$8 Toast Vs. $20 Toast

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β€œI didn’t realize bread could be this luxurious.”
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Caption: Adam is the most excited about sepa soda . in fact it was his idea so toast that's . right . we were pretty excited to try a bunch of . bread for an episode adam had a . brilliant idea of looking at bread . worlds through the ship of toast . so today not only are we going to three . restaurants but we're also going to a . couple of bakeries this is really going . to be a jam-packed episode today i'm . worth it. we're gonna be trying three awesome. toasts dishes at three drastically wait . not so drastically different price . points tomorrow which one is the most . worth it at its price fyi if the toast . we're doing theirs are not your average . toasts it's not your side toast this . toast is entree toasted you ready toast . me i'm jessica cosmo you're here at . squirrel in silver lake today we're . trying our ricotta chose the poster . child of sweet food here at squirrel . this first started in 2011 has a jam . company when we started we really only . had this space here so we were doing . pretty much everything on toast . all the jams are made here fresh in. copper pans like it is all labor the . jams are made my hands are potted all of . these things the only thing that's not . is the bread because we don't have the . space and that is why you find really . special producers like oven grandmas for . our whitefish tartine we use clark . street baguettes for this chickpea dish . that has basically a sword where we cut . the baguette from tip to tail for the . ricotta toast we use a fluffy brioche. that we get from farm shop rio is . actually pretty simple ingredients it . has flour yeast salt sugar and then the . enrichment part there's milk there's. eggs and there's butter we are using in . california butter it's a high butter fat . so you're looking at like 80% we're also . using california cage-free eggs and we . will shape it it'll go into the free . sprayed pans that we've got ready to go . our loaf pans and you have a dome top . which is what the ones we're making for . squirrel and the challenge of making the . round top rios versus the flat pullman . loaves. it's the mixing process so if the mixing . isn't done enough then you're gonna have . gaps and depending on how the bread . proofs you might have holes it's a . different game and a flat face proof and . then it is hacked or. and then it'll get shipped sighs it's . pretty thick we roll it on a butter . wheel so we butter in on both sides and . then we put it into a panini press it's . a flat panini press on both sides so . it's warm it's griddle and then we let . it rest for a second we put the ricotta . we make it from strauss organic cream . and we strain it. we had about 90% cream by weight back . into the ricotta and we whip it by hand . and so it is a fluffy type of ricotta a . lot of times people want a rainbow so . they get reap flavors of jam it does . rotate with the seasons so right now . we'll do blueberry rhubarb raspberry . cardamom strawberry rose geranium we . finish it with a squeeze of fresh lemon . juice and a sprinkle of maldon sea salt . so at farm shop they were saying you're . the only one who doesn't have the flat . top bread why it looks like a mushroom . in a row it's really fun you know if . you're paying $8 for ricotta toes it . better looks fun and it better look . ridiculous and big and that's exactly. what it does so first of all cheers . this is really funny turmeric tonic . that's nice. is it ginger oh it's so good turmeric . look at this toast well i got a big with . the jam. this is beyond toast this is my actual . face and look at this scale all right . shall i cut you a little cube please . whoa i will say i've never seen ricotta . presented in this fashion toast nailed . it. oh my god of all the elements of this . toast the toast is really just the . presenter here it's amazing it's doing . its job the ricotta is insane it's so . it's whipped yeah so lightly yes and . it's cheese okay . next jim that jim this is a jam story . yes this is like when you're reading red . riding hood and you think it's better a . little girl but really it's about a . badass wolf it's like the best parts of . a jam sandwich that i had and french . toast mm-hmm and cake but light like a . whipped cream mm-hmm mix that in a . bottle and you got ricotta toast look at . the toast. i love the edges of toast you get the . crust the crust is a must . super delicious adams turn . ricotta toasts on brioche with jam it's . squirrel cafe is it called squirrel cafe . i don't know but i'm really into this . like back and forth thing we just go to . sentence together. i love toasts boom we're here in raytown. and we're going to restaurant card . here's looking at you. whoa you look at me right when i said . that i thought i was gonna have to . finish part of it uh here's looking at . you there we go . i'm gonna have some pate some cheese a . savory toast that's better than most . johnson whitener i'm the chef/owner of . here's looking at you and we're gonna . try chicken liver mousse and stretch it . to a cheese today what kind of . establishment is here zhelemie yeah . we're like a progressive kind of . southern california restaurant the. repertoire is french at heart but . executed with all types of different . cultures one did tell us become like a. meal good bread is the vessel for . everything that you're trying to make it . wasn't until i met andy from public . grandma's our signature dishes involve . loves bread it's such a quintessential . part of the restaurant his bread has a . perfect balance of texture and flavor of . the aeration of it and the faculty cooks . with passion actually in the what's on . the food part of our thing is creating a . happy place to work that doesn't push . people away from their families and . friends and it translates into the . products that come out the door we use . higher percentage whole-grain than most . of other bakers in town i feel like . there's more flavor in the whole grains . and it helps to move people more towards . real bread as opposed to chemically. engineered bread it's a three day . process basically we make suede out fins . they start fermenting throughout the . three our bulk fermentation we do folds . on the dough to build strength basically . building a scaffold inside that holds in . all those co2 bubbles so that it doesn't . collapse in the oven shaping it into a . boule goes in the baskets goes in the . walk-in come in the next morning . straight out of the baskets they flip . onto the loader and then they bake max . is gonna score these because when we do . our final shape the exterior of the . loaves are made strong enough to hold. the thing up so now we want to actually . release that tension so that they can . rise to their fullest potential . in the oven caring is number one think . i'm just a really anxious person and if . things aren't perfect i kind of they . need to be which these guys do it's it's . personal like