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[music]. [music]. baby end up in old a maybach every night . that shawn mendes son but i just don't . know the lyrics to any song ever . pigs makes fun of me which is sort of a . thing with us anyway what's up guys . welcome to the blog it's great to have . you back miss you love you think about . you care for you obsessed with you this . is weird yeah . so i went to the vmas this weekend it . was fun like really really fun really . dope i saw it sheeran shawn mendes katy . perry pink all these awesome people . but something even a little more awesome . happened i think you know where i'm . getting go get what the frick i think . you know where i'm going with this your . regular beyonce vmas today couldn't be . fun i should have left like 45 minutes . ago so i'm gonna get ready try not to . pay attention to my messy closet okay . this is like maybe i'm a miami drug . dealer don't want that on it's probably . for the best . got it on sale maybe the jordans katy . perry hosted the vmas we're about to . hang out got that ysl cologne i can't . afford any of their clothes but i can't . afford the club one for me another one. for me and then one for you all the . people behind me i'll probably get . photographed and then regret my choice . you sure this looks like me great i . don't want you looking this good . what if justin bieber's at the award . show it's in the street property he's . gonna steal you from me that's all right . i'm a big fan of justin's who we . extended scenes why'd you just smile . like that that's not to seek a parry . selena gomez blink 182 maybe good . charlotte do your sugar ray's performing . hope they don't ask me to sing when i . get there like it's a surprise thing i . really think that that's what they had . in mind they invited you i really hope . that our seats are so awful that we're . like out the nose believe there's no way . they're good. we're like doing the seating chart . they're like josh and paige just put . them up there you wanna pregame a little . bit mouths i could just imagine em i'm a . red carpet so uh how did you guys . prepare for the vmas. we ate 11 doughnuts i'll be backstage we . backstage over here you know sam can she . hear me . katie katie its josh back . i'm underdressed damn is that a cream . right there yeah b-66 you dig him that's . the queen stop . yo son the academy you guys look great . but i'm underdressed man attitude as it . starts i like a human sort of like . / like you're in malibu just hanging out . that's good . big foods over here babe baby . [applause]. i need a big the most and joe son. we didn't bring a baby for dipping . that's a queen and that's the queen . come on what's up buddy. is this happening right now live as we . is this really right now live stream . live right now got to be nice to me oh . my god not even mic just don't be smug . littering listen lay off thank you hear . that boots bucket all chill out man all . right sweetie is it live right now . you're welcome childhood. [music]. [applause]. we got a queen right there we got the . gabbie show right there we got a queen . right there . [music]. [music]. [applause]. [applause]. how you looking so far right now because . uh men's wearhouse by 100 with the . photo-op though . thank over here okay that works . um bma's yo that was great super fun mad . dope and i almost look like i belong at . a big hollywood sorry . i don't know that yo my alexa just . scared the crap out of me. alexa you scared me sorry i'm not sure . about that i'm sure about it um i have a . little sort of you know i have a young . man in my life . named david dobrik ya mighta heard of . him and he's quite the fan of dnj and he . had some thoughts on our reunion this . weekend so david's giving me some advice . in the clickbait for today's video . okay well this is this is the way i see . first of all i'm extremely bummed out i . wasn't involved in the whole drake & . josh reunion i'm very glad to be on a 16 . million viewed video make sure to check . my channel i was gonna be linked in . description below it will because my . entire success on youtube is the one . story that got away . yeah this is the one that got away in. the car home from them to even review . upset it was like my car it was like a . like quarter how i got this down i would . i would trade this for my house getting . broken into if you were there i can . imagine what the reunion would have . looked like one thing my youtube curated . i'm just like it's over no it's not . let me get three dollars the golden one . the best moment on the internet look at . all what it means to be dodged this . isn't all about youtube right this is . about a friendship that needed just a . little bit of tlc . i don't text you anymore you blew our. relationship job can you do that without . my permission i get a text from david . that says don't show your face and . vernon hills home but um but yeah now i . was really bummed out that was about me . hi guys there you have it there it is . it's all love finally always been loved . oh we gonna feed love oh well i just us . boys yeah really it's raw back together . and the wedding was pretty great david . jesus christ okay that's it blog over . ashley you're awesome thank you so much . and lauren you're pretty cool too both . of you you you both kill it . thank you for watching enjoy this it's . just gonna be me sort of floating around . here and you click on the next video who . are you gonna watch gonna watch little . casey nice that there's a lot some epic. meal time maybe david over a few little . eyes of color see what's going on here . huh yeah i'm gonna just give you some . eye candy so you switch channels you . know what i mean maybe it'll get weird . maybe won't but i don't know look what . if carnival check a carnival carnival . check. the world . [laughter]. [music]. .
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