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Or i could fight both of them good good . good good good good good good good good. good. morning jake fathers what is gucci baby . welcome to the mostly your mother pass . out your all that yeah i swear to god i . was about to pass out i thought i was . gonna pass out guys but good morning . jake pause welcome to the most lit . youtube channel on youtube is another . super awesome day guys who happened to . be alive i woke up this morning no . smiling i walked out of bed and i just i . just wanted to take a moment to . appreciate everything i had and i think. you guys should too . have you seen it bro i'm a flyer yeah i . can actually do that little bit anyway . you gotta try it no wait not like that . alright it's like this the point is guys . life is short now if you want to get the . most out of every single day but i'll . see what i did there . so that's what this channel is all about . baby that's what the merch is all about . the point is guys this is what this . channel is all about yo that's what the . merch is phandroid alcohol backs let's . jake paul getting better every single . day smiling every day dabbing every day . join the movement. if you're not doing it trust me i've . been a loser . that's the thing is i have been a loser . like everyone was a loser i feel like at . one point they're like oh i went through . puberty i was looking like a choc look . at that. nobody wanted to talk to me like who is . that just look like a little blonde . fluff ball don't happen but i'm back . guys and get ready for today's . rollercoaster ride cuz greg paul's on . the way it's nick crompton's birthday . people are talking smack online some. more we're used to it at this point baby . because the haters make you stronger but . guys the point is there's a lot going . down and i'm so happy to share my . journey of life with and welcome to the . team tan house baby . [music]. hey that's the squad there's only one . thing i have to say about this android . ah callbacks last jake paul a couple of . things are going on with team 10 members . right now in this situation right here . yesterday after a football at nathan and . also broke a window like i said it's . nick crompton's birthday guys england is. assembly but here's the gucci shoes . problem is he got me a size too small so . i'm just gonna put them back into this . box and go give it back . [applause]. happy birthday birthday to you fyi that . was the worst accent in the world i mean . yeah yeah shifted together the actual . pan that i gave you yeah no no no no no . to be honest though no no no no yeah . whilst we're here when you're all in my. room have you seen i know i know . knowing you what are you doing oh it . makes a noise oh yeah it makes the noise . you hear that do it . brother made a video about who can size. bra psi kfc wait what have you told you . can't sign housing oh you called me the . p-word . [applause]. take collars really get into this jake . foam there's this justin i'm gonna have . to react to this video okay so this just . in my new videos up now go watch it is . my youtube channel instagram it's . something it's my birthday. you can't mute me where i don't even . know followers we need to talk before. you talk get that taste chance this one . listen it could be a good idea i just . found these in the battery on the ground . sorry for the randomness but we do. actually need to talk and the reason we . have to talk guys is because i just got . a text message for my dad he's basically . flying here guys it says greg gui on it . we basically came all the way from ohio . to start training for his fight against . chaos i know you came all the way from. ohio for this heard the fight was . saturday oh my god it's getting so . serious no no it is no one said that. dude somebody tweeted me insane saturday . what is going on i told all my friends i . need your help okay . as a father i got you some kid on . youtube made a video and he called me . all jokes aside though my dad is . actually down for this and everyone's . saying like oh you got you got you got. your parent to like fight your battles . for you and i'm just sitting here and . i'm like good yeah correct . how do i fight somebody if if my dad . could just beat the man did say anyone . with the last day si versus pan hamsters . guys the point is que si and his brother. apparently are doing a lot of talking i . think it's time just to get down to . business i'm already honestly sick of. this drama. aloha this great contest okay assigned . your brother thank you so much for . providing me this easy content i'm sure . you guys are thinking the same thing so . we can relate on . from let's look up the definition of ear. relevΓ© unimportant useless yes i used to . be pop at his career is over this is the . revitalization to it the fight helped . them out a little bit 150,000 . subscribers in the past month and 50 . million views compared to my 220 million . views and 600 thousand subscribers so as . you could tell this kid is irrelevant. before we react to this video i just . want to say two things one time . yourselves on hosmer jeff android i . called max last jade pause it's right . there the lady's right there the second . thing i want to say is the paul family . was brought into this out of nowhere we . don't have any beef against anyone we . were challenged to a duel a duel and now . we're just having fun and playing off of . it and at the end of the day is just for . entertainment i don't know what's gonna . happen and there's a video but he looks . angry like right looks really upset . check polls release the video jake paul . they used to just call you jake . oh okay we'll stop right there first of . all you're not me no one knows who you . are . no your name is comedyshortsgamer here . so i'm not gonna delete the video yes . sit down well the first thing the first . thing i noticed . man boobs but you didn't do bitch just . evolved into the first male with paul . paul it's funny when he has more. subscribers but like he knows they know . it's crap they made it this talked about . that through rolling . public eating has anybody seen jj's . lamborghini no he crushed it a year ago . you incompetence just