtube. but i-i-i. can't imagine. what you're going through right now. but that said i-i don't know how to transition to the rest of the show because. obviously that was filmed before and i was in a better less pissed off and scared mood. but here we go. then like we've had for several weeks. we had stoneman douglas students in the news. but this time it wasn't related to the march for our lives or any of the activism there. since the school shooting the school has. put into place new security measures among these new measures you have additional school. security students, have to have id badges on them. and they must wear clear backpacks. and in addition to this there's also been talk about metal detectors, metal detecting wands. but one of the big standouts right now has been the clear backpacks. many stoneman douglas. students mocking that new security measure. lauren hogg tweeting "my new backpack is almost as transparent as the nra's agenda. i feel so safe now as much as i appreciate the effort. we as a country need to focus on the real issue instead of turning our schools into prisons hashtag clear backpack". delaney tarr tweeting "starting. off the last quarter of senior year right with a good-old. violation of privacy". and in fact students like delaney and others included have gone to social media and show that they are modifying their back. delaney writing "we need real change," outfitting it with activist buttons and then just for fun putting in things like. tampons. of course stemming from this there were people of two minds one you had people that were definitely agreeing with a student's how to clear. backpacks keep the students safe when when you're talking about the way the shooting happened. someone who didn't even go to the school anymore. came to the school and just started firing. more security can of course make sense; the ids can be helpful especially. since they've had issues with people trespassing recently. but many people arguing that the clear backpacks. it should a security theater. and 2 one of the other main reactions we've seen are people finding. it somewhat funny that the students are saying this is a violation of privacy one commenter writer. "they demanded that liberty be restricted for their safety. they just didn't expect it to be their liberty," but of course any of people arguing. that's not apples to apples comparison. one is security theater whereas the other could actually stop lives in which case more people are saying then why is there more security seemingly. that's an acknowledgement that more good guys with guns is helpful. then you end up in that same debate that we've seen at least a variation of for a very very long time. that said, i would love to know what you think about these new security measures is it security theater or,. "no, you're not when you change security," it's not just about what happened before you're trying to prevent everything else. what are you thinking. and why then let's talk about info wars and alex jones being sued by. undocumented-globalist-lizard people, four dimensional air monsters and/or a guy by the name of marcel fontaine. it's interesting how it looks like all of this happened. on february 10, four days before the marjory stoneman douglas high school shooting in parkland, florida. someone reportedly post a picture of marcel fontaine on 4chan. the picture of fontaine was reportedly taken from his instagram profile. it was posted in the poll message board specifically in a thread title the "antifa/lefty commie cancer" where users then scrubbed through his social. media accounts and they find this picture; a photo that shows him wearing a shirt that has historical communist leaders and on february 14th the day. of the shooting the picture of fontaine starts circulating again actually identifying him as the shooter. some images. even showed fontaine above the text "shooter is a commie" and so as media outlets raced to identify the shooter there was a. writer at. infowars, named kit daniels, who decided to prominently feature the photo of fontaine. the photo was used an article that went through three title revisions. over the course of a day. you had "reported florida shooter dressed as communist, supported isis," "florida shooter inspired by isis. allahu akbar," and "reported florida shooter discussed allahu akbar on instagram profile". what's weird is that daniel seemed to use the picture of fontaine despite someone on 4chan reportedly writing under the photo. "i can guarantee that this loser works the palladium in worcester,massachusetts. they play loads of metal shows is far more than any other genre. ". according to fontaine's layer mark bankston, "they published this photo with zero confirmation. they published knowing it was false or with such reckless disregard that they didn't care even doing the most basic thing like a reverse image. search would have shown that he had nothing to do with. florida or the school shooting. " now despite the fact that fontaine had absolutely nothing to do with the shooting,. despite that the photo was actually taken down later in the day, the photos still spread all over the internet. you saw it everywhere, even. a republican state legislator in north carolina named larry pittman shared comments about fontaine and his shirt writing on facebook,. "not surprising to see the people depicted on his t-shirt. so many of these shooters turn out to be communist democrats that i suspect they. are doing these things to push for gun control so they can more easily take over the country. ". and like i said the beginning of the story. the reason that we're talking about this is that there is now a lawsuit;. specifically a defamation lawsuit against infowars and alex jones. the lawsuit was filed in texas where infowars is based and fontaine is seeking over 1 million dollars in damages. the suit saying because of infowars fontaine received ridicule, malicious threats,. saying his image has been "irreparably tainted". also claiming that yes infowars did remove his picture, but allegedly it was removed without an explanation statement or correction. also as recently as yesterday there was no correction although after this lawsuit was filed. there was an editor's note. saying "we showed a photograph of a young man that we had received and stated incorrectly that it was an. alleged photo of the suspected shooter at douglass high school in parkland, florida. infowars promptly removed the contents of this webpage within hours after posting on february 14th, . the young man whose picture was shown later contacted us and asked that we take the photo down,. but we had already done so several days before. we regret that this error occurred. ". now as far as how strong is this case. it will be very interesting to see. the suit includes pages and pages of background on infowars; this including what they say is a history of publishing false in defamatory reports. when you have everything from the pizza gate conspiracy. to attacks against victims of the sandy hook massacre. and so the argument that this is a strong case is essentially they have a history of this reckless. reporting and so by posting this photo without fully confirming that this was 100% true. there was a reasonable expectation that fontaine would suffer harassment and threats, but on the other end according to first amendment attorney, ken white. infowars might be able to win this saying the core of the lawsuit that infowars falsely accused mr. fontaine. of being the shooter states a very plausible claim for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress the problem is that the complaint buries. that core wrong into a general attack on infowars and alex jones and their fans. and then also adding that this could become a slap suit slap stands for strategic. lawsuit against public participation in suits are identified as slap suits in order to prevent plaintiffs from filing frivolous. lawsuits designed to silence particular categories of speech and according to white, texas has a very strong anti slap law. infowars can frame the lawsuit as being more broadly about the content of its speech in general or about the speech of third party commenters. for whom infowars is not responsible under section. 230 of the communications decency act the pla

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