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Sup guys cordial scam man all right so . this fool jay paul called me and you . know what i'm gonna let you guys listen . in. you guys can listen in on how much of a . pussy this guy really is how long ago . did he call you . seven minutes all right . so yo how you doing jade so what's the . plan i'm not doing i'm not doing mma i . don't know why your search terms on mme. mme it's not happening right why are you . so scared for boxing no i'm not the . challenger right i didn't challenge you . here side skier side challenge what no . but yeah i'm calling you a pussy because . i want you to actually you know actually . get this shit done. and so you know clowning around because . it was like literally this is this is . kid shit bro . this is literally kitchen and this is . something for charity i know your ego is . huge i understand that but just like . suck it up and do the whole box one . agreement well i need i need training . i have literally every training bra i . need muscle training you wanna you wanna . find me without training . all right like oh my my real name is . digit well benji bro i just don't think . it's smart to call somebody the vineyard . and then what you want you are being a b . word because you trying to literally . trying to change the rules will be ready . set the rules right you don't mind . having in la we can happen in england . it's no biggie . because well while there are speed . hewitt england what you are you are you . invite me to your house for free dungeon . is that who you gonna are you gonna make . it are you gonna make dinner for me are . you gonna make you make dinner for me . it's not it's not common courtesy so you . want you you wanna fight me when i . haven't even challenged you i'm pulling . you a pussy because you calling care so . irrelevant and he's challenged you to a . boxing fight and now you think that . because i don't understand why you feel . you can change the rules that's what i . don't understand well well change . changing it from alright well okay . alright if you're if you're out here . winning winning a boxing fight what no . what alright okay alright okay so if . care side was here would you challenge . into a proxy fight literally now what no . you see that i do this through a video . and say okay i'm sorry let's have a . boxing fight he comes over and fights . you boxing alright . is that out you're quiet now exactly . you're scared just say no all you have . to do just just say no jake jake. which lead justice you're not you're not . being serious. this is this isn't a lesson one type of . deal room listen right now and learn . about you're calling me a p word but . like you said alicia said the f word but . not but you can't say the p word well . but you said you look initially said the . f word there's the f word not swollen . only sometimes when my nipples are hard . i'll pay you a hundred grand for them to . do that i don't understand why you can't . just fight jj like why why are you being . so why are you so scared to fight him. then stop saying mm a 5-minute boxing . fight if it feels so good good . i've seen you on the focus list i've . seen you on the furthest mix you just . punch it you know hey k jj doesn't want . to wear headgear . they had to because he doesn't have a . boxing license do you know who jj is you . followed him and don't act like you . followed him recently you followed him . ages ago bro this be serious road to . stop being a child if you can't do it to . see you can do i lips me older than you . i i'm older than they respect your . elders and respect my request i'm saying . is it boxing yes or no are you too . scared. i'll bring in 100,000 about that one two . hundred under 100 grand bros fight jj . can't sign frank a son i was just . chillin at home being pw . so then say nothing then then say no . this is gonna this is just gonna keep . going on and on then when and then . there's gonna be no like resolution for . this you're you're literally just you're . too scared for a boxing play let me . train let me train i would love to find . a boy i need training you really want me . to fight you right now like right now . you're gonna beat the shit out of me i . would love to fight you but i'm not the . one who challenged me all right so we're . gonna do about the one who challenged . you . jj what's the big deal i don't . understand why you're scared bro i now . know you're scared you know you weren't . really against air sign in a boxing . fight you won't win you won't win . against carris all right in a boxing . fight you guys taking our own 24o just . this literally just fight him and the . boxing fight we've been on the call for. 12 minutes and nothing is everyone knows . your fans wanted to be an mma match . everyone else is saying boxing do you . not see the dislikes on your videos were. you again like 50,000 dislikes and sure . you guys relevant again so what do you . want to do it whoa so what do you mean . relevant again know what it means . relevant again how jj has more . subscribers than there how was how was . he not relevant do these you guys don't . know what we do behind closed doors yeah . you probably make out with each other . behind no that's less incest and . literally if you literally just said yes . i will agree to a boxing fight we don't . get my team will then organize the . flight and everything it could be la it . could be it could be england and then . that's a i cou i i make the video . because you like watching that video . that you made you're just a pussy and . they annoyed me because i know you're . scared you just can't admit it because . you have this persona that you can do . everything. oh i don't know what persona you have i . don't really i don't watch your videos . wherever but understand it's it's kid . like it really this is really good this . is good shit right now . listen you now have my number okay cuz . nothing's gonna get resolved you have my . number when you actually would look when . you actually want to talk real business . call me bad all right all right . what's one good ear that broad you win . [laughter]. [music]. [music]. .

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