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Caption: [music]. $42. 00 was coaching today is going to be . an awesome day guys it rained here in . los angeles so you know it's about to go . flip in town if you're new here i'm jake . paul you guys are the jake pollard's . this is the 10th house and it's everyday . bro so put your vlog belts on because it . is about to go down you're here for the . roller-coaster ride because we have a . lot going on today because we have a lot . going on today i'm about to try and . break into my brother's house and then . we have something super super special . that is about to go before that guys . they got to get you caught up to speed . so we're moving into this house we need . furniture i keep on talking about this . furniture but guys it's a giant house . and like there's no furniture so the . other week i came up with this idea of . something super super dope to put inside . of the house and that dream is going to . become a reality. roll the clip yo talk about furniture i . called in the best infinity aquarium i'm . gonna get a giant aquarium in my room . like me i think the bigger the better so . if you want to go 5 foot 6 foot 7 foot . [applause]. kids that is furniture like i wanna make . this house like super dope so i'm like. why not put an aquarium in my room . giant shark and then like a little cute . goldfish you gotta pick one . can we put a tv in it to like on this . side that pops up absolutely we'll have . all our filtration underneath we'll have . a four foot tall tank that you can see . from your bed you can see from the . staircase you can see from the bathroom . we'll put a tv on this side that pops up . we'll get move lighting in there you can . put it any color you want we'll have a . goldfish we'll have sharks whatever you . want we can put in there all right you . got it bro i'm gonna go now if you're on . it i'll be showing up with a bunch of . fish : jimmy i'm about to have noticed. when i mean dopest i mean dopest fish. tank in america and i have seen a lot of . fish tanks in america okay let me tell . you about that so now y'all are caught . up to speed a little bit guys ray how . are you doing buddy . because you know it got a little bit . emotional in yesterday's vlog guys if . you don't know ray has this like . girlfriend ex-girlfriend type of thing . going on we're gonna help him out . guys you caught up to speed even more . yesterday chance got into a fight with . his girlfriend . oh yeah sure you're good justin has a . house in the backyard now that . apparently he pimped out no i mean . there's like going down there's all high . going down well i do have a beautiful . woman in my life . her name is mom good morning monsters. you get that's a good morning bam stairs . again good morning panthers . joke hamsters and guys we're also gonna . see if i justin has to get his ferrari . because there's a challenge on the table . where justin might get a ferrari or not . sure did you get this car i don't know . we might need your guys's help . [music]. but enough with the nonsense y'all are . caught up to speed your vlog belts are . flipping and you're officially a jig. parlor so let's get this day started but . now we are on our way to do something . that is very dear to my heart and . something that can change a life guys . which i'm all about let me explain to . you the story i get a call about a week . ago from the make-a-wish foundation they . said that there's this girl named . mackenzie they called it a rush wish . because it's so last-minute and and they . want mackenzie's wish to come true as . soon as possible and then they sent me . this video tab on the main i'm sorry ray . i'm sorry i'm sorry . so we are on our way right now to pick . up mackenzie have lunch with her and . hopefully give her one of the best days . of her life in general guys i'm so . excited . mackenzie if you're watching this you're . beautiful i love you i'm a little bit . nervous to meet you i get nervous to do . these things so i don't know if you're . nervous to but i'm nervous . [music]. alright guys so we ate lunch together . hey she's a selfish bro we're basically . best friends now and she said her . favorite vehicle was blood sharks and so . i'm gonna have her control blood shock . from the phone on my broken phone . it wasn't gonna the jay paul phone case . new car who this my mom's still vlogging . she's instagramming yo she also wanted . me to hit the bagel dance cuz she's a . dancer you want to hit it with me . okay squad so mackenzie has aml which . stands for myeloid leukemia and you . found out when you were 10 from hanging . out with mackenzie like what i've seen . is like you're a savage she's a good . example for ya mom she's an awesome . example for like making the best of life . and your situation like all the time. which is what i try to preach to you . guys the jake pollard's on a day to day . basis you had to do like treatments of . chemo comedy for seven months and she . had a bone marrow transplant . yo you're like you're my girl and now . we're just out here dabbing on them . haters vlogging away i still don't get . like you wanted to meet me . but we are going to the team tent house . right now and we're going to have the . most fun that we can possibly have in . the world welcome to the team 10 mansion . house thingy will experience mckenzie . and this is the march room we're gonna. turn you into a store eventually but you . can have whatever merch you want go to. town shopping yo you've got a hook that . jake paulo's up with the march when they . come to the house you probably just . wanted the merchants probably never want . to hang out with me i'm not mad at that . justin oh i didn't say you can have the . merchants whatever bro i just took the . merchants you're gonna do what