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excited to share this with all of you. immensely appreciative of YT and Robert personally for being so forthcoming and willing to participate with this. transparency is an essential ingredient to understanding and I look forward to hearing more and learning more of what's happening with YouTube.
We interrupt this program to bring you a . special report i'm sorry about the title . of this video but let me explain back . around the new year when all the logan . paul was going down i obviously as . a person as a human being i was . frustrated and pissed off and offended . by his actions i felt as i imagine most . of you felt how i felt as a youtuber as . a creator as somebody who depends on . this platform i was nervous and i was . anxious as to how logan's actions might . negatively affect the entire platform . with that anxiety i waited for you to . respond i wanted to hear what they had . to say and i waited and i waited and i . waited. ultimately they did they did post a. response it was a little over a week . later in the form of five tweets . something they called an open letter and . that open letter started by them saying. many of you have been frustrated with . our lack of communication recently and . you're right to be while i appreciated . their self-awareness ultimately i was i . was left completely unsatisfied by what . they had to say by the ambiguity of the. letter there was nothing there there's . no substance to it they didn't really . say anything they didn't answer the . questions that i had as a creator so . rather than doing what i would normally . do which is make a video thinking about . or go on twitter complaining about it i. emailed youtube and i didn't just . generically email youtube but i emailed . the top executive at youtube in charge . of all creators he's a guy named robert . kinsel and he's the chief business . officer of youtube so you got susan . wojcicki who's the ceo and they've got . robert who's the ceo and together they . run the entire company but it's robert . who handles everything that touches us . creators that touches the entire. community that's his responsibility and . in that email i expressed to him my . frustration and my disappointment and. how youtube had handled communicating . what was going on throughout the entire . controversy and this definitely wasn't . the first time i brought up youtube's . poor communication skills to hit they're . great people who are definitely used to . hearing me complain this time instead of . just complaining i had a suggestion or a . challenge i suggested that he come here . to new york city . to my office and we would talk about . youtube on camera i wanted to ask him . personally the questions i had about . this platform especially after the logan . paul controversy and i wanted to make a . video about it that i put on this . channel and to my absolute surprise he . accepted so this coming monday february . 12 2018 i will be posting that interview . in its entirety here on this channel . it's it's long i asked a lot of . questions and robert had a lot to say . and i do want to say that i took this . opportunity extremely seriously. you know just judging by what's happened . in my own career in the last couple of . weeks i'm very quick to acknowledge that . i am not the best journalist out there . so i did ask a couple of my friends some . of which are professional journalists . and some of which are youtubers who i . think would have smart perspectives on . this and that's how i put together my . questions and i don't think my questions . were easy i asked him the questions that . i think any creator would asked if you . were given the opportunity to speak to . the person at the very top the person . with the ability to change alter move . anything on this platform now this is . definitely a first for me to the best of . my knowledge this kind of thing is a . first for youtube and i want to end this . little preview this little explanation . video by just acknowledging a huge huge . huge risk for him and for youtube to . come here and and talk to me on the . record so that's it like i said the . video will be posted in just a couple of . days you know just some of the pragmatic . parts i didn't share any of my questions . with youtube with robert i didn't share . any of the questions ahead of time they . didn't know what they were getting . themselves into with with what i was . going to be asking them and when robert . finally showed up here when he walked . through the door to my office he was . with his head of pr for all of youtube. and the first question that i asked them . was with the cameras off the first . question i asked them was what's . off-limits what do you not want me . asking you and and robert looked me in. the eye i wasn't wearing glasses he . looked me in the eye and said nothing's . off-limits ask whatever you want to ask . i hope you'll give this video the time . that it deserves i hope you will give. youtube sort of a chance to hear out . what they. want to say about this whole everything. that's been around in this platform and . whether you like what he has to say or . not i think that his willingness and . youtube's willingness to come and speak. so openly speaks volumes okay i'm very . very excited to share this with with all . of the internet. you. .
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