especially when you get up . early in the morning like this and . sacrifice part of your normal life to . come work here you have to care i mean . just bread is epic you know we hit it up . with a lot of olive oil to help get a . really good char on it and just slap it . on the grill . we have a wood-burning grill burns out . like 700 degrees i'll offer client . they're like it's supposed to be burnt . like this it's like yeah a lot of people . don't realize that burning stuff like . that and i mean smoking is a technique . of cooking the chicken liver mousse we . use really high quality jidori chicken . livers i actually take my maple syrup . and smoke it and then we add that to the . liver we serve it with a side of bums . bread and then pickled papyrus which are . like a spanish basque peppers all right . we've got this beautiful rose a we do i . know you love to color oh yeah yeah this . is our first build your own toast . segment you get to control your flavors . a little bit more do you want to try the . bread on its own i actually really do . because he was really talking about his . bread cheers total toast. oh yeah . already look at the aeration on that . bread inside it's just like you're just . saying aeration because you heard the. chef say area look look at the texture . yeah look at the bread all right here it . comes . you want to get that nice and smear it . on whoa yeah i used to think that trains . with a perfect vehicle now . bread is the perfect vehicle of flavor. it almost tastes aged yeah yeah let me . try that . now the stretchy is the cheese that we . get from joy a local producer here we . make it us kind of like a japanese . pestis we use japanese parsley shu kiki . which is a chrysanthemum leaf perilla . some cilantro and then yuzu kosho and. mix that all together like a pretty . smooth pesto put that on top of the . cheese a toasted pumpkin seeds on top . and then serve it with bubs bread round . 2 baby we got a chardonnay also lovely . do you know any foreign language toasts. yeah i like in hurryin we've done in . chinese is kambei come base in ukrainian . it's not zodavia i like that how do you . say that nah i see a raga . na zdorovie not the robot and that's . dead oh yeah you know what let some . toast so now we've upgraded to a deeper . vessel hell yeah we got soft cheese that. is the realm i like to live in god yeah . see that's what you want in cheese yeah . it's got like creamy a little messy . a little stringy but it's a cool cheese . don't think this is hot and melty . that's the one yeah . my crimes was so good this tastes like . both the milk fresh from the cow and the . grass that the cow is standing in a very . delicious way not a gross way mm-hmm i . think the amount of time it takes to . chew a piece of bread really says . something about how good it is he did . think i've had good bread before but i . haven't realized that bread could be . like this luxurious you know like this . epic you taking it for granted for sure . you again here adam yeah adam you gotta . get him here . premium ice cream here's to eating toast . know that toast was crazy that was . delicious. yeah it was crazy delicious where we . going next andrew we're going to san . francisco to have some $20 toast . san francisco yeah to not have toasts . but you have a tour team which is just . toast that's does that's toast right . well is it toast it's toast is we're . choosing to call toes . hi i'm billy penn and this is one of my . restaurant called boutique len it's a . very casual french bistro . it's i know much to my mother and my . grandmother cooking from brittany the . focus here is just vegetable and seafood. there is no meat you have another . restaurant here in san francisco . yes i do and that's the restaurant . that's kind of my baby attorney friend . and this is a dish that is kind of take . on dish that i used to do at actually . crying on the testimony you go to walk . in the cause i used to go to the force . with my dad often and you see a . blackberry and mushroom and wetness . outside and that smell and that . funkiness so it's kind of a check on and . hey let's do a mushroom tart in here and. how you can bring the mushroom to the. next level without killing it you take . the bread really drop the grill we get . different type of mushroom inches very . good decision saute the mushroom . brasilia with the butter a little bit of . olive oil. niklas name is sherry vinegar what we . want to achieve is to bless the mushroom . mr. batter and just make them not just a . little bit of acidic oh so is the . vinegar you are to test your food you . have to know what you're putting on the . place you have to understand the balance . you know it's very watery . we made a espelette my own elsie lives a . lot of umami i know there's a lot of fat . in that issue you want to cut that with . a little bit of the cornichon elephant . garlic different type of herb tea nice . move a bit of sea salt turn it heat it . and go to say when you have a bread and . you know there is a lot of work behind . it and you know it's delicious less is . more less is always more apples oh yeah . what do i know james you ever seen a . funner color this is natural it is and . beautiful nation speaking of beautiful . look at that . i'll split the toast please part the . forest. [music]. cheers tell us house . [music]. yeah i'm i have no words it's . interesting because mushroom is far from. the predominant flavor on this sort of . team it's there . it's delicious but the balance of little . acidic things yes holy perfect . this is extremely delicious thing more . than anything i'm devastated by things . that i've worked so much harder and . longer on that didn't taste nearly as . good yeah. less is more though if you know how to . do it right right right . [music]. what a toast the episode we just had but . i'm chilly. hey don't get jelly of my worth it. winner because my were that winner on. this very special episode is squirrel oh . yeah that was a very worth it piece of . toast why three kinds of very special . jelly and a whipped ricotta on a sick . brioche come on . that's very worth it yeah i mean wow i . can't believe it's using that as you . know worth it winter believe it my worth . it winner weight can advocate universe . please adam who's your birthday winner . i'm saying here's looking at you adam . says the liver mousse whoa alright so . yeah but the attorneys and i were the . winner that was it was delicious . that's a good choice there's a very. strong toast game coming out of the tea . creme but i i don't feel good saying it . because they were all so good and you . know that tip was included for that tour . team oh yeah yeah yeah there you go done . that was a very fun episode not a crazy . high price point but for a food like . toast. still pretty interesting you saw a . couple bakeries you saw some bread get . baked you saw a single toast get toasted . come on it was a great time we just had . together. so all of us will do that next week me . adam in all y'all toast . oh yes. .

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