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It's just nice . oh boy . mater to me jacob . oh yeah well messed up the intro on the . coolness of the whole entire video let's . do that again. oh man youtube 2016 the year of . youtubers arguing and getting into. fights youtube 2017 the year of this . [music]. [music]. youtube 2018 the year i wanna say i . called it but uh then again i wonder . whose idea that was . there should be an influencer boxing. like league like just youtubers . instagram people know jerk oh no was . that jake paul's idea i am so so so so . excited for this finally we could just . stop all the talking and all of the sub . tweets and just do get all this drama. and these these boxing matches are . legitimately feeding like 50% of . youtube's ecosystem right now guys . you're looking at the title of this . video and you're saying jake are you . fighting ks eyes little brother oh boy . do i have an answer for you so deji if . you're watching this well i know you're . watching this you have jake palmer's . you're a fan yeah you're welcome for . that by the way i just want to say . what's up dad g thank you for liking and . subscribing my dude guys you joined the . jake palmer family speaking of the jake . pollard's guys and being the most live . family on youtube jake pollard's this is . the moment we have all been waiting for . logan and the ksi fight is confirmed . whoo . is going to be in this fight is greg . paul gonna fight ks is dad is keemstar . gonna fight scarce is neck rub thing . gonna fight some other dude that i don't . know is pam stepanek going to yo . can we get somebody please fight my mom. hamsters the list goes on and on and on . guys and this is going to be a event for . the books should i really really really . fight this kid from england. whose brother called me out on a live . television . like i had to have a heart-to-heart with . myself to decide if i want to do this . the heart-to-heart went something like. this. um oh yeah what subject you're having a . heart to heart huh yes uh breast cool . huh that's super cool yo do you want to . do this fight everyone's wondering yeah . yeah okay sighs gonna box do you want to . do this way i really want to do this. fight but i got a sitter some details . first we need to talk about it we have . to consider some details first and not . only are we gonna consider some details . but apparently we have to talk about it . here's some backstory some kid from the . uk named dj /dg he makes a video about . me calling me the p word probably like a . hundred times . i didn't even know who this kid was he . came out of nowhere and just started . insulting me and then after that like . things just spiraled out of control like . youtubers from all across the world just . started making videos on videos on . videos or videos about this whole boxing . thing specifically desi just started . like milking this thing like a cow he's. made dozens of videos in like y'all . respect for that because every time you . put my name in your title or my . brother's name in the title you can pay . this month's rent we said it in a song . it's idol and you can pay this month's . rent everyone's jumping on this wave . everyone wants to fight each other all . the testosterone is getting built up and . people are getting angry man they just . want to fight and so i kind of got sick . of the videos i was like yo the jake . parlors were savages we handle things in . person i talked to dead gene i was like . yo let's meet up in person and fight per . usual these internet kids who tweet who . youtube who make videos who talk smack . down line they don't back it up ever . kind of crazy race come you had a . similar experience with my friends chan . theny i was whole i would be walking . downstairs and there would be no . conversation it would be straight fish . no i just don't get it man but like yo . rice come you know we're cool you know . like i respect you but the point is is . that a ton of people on the internet . nowadays and i'm sure you guys. experiences at home are just like say . stuff online but won't say it's you in . person so i want to encourage you guys . right now that if that ever happens to . you like disregard day after i met up . with deji in person once again he . proceeds to make like 19 videos about it . which respect bro i get it however in . one of these videos he officially . challenges me to a boxing match i watch . the fight he wants to have a boxing . match in england all of that is . wonderful i just don't get the whole . boxing thing like i respect the sport . it's a great sport lot of yatta yatta . shot a bladder but these kids are afraid . to do an mma fight with the pawls . because they know that we kicked their . so the natural thing to do is to turn to . boxing for this fight but he says in . that same video that he's going to train . the hardest she's ever trained in his . life for for our fight i'm telling you . right now i'm gonna train well he's . gonna train hard let's let's uh let's . tune in to a training session of his i'm . sorry but i can't even right now like yo . he doesn't know what he's getting into . man so you're probably sitting there at . home hallo yo jake if you're laughing at . him then why don't you just why don't . you just fight him jake that is a great . question and the answer to that question . is i yeah yeah so to finally answer your . question i am going to fight dj . [music]. i am going to fight edgy i don't know if . this kid is joking or if he just . understands how good this is for his . business and for his career but like . he's like maybe this tall but i think. the location comes down to what we all . kind of mutually decide on i think the . best thing is to go to a neutral . location like dubai i'm not fighting . with headgear on period like no i'm not . saying that like i'm 1,000% going to win . it's a boxing match you never know . what's gonna happen some of the best . fighters in the world will be like . messing around in the ring whatever and . get knocked out it happens literally to . the best fighters in the world . [applause]. like literally everybody is beatable . people can be defeated at everything you . know besides floyd mayweather who is 50 . and o and has never lost a match in his . life and who also happens to be my . boxing coach but jake pollard's you know . like this next couple of months or till . whenever the fight is it's gonna be an . interesting journey man you're gonna get . to see me fight in actual real boxing . match like that is that is pretty . intensive smash that subscribe button . join the jake tyler team actually though . like i'm so excited that i have this . platform that i do and it's all thanks . to you guys - jake pollard's and you're . a part of the everyday bro movement you . already know that we lit and yo i just . want to throw this out there but i think . that the winners of each of the fights . should fight each other no matter who . wins baby so uh yeah guys . desi good luck bro okay si good luck bro . logan good luck bro and everyone else . good luck . you got to prepare for the biggest . youtube event ever baby let's go can we . get this video to 100k thumbs up smash . that like button guys and i will see . y'all tomorrow because it's everyday bro . join the everyday bro movement people . and count yourself some of the hottest . urged in the game go right now because . the shake collars sell everything out . and smash that subscribe button and join . the most let youtube channel on youtube . i'll see y'all tomorrow . [music]. .
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