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I dont want to ruin any surprises but a butthole gets waxed (not kidding)... Josh peck and Jason hang out again.... Liza thinks I surprised her with another car lol... And a bunch of merry christmass from everyone!
Amazing Christmas song made by these guys:
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Caption: I'm really bad at transitions but i'm in . chicago i didn't literally i can't go . anymore i don't want to die with you in . the car. why did you write that mean the dodgers . the only show your name and article . coming coming . yeah i need a favor josh what's wrong . dude what's up what's right what's up . little chick you met a chick . yeah you better what you do i was . rolling down the street and she just . seemed like she wanted to she probably . msgd yeah i'm a realist . ok you're on your way okay great texture . with your clothes your i would probably . have it and i haven't had a lot . oh come in there isn't a woman in this . is jason nash right here i use it to my . girl like that and not look at her chest . why is it so harry i'm looking and i'm . like what i'm saying every std happy . kind of group very responsible she's . letting me know and that's the first . step of the i second econ sunset . boulevard i started thinking after then . i said he'd be all over the world . happy travels the world would you like . to travel technology my favorite travel . on his dick i take it down to fuck okay . yeah me rock ball the lucky ticket . how old are you 15 years ago and less . 14-4 ticket you're 19 years old right . now looking good nsa you list some . celebrities that you've had sex with. josie leonardo dicaprio tobey maguire . lizzie black would require a lot of the . dryer lot of the wires and for some . reason he's all about the love . look what my god my friends what a la . jara would not believe i'm hanging out . with josh fix the waters on it was the . best celebrity you've had sex with all . have to be big how big is it . it's what's inhibited script really . taking anger it will let him get bigger . you decided to be a good idea go get his . butt waxed my god here young do it no . 1230 ok ok come to control my god it . looks like he's having an orgasm guys . right there on the body or it's not . sticky shit up to you but no servers and . i want to do right here and right now . it's actually makes you uncomfortable to . give you finishes know why do you have . to do this we're gonna mess it up like . that google you can see but it's a force . down there michael my fucking gross to . it haha what is this smell like i'd like . learn to breathe familiar poops right . now is a reflex . laughing it's not funny you got two. sides from a girl you know husband . aliens funny fucking ever . hold this is also like a salon and we . get out there and they're like how was. it and where he was good like we know we . turn the music down so we can hear you. merry christmas merry christmas everyone . make sure to be thankful for a working . next merry christmas enjoy the time with . your family i know mine left me . merry christmas merry christmas . i'm only doing this because i'm out of . town and haven't been able to be there . for awhile and my user dropped merry . christmas and if you don't get any . presents this year that's because santa . claus sleeping in my bed . merry christmas not do it like you're . not a douche bag i hate christmas merry . christmas but you're really happy . hanukkah because i'm going to you and i . feel totally left out was everyone i . can't wait to come next you googlefuck . that's very exhausting and i miss you . like and subscribe tweet me at david . over guys guess what i have for lots of . parked outside right now . [music]. [music]. looks like is pregnant in this snapchat . your period yeah josh . .

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