Girl Gourmet Cake Bakery

Presenting the hottest trend in food... cakes! The Girl Gourmet Cake Bakeryβ„’ Set lets you bake your own delicious cakes in just 30 seconds. You can customize and design freshly made cakes for you to enjoy or to share with your friends. Includes 1 Cake Bakeryβ„’ Base, 1 Vanilla Cake Mix, 1 Chocolate Cake Mix, 4 Fondant Mixes (Blue, Yellow, Chocolate, Red), 1 Bag of Rainbow Sprinkles, 1 Tube of White Decorating Gel, 1 Gel Decorator, 1 Decorating Wheel, 1 Microwave Baker, 1 Microwave Baker Lid, 1 Mixing Bowl, 1 Cake Mold, 1 Measuring Spoon, 1 Tray, 1 Spatula, 4 Fondant Cutters, 1 Utensils Holder, 1 Working Mat, 1 Rolling Pin, 2 Gel Cartridges, 1 Cartridge Cleaning Brush, 4 Recipe Cards and 1 Instruction Sheet
Welcome to the girl gourmet cake bakery. instructional video. . . this is the cake bakery set it comes. with one cake bakery base one gel. . . decorator to gel cartridges and. cartridge bugs one gel icing one. . . microwave baker and lid one utensils. holder one mixing bowl one decorating. . . wheel one cake mold for fondant mixes. one pack of sprinkles one cartridge. . . cleaning brush for recipe cards to cake. mixes for fun and cutters one working. . . matt 1 rolling pin one measuring spoon. and one spatula and cutting tool to make. . . your own girl gourmet cake. . . first pour the contents of a new cake. mix packet into the mixing bowl using. . . the large end of the spoon add 1 spoon. full of water to the mix then stir. . . thoroughly with the narrow end of the. spatula until the mix is smooth and can. . . be stretched. . . if the mix is too dry add a spoonful of. water using the small end of the spoon. . . next spray the cake more thoroughly with. cooking spray. . . then for a portion of the mixed cake. batter into the large cake mold until it. . . reaches the fill level line continued by. pouring the remaining cake batter into. . . the small cake mould make sure that. makes this level after it is poured into. . . the molds. . . next insert the cake mold into the. microwave baker place the lid on the. . . microwave baker and microwave on high. power 4 30 seconds using pot holders. . . remove the microwave baker from the. microwave and place it on the countertop. . . too cool for at least one minute or. until it's cool to the touch. . . once cooled open the lid to check if the. cake is cooked. . . if there are any shiny wet looking spots. on the cake. . . reseal the microwave baker and put it. back in the microwave for 10 more. . . seconds when the cake is finished baking. remove the mold from the microwave baker. . . and turn the world upside down on a. covered countertop to remove the cake to. . . cover your freshly baked cake with. fondant choose any color fondant. . . it and pour 1 packet into the bowl then. add 1 spoon full of water with the small. . . end of the spoon stir thoroughly with. the narrow end of the spatula until the. . . mix has a doughy texture it's very. important not to add too much water or. . . the fun it will be to sticky. . . if you're fun it has too much water you. can either add more fun it makes or add. . . confectionery sugar. . . it also helps to play with the phone in. your hands before rolling it out once. . . you have the right consistency. . . place the fondant onto the rolling mat. then use the rolling pin to evenly. . . spread the fun it out until about one. eighth inch thick. . . next place the 18 inch thick fondant. over the large cake and mold the fauna. . . around the cake using your hands use the. cutting tool to trim off any excess. . . fondant and place the excess fondant. onto the working that. . . now repeat these steps for the smaller. cake. . . then place the cake with the finished. fondant to the side to decorate your. . . fondant covered cakes with fondant. shapes pick a different color fondant. . . and repeat steps to mix and roll your. fondant to correct consistency and. . . thickness use the fondant cutter to cut. out shapes from the second half fondant. . . and apply the shapes to both cakes. . . you can refer to the recipe cards for. more decorating examples to decorate. . . your freshly baked with gel icing start. by opening one of the gel tubes next. . . squeeze the gel into the gel cartridge. and fill it to the fill level line then. . . replace the tube cap after use. . . continued by inserting the cartridge. plug into the open end of the gel. . . cartridge and push down until it is. leveled with the end of the gel. . . cartridge then insert the gel cartridge. into the gel decorator and press the. . . lever down to secure the gel cartridge. place the cake decorating wheel onto its. . . base then move the power switch at the. base to the low or high speed position. . . depending on your preference. . . rotate the decorating wheel to turn the. cake while applying the gel icing. . . when finished move the power switch to. the off position finish decorating the. . . cake with rainbow sprinkles and cover. the cake with the cake cover when. . . finished. .
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