my boys a . savage you might get a ferrari okay i. respect that . i'll go play some video games my house . but i'll see you know you have video . games in your house now bye guys now . we're gonna play a game where it's . called if you guess wrong you get egged . so she's gonna go up to chad and ass . chad where she's from and if he doesn't . get it right chuck it mackenzie has a . question yeah . you are from montana we still got nick. okay you want to get in that compton . yo mackenzie has a question we have an . intermission we're gonna teach you how . to throw the eggs and then do the last . person justin oh yeah just yes oh no . it's happening but i'm ready kennedy has . a question for you really yes . where are you from why these eggs are to. town and guys while we're on the topic . of justin as you can see there's an . extension cord running all the way down . there it goes all the way down to his . house what bro bro you want to see his . house let's go welcome to my crib yo . mario kart oh okay i'm gonna go to the . giant house now where's your girlfriend . good boyfriend to go boys and guys part . of mckenzie's wish if you recall was to . be in a jay paul music video and we have. a bunch of songs coming out soon so . we're gonna shoot part of the music . video to put in there it's a new song . called saturday night which is coming . out soon and she's gonna be in the music . video talk to that mission accomplished. i five you have fun my girl unicorns for . life but now i think it's time to break . into logan's house yoshi . we are pulling up and we need to find a . way to sneak in and guys this is crazy . because i've never even been to his . house and even watches like house tour . video so i have no idea what to expect . and he has no idea that i'm coming i . don't even know if he's here right now . so it might go down what the hell that's . our pool lady she's cheating on us just . like all my girlfriend's i don't see his . car but i do think that there's a very . slim chance of this working i know he . has like a security guard and a ton of . cameras that he was showing me but i've . never been here we're just part of the . reason which is part of the reason why i . have to bring him because he's never. even invited me my old beretta . broken and guys just cuz i'm doing this . doesn't mean that you can do this . some guy tried to break in our house the . other day this is look at this yo . there's a bathroom i'll be right back 20 . minutes lay down this is a nice it's . weird because like at the team tent . house it's always like a ton of people . are here there's nobody here . hey hi guys . yeah we're supposed to be here okay yeah . we'll let you do you guys thing if you . mess with the bull get the horns . how does he have so much pride we don't. have any what okay . loki loki loki no what the fuck you. doing jake why yo get out of my house . who invited you here bro. gee i'm not doing anything what are you . doing loi mmm does at your house chill . bro i'm sorry it's a dope house bro stop . daddy stop davin please stop daddy stop . logan okay okay okay . yeah keep that me give it i'm not here . let's go he's got a pool. yo this is dope look yeah rise of the . pauses here bro my boy needs to put a . fat treehouse right here this is a treat . there are many like it but this one is . logan's what is this oh guest room haha . i feel like it's an mtv tour kind of . like i don't even know like welcome to . my brother's house that's a room you . know i need painters in my house that's. not fair he won that one but i will say . the t penthouse is much larger so he's . got these grills but i don't know if i . understand the functionality of it okay . now hamburgers try kids all right let's . go upstairs hey bug and paul oh good but . i gotta get good thing going on here yes . let's go upstairs. jake what are you doing so you just go . through the door we went through power . breaking in okay maybe right hey how you . doing. yeah good yeah i'll pay for that logan . i'm sorry as we were going upstairs . notice that this painting it says apollo . on it oh you've stop trying to be me bro . fool sammy baugh . this don't bet you don't want to make a . doper nothing what making doper it's . already don't look how that's my helmet . this is legitimately my helmet i'm . taking this it's for you and i think now . is a good time but now is a good time . guys to tell you about my favorite piece . of merchandise . it's the status of a sweatshirt look how . cool that thing is bro you gotta get . yourself some and during that call back . let's check out those couple summers. weren't you in the hmm can't do it sorry . [music]. [music]. china hey logan . you recognize this here a helmet. brothers because it's mine i came to get . it back yo what the fuck what the hell . yo matt your house used hey whatever you . do don't touch the lamp oh no no don't . touch the lambo i'm going we're going we . gotta go belial take polish doing this . so you seem on youtube smash that . subscribe button for some of the hottest . works in the game - status hoodie is . selling like hotcakes limited equality . only we got a race car drive guys . logan's at my house and i'm gonna stop . it let's ah damn that could've in a cool . getaway . jake pause i'll see you tomorrow because . it's everyday bro peace i'm not the old . smash my brother's head make sure you . subscribe to keep up with my life on the . daily basis and if you want to see more . content check out yesterday's vlog . because it is super lit plus i have a . second channel jake paul to which you. guys can subscribe to right now and if . you want to see more content from. everyone in the house our group channel. is called team 10 check it . see you guys tomorrow oops . .

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