love the parsley . we're gonna stop this is calling me the . p-word put himself into the drama he did . for another reason the friend over he . isn't no one no one said his name no one. knew he even exist yet still the nose . name he's calling me the p-word no we're . not accepting the fight with ksi and . chaos i called out logan and jake so why . don't i fight comedy short and logan. both little brothers little persons both . brother big brother in the world they . can all stay in my house yeah like this . is actually legit we should see if . logan's down but guys i've been trying. to call logan he's probably busy right . now i'm gonna call him into the future . so roll the future clip and let's see if . he's down logan paul you versus ksi . boobs. me versus comedy short boobs i'm serious . bro that's a that's the best solutions . ks i challenged you and and then his . brother gets involved in his talking. smack and it's his little brother and . he's calling me the p word i don't i . don't like the word but he's calling me . the p word and so i told him to put his . money where his mouth is . i'll fight his little brother and then . you fight the big brother and we make it . like a brotherly thing ya know we're . trying to explain that - i'm telling . that to them they just didn't think it . yeah yeah but i mean then again they're . irrelevant so this is like good for them. even if they do lose all right logan . what's going down then for sure as they . accept but i mean i just don't see that . happening . okay he's down he's down a pair of no we . don't know that's what happened yet he's . now. yeah he's pivoting down we already know . but you just watch it flip he said he's . down or he didn't say he's down but i'm . pretty sure he's gonna say you know . because when i burned again it like . we're fighting a food family like the . boob clan these are real the reals is . like the real thing they really want to . fight and talk that talk . here's the thing those brothers i don't. know do they have a last name does . anyone know do they have a name this is . csi comedy shorteners okay i boot were . saying how many short boobs i'm gonna . make the terms and if you don't want to. do it then you're just being the p-word . here are the terms that i'm proposing . the first term each fighter puts up two. hundred and fifty thousand dollars of . their own money and if i win i'm . donating my money to charity if logan. wins he's gonna donate his money to . charity ksi boobs and comedy short boobs . you guys can do whatever you want with . the mono term - it's an mma fight mixed . martial arts boxing soft headgear saw . this is a real fight to see who isn't . actually a better fighter third term you . guys come and fight in los angeles and . we hold a fight anywhere front we can we . even figured out like work out our . schedules i'm actually gonna try and get . in touch with you guys because i would . really love to pummel both of your faces. we fight anywhere from two and a half to . like four and a half five months from . now we'll figure out a mutual day term . for when i win the fight you have to say . on live television or wherever this is . streaming on you have to say jake paul . is my daddy does that go both ways . though like they go here way somehow you . lose niggas is your dad exactly okay . turn five the loser has to wear the . other person's merchandise in their . videos for one whole entire month. honestly jay paul is the only reason i'm . doing this is because like when someone . tries to disgrace her name or like call . you the p word or whatever like you just . have to prove them wrong no sometimes . you have to stand up for yourself not . only that but i think it's a great . opportunity to like raise awareness . about like a cause or something that we . can attach it to and raise money for a . charity and be able to give back to the . families and so i don't want to be like . come off as like super aggressive this . is . just like super fun for me a month work . they got some cool stuff this is so . funny terms six guys and this is more of . like a personal thing if you guys could . just hurry up i don't respond so that we . can either get this planned or just like . and it'd be ideal if it was in like the . next 48 hours so try to like wake up . like edit your video and like try not to . be lazy. yeah make it fun because i just think . this is gonna be like a fun opportunity . and like people don't understand that . like my background and logan's . background and like even my dad's. background it's just gonna be an easy . way to make money for charity and give . and to be able to give back this is . gonna be fun yeah like you guys like the . site if you guys let me los angeles . you're gonna get to go to the fight like . it's just an overall but i will just fly . out for the place yeah listen i said . earlier they could save my house but it . was gonna be here so it can they see at . this awesome. ya know they could stay here i'm gonna . guess yeah yeah the best part about this. guys i didn't even know who these kids . were five days ago or whenever this . happened how long has it been two days . the boob thing i literally didn't even . know who they were two or three days ago . so like i have no problem like if you . guys legitimately want to stay so you . don't have to pay for a hotel like i'll . even pay by your flights out here like i. have nothing i have no problems with you . like it's honestly gonna be me going . into a fight with like no beef i'm just . gonna be fighting some random kid with. boobs and that's as simple as it is guys . copy yourself some of the hottest parts . in the game venture not go back so . that's jay paul although we're doing all . this smack talking drama stuff don't . bring this into your personal life . violence is not the answer and . specialist subscribe but and i will see . you guys tomorrow because every day bro . peace join the everyday bro movement . people and count yourself some of the . hottest birds in the game go right now . because the take callers sell everything . out and subscribe and then join the most . lit youtube channel on youtube i'll see . y'all tomorrow . [music]. .
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