YouTube Shooting: Woman Identified As Nasim Aghdam, 39, Suspected Of Wounding 3

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Her father told CBS2 News late Tuesday that he had warned YouTube of his daughter's anger toward the video-sharing company. Tom Wait reports from San Bruno.
Killing new police radio communications. tonight from the youtube shooting and . the very first video tonight of the . shooter she is from southern california . and kcal 9 has learned she had a grudge . against the social media site kcal 9 is . learning a lot tonight about the youtube . shooter. she is from southern california and she . was very upset with youtube we have team . coverage for you beginning with kcal 9s . tom white live in san bruno for us tom . and one else' as you said some very . bizarre video clips that we have . uncovered from her website and her . facebook page a lot of questions as we . stand outside of youtube's headquarters . here first of all how did she get in . here we don't know that yet and we do . know that we think she had a target in . mind as she entered the building but . tonight so many questions about motive . these are videos nasim adam posted of . herself on her website and her facebook. page a collection of clips featuring her . dancing exercising and posing with make. animals on her website she rails against . world governments for threatening free. speech and says dictatorships around the . world are threatening people's safety . she also slams youtube for not allowing . for what she calls equal growth . opportunity i'm being discriminated and . filtered on youtube and i'm not the only . one . so recently they also attacked my . persian channel cbs news has learned it . was adam who opened fire at youtube . headquarters shooting three people and . injuring another who got hurt trying to . escape it was a horrifying scene with . reports of an active shooter youtube . employees came running out of buildings . on this sprawling tech campus with their . hands in the air and on their heads this . eyewitness saw the scene from across the . street then i seen the girl running out . and . she was shot in the leg she didn't other . people that were behind me they opened . the doors let her in she was in the . dining room with a couple people that . were taking care of her and then i i try . to get something to stop the blood flow . ogden reportedly had a target in mind . police and federal agents quickly began . surrounding the building san bruno . police chief ed barberini we did locate . a victim with a with a something we . believed to be a self-inflicted - i . would - female but the investigation is . still ongoing and that victim is . apparently the shooter but that . investigation as you heard from the . police chief's still very much ongoing . this is an active crime scene here most . of this area still shut down lots of . investigators still here on the scene . trying to piece this all together will . of course have an update on cbs 2 news . at 11:00 . reporting live in san bruno i'm tom wade . back to the studio. .
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